VIDEO: NYPD Rescues Ship Captain by Helicopter



On Tuesday, January 29, at 9:45 pm police received a call from the Grey Shark, a 330-foot Panamanian registered commercial cargo ship anchored in the New York Harbor between the Verrazano Bridge and the Staten Island Ferry Terminal, to report that Captain Aly Akl ,the 60 year old Egyptian skipper, had suffered a heart attack.

NYPD Harbor, with tactical medic Detective Robert Brager, a tactical medic of the Emergency Services Unit on board deployed to the Grey Shark, where the medic boarded to treat the aided.

After stabilizing the captain, Detective Brager, along with Harbor Unit personnel, decided that the safest, and quickest, way to get the patient off the ship to a hospital would be to airlift him off.

NYPD Aviation 14, a Bell 412 Air, Sea Rescue helicopter already en route to the location, upon arrival lowered a Stokes rescue basket to the deck. The patient was secured in the basket and hoisted into the helicopter.

The officers on board deployed a hook to the ship below to retrieve Detective Brager so that he could continue to monitor the patient on board the helicopter while en route to the hospital.

Captain Aly Akl was then transported to Staten Island University North Hospital where he is listed in stable condition.

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(YWN Desk – NYC)