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    🙂 it’s nice! Eye-catching, easier to read with the right flow.

    Long time, no speak. Hope you’re doing well!


    Pretty much things are looking up B”H. though i do not njoy this time of year. And you?


    black clouds are approaching

    they bring a foreboding air

    blotting out the sun’s warm rays

    the light is not seen there

    theyre rolling towards me steadily

    with warning thunder calls

    shadow approaching on the ground

    a hush begins to fall

    one by one, they turn their face

    and look up at the sky

    the gloomy dark, it quiets them

    from bird to beast to fly

    the rumbling seems threatening

    a masked but fearsome thing

    i just sit still, silent, waiting

    see what it will bring

    the darkness is still nearing

    the clouds are overhead

    afraid, i want to run and hide

    ‘neath the blanket of my bed

    and then the cold comes reaching

    its fingers towards my heart

    but dread has frozen me, made me numb

    i can’t seem to depart

    its icy tendrils wrap their touch

    ’round my hurt and pain

    the cares seem to depart with speed

    but sadness does remain


    I am amongst the world

    Yet I feel all alone

    They all hold my hands

    But my hands remain cold

    To my left or right there is no where to go

    Only up to the heavens, or down deep below

    And my time left is short

    No matter how lonely I may be

    I must live as I can

    And form who I am ment to be

    I will try for the gold

    And I will succeed

    I will prove them all

    Its not how the people who you know act

    Its how you act as a friend towards others


    b”h glad things are going well. But yeah, this time. And of all times of year, its stressful from cleaning n preparations.


    aproudbyg- welcome to this thread. That is a powerful emunah, and a great piece of poetry, and a moving message, esp knowing its coming from you. Thanks for sharing it


    saysme- thank you for the welcome:) thank you so much for your kind words,your so nice,if anyone ever enjoys it or gains anything from it its worth writing 🙂


    Looking at truth?

    What do I see

    A copycat looking back at me

    Every move I make it copies

    every breath I take it mimicks

    What is it I have done to make them feel to bother me so

    I get so angry at them

    The blood begins to boil in me

    The heat rises in my mind

    It bothers me so

    And as my face begins to redden in anger

    I see before me so does the other face

    i then relize

    I am angry at myself


    Our dear mommy

    Just as average as the next

    Nothing made you stand apart

    You went about your life

    Just as others do in the start

    You saw the same as all

    But you understood far beyond

    You made it known to others

    They looked at you and shunned

    You set to work right away

    ignoring those disapproving stares

    The little that you started with

    Look at after all the years

    Oh how did you find the strength and courage

    And still have all the love and warmth you gave

    That made it impossible not to grow

    You were a humane

    As I and those who si here

    But you did not live like us

    You so wrong and changed without fear

    We now strive to emulate

    Your big warm giving heart

    We try to be those daughters

    You had in mind for the start

    Our dear mommy Sarah shcnerer

    Are you smiling to us beside Hashem

    Are you happy who we are today

    As your dream not like them

    Think first

    Hi everyone, came by to wish you all a wonderful yom tov.

    Think first


    HIIIIII think first!! Have a wonderful Pesach with your new wife! and thanks for dropping in!


    aproudbyg: Nice poetry. Especially like the alone one. Such helplessness yet such optimism. very inspiring. You have a very strong sense of self, keep it up.

    saysme: Strong poem, I like it.

    Have you ever had the feeling

    A miniscule molecule

    with no use to society

    carried by the Wind

    in the cement paved jungle

    of tall buildings and cigarette smoke

    blown by the Storms

    in the great Sahara

    A stalk of corn

    bashed by the Tornadoes

    in the plains of Kansas

    a star,

    at the mercy of the Black Holes

    waiting in anticipation

    to suck you in with

    no warning.

    No warning.


    puppy- ur poems are so sad, but so moving and often very powerful or with a blast of inspiration at the end. i hope they arent reflecting your current emotions :-/


    puppy- thank you very much for your kind words, im glad you think it inspiring,if just one person is inspired its worth writing 🙂 and i really like yours,it really captures the emotion one feels at times in a crowd of people or with another person who cares less weather or not your there with them


    Thanks. Yeah, things are not going so well right now, to put it mildly. 🙁



    if you ever want an ear…


    saysme- i must say you are the nicest crer and person,you are so nice to everyone!


    aproudbyg- thank you! I am really flattered by your conpliment, though i don’t know if it’s true :). I do try to be kind though, i’m glad i’ve reached a lil bit of success. You just brought a smile to my day, thanks for that.

    A freilich, kasheren, happy, enjoyable, uplifting, relaxing, calm, smiley, pleasant, loving, simcha-filled, freeing Pesach to all poetry thread members and readers!


    saysme- its true,beleive me 🙂 you are so kind hearted and wanting to do the right thing and help those who need it, you are a very special person its easy to tell! im so glad i made you smile,then my day is complete! and a enjoyable fun filled,meaningful, chamtetz free, joyful filled Peseach to you to!


    apbyg- thank you and amein!


    The Lucky Ones

    It was early April, a blustery day

    Some stray flakes of snow drifted by

    The low-hanging clouds were a wet-cement gray

    Motionless under the rock-hard sky

    Chodesh ha-aviv, the month of the spring

    In early mid-March is almost never found

    We wanted warm weather, birchas Tal we’d all sing

    Yet, each morning showed us new frost on the ground

    The small group outside shivered in the cold

    Some alone with their thoughts, some speaking face to face

    A mix of all ages, more young there than old

    Compelled to stand outdoors, for that was their place

    Those praying inside all shared a common feature

    A time of remembrance, by daughters and sons

    The cold ones outdoors knew they’re the lucky ones


    icot- beautiful piece. Thanks for creating the mindset



    Thank you for the kind words.

    This year on the freezing-cold 8th day of Pesach it occurred to me during yizkor just how fortunate those who leave shul are and how much we should appreciate it if we’re among those exiting.

    A bit of writer’s block prevented me from putting the thought to words and posting this earlier.


    it was worth the wait. My good friend’s parent was just hospitalized and it’s scary… Makes you think

    just my hapence

    Haven’t put anything up here for a while, so I thought I’d drudge up an old one:

    Fix the World

    The famine, the war, the hungry, the poor –

    The picture of the little boy who

    Had no clothes, his ribs exposed

    Through taut skin, his arms so thin

    He could have been a toy.

    Another missing child, another tragedy,

    Another quake, another flood, another million refugees.

    And I sat and cried:

    And G-d replied:

    For I did what I should do,

    I made a way to fix it


    niiiice, that’s a great way to bring the messageto life


    this thread

    is unique

    when in the coffee room

    I seek

    some meaning


    your poetry earns

    a standing ovation

    thanks for

    a niche

    of poetic expression

    Of which

    I find reaches me

    in an unprecedented


    `newest member on board

    aka hahahaha


    welcome hahahaha! Glad you enjoy it n hope you will continue to

    just my hapence

    SaysMe – Thanks!

    Luna Lovegood

    The Israeli flag stands tall and proud

    They will not destroy us although they vowed

    To push us into the sea

    And make Israel a mere memory

    But we are still standing tall

    Against our enemies, we will not fall

    We will continue to fight for you

    You are the land of the Jew

    Israel is forever in hearts

    It has been this way right from the start

    Even though you are so small

    We swear that you will never fall

    and the rest of the world does not realize

    You play a vital role in our daily lives

    We cant wait for the day moshiach arrives

    To bring us back to our home

    So we no longer have to roam


    Feeling broken, here and now.

    They say I have the power to stand tall,

    Making a difference, that they say,

    I do so easily, like second nature, aye,

    But right now, I don’t see it,

    Getting yelled at, just makes me want to beat it,

    give up, thats what I want,

    But in reality, I can not,

    If I persevere, who knows,

    many things can happen, people can come in droves,

    gotta make a difference, head up high,

    No reason to give up, unless I try.


    Vogue: that’s the right attitude!

    Keep on going!



    Shopping613 🌠



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    please contact me to join.

    Shopping613 🌠

    Seriously since ive come back I havent seen one bump…what’s with?

    Shopping613 [$]613

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    (writers block & anxiety)

    i used to have the answer

    when someone was feeling down

    or hell broke loose and no excuse

    would change what had occurred.

    i used to have just the right line

    to brighten up a day

    deliver it with charm and wit

    i used to have the words.

    I used to stay distracted

    not be haunted by my head

    replaying awkward social talk

    or things i shouldve said

    i wish i had the answers

    that my muse spoke and i heard

    forevermore nostalgic for

    back when i had the words.

    Shopping613 🌠

    Does everyone just ignore the threads where ive posted last?

    Shopping613 [$]613 The Awarder, President, and founder of SUC (Single Username Certificates) contact me to join.

    Current members: Me ShtickyGuy Aurora7


    shopping613-im sure its nothing personal.

    Smile and laughter

    Is what I used to know

    Until that faitful day

    I had such a blow

    I saw you as you were

    Doing as you pleased

    You felt you would only be hurting yourself

    But how could you not relize if you hurt so to me

    You made me promise not to tell

    To keep their minds at ease you said

    I agreed although I knew the truth

    You just wanted to be loved and cared

    Still time went on

    So did the charade

    And as the layers of secrets piled on you

    It became harder to keep tame

    I did not wish to add to your pain

    You knew what were doing and the reason why

    So all I could do was quietly watch and cry

    I so wanted to cry out, to plead to you

    To come back and leave your nonsense behind

    Because I know of the great pain inside

    I knew only to well

    Just seeking what all crave once in a while

    I wait here for you still

    I will always be here when you return

    No matter what happens

    I know you will always be that person I know inside

    Yes you may try to hide it

    You may even think all forget

    But forever and always ill remember

    The amazing person you really are

    Shopping613 🌠

    Amazing, keep them coming!


    Living up to my name and posting a poem- yay!

    I actually love writing poems and I have a bunch of (IMHO) great ones I’d love to share, but they’re VERY attributable to me.

    Actually, think about it this way- this poem is exclusively dedicated to all of my favorite CR peeps. 🙂

    (It’s not my best work, cause I’m kind of writing it very extemporaneously, but considering that that’s how I always write poems, Idunno what else I’d be doing…)

    i wish i could dance

    like a ballerina, pointe shoes

    leaping from the golden floorboards

    instead of limping, wincing

    as i walk

    my friends around me leap, twirl

    run up and down the stairs

    shout behind, “hurry up!”

    dance in production, jump up

    and cheer

    while i run after them

    trying to keep up

    as pain stabs my knees

    and my ankles become sore

    and my legs don’t listen

    when i tell them to

    move an jump and run

    should be so simple, no?

    instead i dance with my fingertips

    as they leap across the keyboard

    and letter by letter Art is born

    and for that, at least

    i don’t feel any pain at all


    writersoul- its such a nice piece! very good wow!

    Think first

    I look around and I see no souls

    But I know they’re still here

    Two months gone by without a post

    This thread is special better than most

    It deserves some life a little spark

    I can’t do everything but I can start

    Hope you all doing alright dear poetry friends, I know I’ve been out for a while but I

    Feel connected to this thread and even have some posts saved on my phone.



    What do you call it when all you feel is pain?

    When your loved ones look at you and all you feel is shame?

    When your tired of living and playing this game?

    when you know your life is meaningless and your the only one to blame?

    What do you call it when the hurt is in your soul?

    When you smile and laugh but you know its all a show?

    When you feel like you’ve hit your all time low?

    When nothing makes you happy and the darkness around you grows?

    What do you call it when you feel so alone?

    When your in your house but it don’t feel like home?

    When you look back in your life and every choice you made now seems wrong?

    When the wait to die seems too long.


    think first- welcome back! Or hello on your visit! I know, it’s sad how it died out…

    Taom- maybe lost IS a better word. But i call it pain, and sometimes depression. But you are more right, it having lost ones way, the sight of ones goals, the big picture, the purpose of and meaning in ones life. And it’s a feeling I (and some other poets here) have related to or still do. I’m not someone who can advise. There is some amazing advice and direction on pages past of this thread. All i can offer is understanding, care, and to let you know you’re not alone, and someone feels for you. I hope your life makes a tremendous sudden turn upwards and you see and understand how its all for your good, and grow through the struggle


    This isn’t one of my best but my really good ones are all very personal…

    There is hope

    Somewhere ahead

    I see

    A light

    It is far

    Out of reach

    But it is there

    And someday

    In the far future

    It will be mine

    I will own light

    It will overpower

    The darkness

    This is what keeps me going

    When I just want to end it all

    Because I know

    That someday

    things will be better

    There is hope


    Beautiful style, fkelly. VERY poetic!

    Thanks for sharing.


    How far I have wandered

    In these desert sands

    Searching through mirages

    To hide the barren lands

    Shivering in sunshine

    I yearn for sunny skies

    While hiding in the dark

    To cover all these lies

    With charm and grace

    I hold out my hand

    To conceal broken shards

    In favor of the bland

    Dreams lost in rain

    Forever in the sky

    The wind coldly whispers

    Wondering just who am I


    Thanks 🙂

    This is one that I really like, very personal!

    She sits in the dark



    Curling herself

    Into a small space.

    Music on

    Loud and beating

    Her heart pounding

    To the same rhythm.

    And her pain

    For just a few moments

    Is dulled

    She cannot feel it

    Because the music drowns it out.

    And then

    She must leave her space

    Re-enter the real world

    Her pain comes rushing back

    With full force.

    She trembles

    And braces herself

    To face the world.



    Brutal and harsh

    It’s pain umatched


    Limitless skies

    In worlds detatched

    Step away

    Break away

    Look where you are

    Run away

    Fly away

    Don’t fall too far

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