WATCH: Seret Vishnitz Chassidim Dance On Shabbos In Town Of Vishnitz Ukraine



  1. Beautiful. Takes2-2tango – you have forgotten that we Yidden are asher bochar buni mikol hoamim. How can you be so disgusting as to compare Heilige Yidden and lehavdil elef havdolas goyishe Russians.

  2. why should they get in the face of the goyim??
    are they trying to prove that the holocaust didnt happen?
    they should rent a dance hall and dance there all day

  3. Theo, I was also troubled by Takes2-2tango’s comment but, being Jewish, I am aware that we Jews should always judge one another (and, in truth, all of mankind) in the best possible light. Maybe, Theo, you aren’t Jewish so aren’t aware of this little rule.
    As for Takes2-2tango, how dare you mis-spell Vishnitz!
    More seriously, why would a non-Jew want to film this? Is it really muttar to look?

  4. Theo, I’d recommend taking a cold shower to wake yourself up from this “asher bochar bunu….” comments already. There are > 7 billion people on this Earth, and we have an obligation to represent ourselves in a humble and respectful way (similar to the kiddush Hashem of that Lakewood individual from that bowling alley, which you were dismissive of). Olam Haba is not a guarantee for any Jew, as we must confidently and happily work hard for it in this world, but must watch out relationships with others (Jews and non-Jews alike), including chillul Hashems, egotistical mannerisms. For example, Hashem has blessed me with a great career with a non-Jewish employment, and has provided me college degrees from non-Jewish universities. Because that non- Jew is the messenger for my parnasa, I have a different attitude than you. I will proudly say “asher bachar bunu” in shul during davening, but will never consider it disgusting to compare myself to the abilities, kindness, and professional relationships I have from non-Jews.

  5. no jew-haters like the jews themselves. i doubt any goyim in ukraine had a problem with this like you guys have. so they were high and on a trip and danced on the street. and besides for the fact that they probably asked this goyta to video it, why wouldn’t she video this quite amusing scene.