VIDEO ROUNDUP: A Look at the Election Commercials of Different Parties in Israel



Posted below are a collection of the latest election ads in Israel:

Yahadut Hatorah Election Jingle

The 850,000 elderly, Holocaust survivors, and poverty, are just some of the topics mentioned in the Yahadut Hatorah election campaign video. The party promises to bring life to an affordable level. See the video under the headline “We’re all Chareidim”.

Rav Amnon Yitzchak promises a loaf a bread will cost 1 NIS if he has a say in the matter. See the Koach L’Hashpiah election commercial.

Nach Nach Party:

The Nach Nach Party calls for achdus between everyone, the entire world.

Bayit HaYehudi: Achdut, Shabbat, tradition, Eretz Yisrael and family.

Bayit HaYehudi boasts the impressive IDF record of its lineup.

Otzma Yisrael: What about paying income tax? Security, Jewish pride and determination. Prof. Eldad and Dr. Michael Ben-Ari speak in Arabic.

The Balad Arab Party: To eliminate linking allegiance to the state as a prerequisite to citizenship.


Do you have a clue who you are voting for, citing the lists of the smaller parties are unknowns, people lacking experience and know how.

Bayit HaYehudi:


Aryeh Deri is concerned about the elders of the country, bringing his mother into the infomercial.


We are proud of our heritage and accomplishments.

Alei Yarok (Green Leaf) Party:

The party wishes to legalize marijuana based on the medicinal benefit and on the belief by doing so, the price would drop, availability increase and thereby eliminating a great deal of crime.


Why did Bibi move up elections – because of the state budget, the ailing status of the middle class.


The party boasts its accomplishments in the outgoing Knesset, and with only 3 MKs.

The Movement:

Yesh Atid:

Yair Lapid speaks about the working poor, those who serve in the IDF. 60,000 youths will not serve in the IDF this year or join the workforce.


There is discrimination, no money for an apartment. We work round-the-clock for minimum wage.

Economy Party:

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)