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    i heard this. is it true?

    there are 3 types of accapella

    1) voices electronically altered- e.g. A.K.A. PELLA

    2) choir with so many voices that it basically sounds like music e.g. maccabeats

    3) voices singing together- can tell its acapella

    type 1&2 are assure, type 3 is mutter.

    is this accurate?


    Different Minhagim everywhere. It’s not so simple to just break out down to this, though it does sound pretty logical. Some, though, would Asser even the third while some would Mattir the first two.

    Your example made me smile, though. From what I know, the Maccabeats don’t have a lot of people that make it sound like music. They just have a really good beat-boxer.


    There are some acapella that is very solemn, like Kol Barama acapella version by Maccabeats. Ana Bechiya by Goldwag. Im eshchachiech. Shomer Yisrael by Lev Tahor and other songs


    i heard from HaRav Heinemann Shlit”a that even electronically altered is mutar during sfira but then again that was with my explanation of what electronically altered means i don’t know if i explained it correctly


    oh i see that rabbi belsky wrote this:

    A cappella music that was not modified at all, and sounds like a group of people singing, would be permissible.


    sam2, there is one main vocalist but then there is about 15 boys who add in harmonies and box beating etc. this makes it sound like real music.

    Shopping613 🌠

    Everyone knows, accapella is only during omer…not the 3 weeks…

    Never heard of hearing any type of acapella during the 3 weeks…

    yerushalmi in exile

    also never heard this shaylah posed to a rav by a child in middle of sitting shiva for a parent, where is our feeling for the churban, for all the tzaros that came to our people in this time of year. the rules set up by chazal were to help us feel the loss, not to give us the mental exercise to circumvent the halachah.


    I won’t say it because it would make me sound like a hypocrite, but maybe I am one.


    yerushalmi in exile: I’m going to call you out on this, because it’s one of my biggest pet peeves and you just made a very unfair emotional attack on someone. Please forgive me if I’m too harsh with this.

    With your argument, you can Asser anything. We know you can’t shower during the 9 days. Would an Aveil think to ask a Shaila about washing his hands? He’d be too stricken with grief to even think about it. How dare you even think to wash your hands during this Aveilus for the Churban??!

    That argument is ridiculous because it is a clear exaggeration. But if a capella isn’t Assur, then your response to the a capella Shaila is just as ridiculous as my response to washing hands at all.

    The fact is, there are Halachos. It’s not for us to try and find the feeling behind the Halachos and use that to attempt to circumvent the Halachah. If it’s Muttar, it’s Muttar. If it’s Assur, it’s Assur. But what you just did was attempt to use an emotional attack and to guilt-trip someone into not caring what the Halachah actually is. So yes, we were given the Halachos to find out the Halachos, not to guilt people into circumventing them.

    yerushalmi in exile

    i am not trying to pull “emotional” on you, rather showing what emotions you, i , and all of kllal yisroel should be feeling. i did not say a halachic statement, rather a krechtz of someone who see a world so disconnected from the churban, that even at a time that our brothers are being shot at in eretz yisroel they still don’t fell like we are in galus. wake up!!


    So your claim is that you’re not trying to guilt-trip anyone, just that you’re trying to make them feel emotions you think they should be feeling? In other words, that’s called a guilt trip.

    My entire point still stands. You are attempting to circumvent actual Halachic limits with an emotional response. You’re “krechtz”ing that people want to know the Halachah. Quite frankly, if I have to say one person in this conversation who is disconnected from proper feelings, it’s not the one asking the Shaila.


    so basically there is no clear cut answer…. i decided not to listen to acapella coz it doesn’t pay off if its wrong. thanx everyone!


    Hey, Sam2!

    The rules set up by chazal were to help us feel the loss, not to give us […] exercise to circumvent the halachah.

    I don’t think you can argue with that statement. Can you find a Rav who would disagree with that?

    Suppose we could find something that had the effect of music on people, but would not be halachically considered music, would it not be inappropriate? Is the reason really irrelevant?

    (Is it the cheftza, or the gavra?)

    Inappropriate might not mean assur, but it’s something, and that’s something people care about.

    Also, I really don’t think this was meant as a personal attack on the OP, just a lament about how people think and feel nowadays.


    NLNSH, your title was “a cappella in the 9 days” – did you mean the Three Weeks? As far as there being no clear-cut answers, several rabbanim have spoken negatively about it, though there may be no p’sak that it is an issur gamur. I salute you, though. 🙂


    Randomex: Of course no one disagrees with it. My point is that YIE took that concept and used it to bulldoze the Halachos entirely to “more feel the loss”. It’s akin to me saying, “God gave us Halachos of Kashrus to avoid putting improper things into our body, so how could you dare eat? Live off an IV!” We have Halachos and guidelines and there is never anything wrong with figuring out what they are. To attempt to shame someone away from doing so, frankly, is despicable.

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