WATCH: Napolitano: If Trump Wins, Obama Will Pardon Clinton


FNC senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on the death of former Attorney General Janet Reno and the fallout from the Hillary Clinton email scandal.


  1. Bambi can not pardon a non criminal! The Republicans will not level the charges for an indictment until Bambi is out to pasture – ירעה עד שיסתאב – and so he can’t pardon her BUT on Jan. 20th the charges will be forthcoming!
    Also, Bambi will besmirch his reputation that he, himself thinks is his! He will sully his legacy for no one – certainly not Madam Rodham!

  2. If Trump wins, Obama will pardon Clinton, and if Clinton, of course he’ll pardon. Might as well pardon her now.

    Fox News: Comey will be fired from FBI director. According to Judge Napolitano, Comey’s actions were highly political and he made his statement without the consent of the White House or Judicial Court.

  3. Judge Napolitano has about as much insight on these matters as Judge Judy….he is a political hack of the highest order who Fox News parades out along with “Judge Piro” and their other “experts”/talking heads who Roger Ailes recruited to lend some veneer of independence and credibility to their party line. Same for some of the so called MSNBC and CNN experts but the Fox guys (especially some of their “national security” experts are a joke.

  4. #5 That’s too difficult for the Clintonites on here who believe that Rubashin deserves 27 years for a teeny-weeny fraud (if it was) and the Devil to be cleared of all charges as Comey stated.