WATCH: Donald Trump Holds Counter-Debate At Drake University

(Friday, January 29th, 2016 10:45 AM)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Des Moines, Iowa. Mr. Trump declined to participate in Fox News Republican presidential primary debate taking place that same evening. As his rivals in the 7th GOP debate, Donald Trump spoke at a separate fundraiser at Drake University in Iowa on Thursday. And he had a major announcement to make: Trump promised to donate $1 million of his own money to veterans during his speech. Wounded Warriors

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  1. It is Time for Truth says:

    Read through the media’s multiple disguises’ ,you could sense they really are pro-Trump

    1) through all his wild fanatic diatribes,he’s hardly altogether different on most issues than boardroom democrats

    2)he’s great theater

    3)they’re sure that he could turned into a laughingstock and be pilloried if unfortunately somehow he through the primary and on to the general election

  2. charliehall says:

    “he’s hardly altogether different on most issues than boardroom democrats”

    Boardroom Democrats for the most part aren’t nativist bigots or misogynists, don’t buy into conspiracy theories regarding vaccines or the 9/11 attacks, don’t use bankruptcy as a business strategy, and don’t spout anti-Semitic memes in front of Jewish audiences.

  3. Not getting involved says:

    Mr. Santorum and Mr. Huckabee are first class Americans. Either one would make a great President and would restore some sort of morality to this Country.

  4. Climbing says:

    When he introduces or thanks Huckabee and Santorum, he says, I’m not good only for finances

  5. e-fish says:

    I wish media outlets- and i’ll include YWN here- would stop giving this lowlife more and more free publicity… if this is what USA has come too, it’s time to move on, my friends…

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