VIDEO: Reporter Accosted By Mayor Bloomberg Security After Asking Question About Gun-Control



In an explosive exchange outside the U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting in Washington, D.C., security guards for billionaire New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg accosted senior Talk Radio Network investigative reporter Jason Mattera when he asked the mayor about his strong support for gun control.

In the video, Bloomberg is seen surrounded by security. Mattera approaches Bloomberg and asks, “In the spirit of gun control, will you disarm your entire security team?”

Bloomberg’s reply: “Uh, you, we’ll get right back to you.”

“Why can you defend yourself but not the majority of Americans?” Mattera asks as the mayor walks away. “Look at the team of security you’ve got. And you’re an advocate for gun control?”

The video then cuts to Mattera walking further down the street when one of the men guarding Bloomberg, identified as Officer Stockton NYPD, stops Mattera and asks to see his photo ID.

Mattera complies before asking, “Is this standard procedure for the press? Wait, wait, wait, it’s standard procedure to be questioning members of the press?

The officer reaches inside his jacket and grabs a pen, as if to write down the journalist’s name. “You’re going to write it down now?” asks Mattera. “Oh, no, sorry,” says Officer Stockton.

The video then cuts to a scene further down the street where Officer Stockton, trailing Mattera once again, can be heard saying, “Mr. Mattera, sir? Do you have a date of birth?”

“It’s none of your business what my date of birth is,” Mattera replies.

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  1. Like all good elitist’s, there are two sets of rules. One for the average hard working tax paying little guy, and a different set for these arrogant air bags!

  2. I’m no fan of Bloomberg but thais guy is an irritant. The Mayor does have quite a security detail and the guys are huge and one would assume that there have been actual threats to justify the security.

  3. They should never have let this idiot even come close to the mayor…he should have been put down agressively since there was no way of telling if he had intended to physically assault Bloomberg

  4. Come on guys, the guy has a point!!!

    Bloomberg does NOT care about u or your safety! the only thing he cares about is his large ego and MONEY! he will rape anyone dry. He raised ticket prices, so more money is added to the budget, and his budget is based on where he will get the most recognition… Basically, the most ego for his buck.

    If everyone obeyed the traffic laws to the T, he would come up with other penalties to rape you dry.

    Gun control my foot, its about making head lines etc….