VIDEO: Winter Storm Results in Significant Damage on Monday



The ongoing winter storm, which began with heavy rains on Shabbos, has resulted in significant damage in many areas. In Modi’in, the city’s main commercial center was flooded during the morning hours as a result of the heavy rainfall on Monday morning 25 Teves 5773. Rescue workers were on the scene for many hours, working to pump out the water to enable reopening the center.

In Yerushalayim, Ben-Tzvi Boulevard was blocked when two trees came down. In the southern Gilo neighborhood a traffic signal came down and resulted in long delays in that area. Trees toppled in a number of neighborhoods and cars and other property were damaged. B’chasdei Hashem there were no reports of serious injuries. Firefighters were summoned to a number of streets to cut down tin sheeting and other objects that were flapping in the wind and were posing a hazard.

A major street was closed in Holon after an electric line came down in the storm and on Bnei Brak’s Bartinura Street; a 63-year-old male was lightly injured when a tree came down.

HaMevaser reports that Route 804 in the north was closed after Nachal Chilzon flooded the area. Route 574 between Barkai and Magav Junction was closed due to flooding.

The storm continues today, Tuesday 26 Teves and flooding has resulted in extremely difficult conditions in Tel Aviv and other areas during the AM rush hour.

Video: Heavy rainfall in the Shuk HaCarmel:

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Video of the flooding in the Modi’in Shopping Center:

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)