Am I A Poor Orphan Girl Now?


My name is Miriam, and I’m 9 years old. Yesterday I went to visit my father’s kever for his shloshim. These are things I never knew about before, and I still can’t believe it really happened to me.

Visiting Abba’s Kever

Abba got sick just about two years ago. He wasn’t feeling well for a while, and on Erev Pesach, he had to go to the hospital. We had our Seder alone with Imma, not knowing that Abba was having a very dangerous surgery at the same time. I was only 7 years old then, so no one told me that it was a nes that he survived the operation, and that the 22 months that he lived after that were all a miracle. I only heard about that by the Shiva, when my Imma was talking with her friends who came to cheer her up.

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I just assumed that Abba would get better- and for a while, it did seem like he was getting stronger. I never imagined that Abba wouldn’t be here with us on Purim, or that this Pesach, we’ll be alone with Imma again- only this time with Abba in Shamayim, not in the hospital. I kind of just assumed that he’d get better, like most people do when they are sick. Only old people die, and my Abba wasn’t old!

I hear lots of scary talk in my home- people talking to my mother about money and the future. And that makes me worry a lot. If Abba is gone, and Imma has to take care of us all on her own, who will make sure we have enough money to buy the things we need?

Yesterday, a close friend came to talk to my Imma about getting therapy for us kids. My older sister said she doesn’t want to go if its going to cost money, since we don’t have much money now that Abba is gone.

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Are we really poor now?

Please help our family! I don’t want to become one of those poor orphan girls I read about in books…

Thank you for your help, and may you never have such sad things happen to you.



Miriam’s parents, R’ Avraham Meir Z”L and Baila (Belinda) Levy, are products of Aish and Eyaht. Originally from NY and Toronto, they met and married in Israel, where they raised a beautiful family of 6 children, ages 12 to 3. Unfortunately, Avraham Meir was stricken with a very aggressive cancer, and after a heroic 22 month battle, he returned his soul to his Creator on Tu B’Shvat.

The Levy’s savings were depleted from Avraham Meir’s illness, and they have no relatives who can help them in a substantial way. Therefore, the Beitar Illit Kupat Tzedaka encourages donors to give generously, as the need is great.

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