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    Shocked, astounded,

    shaken and horrified,

    Leiby, over your loss,

    our tears can’t be dried.

    We hope you are safe,

    happy and secure,

    by the kisei hakavod,

    the greatness you explore.

    We’re sure Hashem embraced you,

    showered you with love,

    showed all His good to you,

    and caring from above.

    Have us in mind, Leiby,

    we need Hashem’s compassion,

    to console your devastated family

    and grant brachos with a passion.


    A tear rolls down my cheek,

    softly climbing down my face,

    the pain’s built up inside of me,

    over Leiby Kletzky’s case.

    The horror of this murder,

    the atrocious, nasty crime,

    has brought all jews together,

    in such a terrible time.

    We cannot be consoled,

    the loss is just too great,

    the merciless, awful man,

    to reality can’t relate.

    We stand by wordlessly,

    not knowing what to say,

    how can we comfort the family

    of the pain we can’t repay.

    The sobs are heard around us,

    the tears are shed so real,

    the agony of our community,

    the anguish of this ordeal.

    Please Kletzkys know we’re with you,

    though words we cannot find,

    to ease the hurting in your hearts,

    with our pain it does bind.

    am yisrael chai


    Your poem describes so poignantly what so many of us feel but could not write as eloquently


    Thank you. I write when emotions overcome me and I need to express it in some way.


    Staring helplessly

    paralyzed by the unknown,

    I can’t understand myself,

    I feel so alone.

    I know I am sinning,

    I know I’m doing wrong,

    So why can’t I change

    my bad ways from so long?

    I know where I should be,

    I know what I should do,

    Yet I can’t get myself up

    and mistakes try to undue.

    Feeling guilty, scared,

    horrible and ungrateful,

    Hashem is showing mercy,

    He’s not acting hateful.

    When will I change?

    mend my awful ways,

    fix my wrongdoings,

    I did for so many days…



    a gloomy, hard day,

    how can we change ourselves

    and improve in some way?

    Do we want to try?

    to amend our actions?

    We’ve lost our true focus,

    from secular distractions.

    We can mourn over a tragedy,

    shed a tear over the present,

    yet it seems to be impossible,

    being forced to cry we resent.

    We’ve completely lost the feeling,

    no longer can we relate,

    because its been so many years,

    since that day of an awful fate.


    Blabla, you’re right of course about the tanis.. it’s so much “just about fasting” rather than thought to the day!

    The piece before this – all i can do is offer you some sympathy.. i really do understand! Hold on tight.. don’t let go!! May Hashem finally show the light in the darkness.

    minyan gal

    Blabla – your talent and maturity astound me. I am in awe of the amazing words you are able to put together to bring such profound messages. I know that you will soon be healthy and using your talents to achieve even more success. I predict some type of journalistic career for you – I could even envision you as professor of English literature. You will achieve great things as you are a great person with a wonderful soul.

    minyan gal

    I’m making a kiddush tomorrow in shul

    I want you all to know why.

    Ten year ago, this very day

    I tried very hard to die.

    My heart it was stopped for six minutes or more

    The doctors did their very best

    And because I am typing this message to you

    I guess that you know the rest.

    Hashem took me gently by the hand

    And told me it wasn’t my time

    And He brought me back to finish my life

    And now my life is sublime.

    So tomorrow will be a celebration

    After we read the Torah

    I didn’t make the kiddush today

    I didn’t want to make an ayin hora.

    So tomorrow after you daven

    Please have a l’chayim for me

    Because miracles really do happen

    I know – it happened to me.


    A stab in my heart,

    a painful word,

    tears flow like a river,

    my cries unheard.

    I try to ignore,

    I try to forget,

    yet i can’t get over it,

    I still remain upset.

    I try to embark,

    on the journey to forgive,

    yet I can’t shake it off,

    with the wound I still live.

    I’m falling apart,

    my heart is bleeding,

    I’m broken right through,

    my soul is weeping.

    Alone in the dark,

    the tunnel seems endless,

    struggling to hang on,

    I remain friendless.

    I’m drowning in anguish,

    a sea of distress,

    bitten by remarks,

    they continue to oppress.

    When will I be rescued?

    will I survive?

    can I hang on to the string?

    will I come out alive?


    I really started writing poetry more since I got depressed and I’m very emotional. I don’t think I can go into the English Literature career. I really don’t know though-I’m still young 🙂 And btw were you the one who said the mods can connect us? What ever happened? They never said anything…MODS?!

    And all the rest of you are REALLY good! Those poems are awesome! Amazing and inspiring-MG


    Not usually very into poetry but figured I will give it a shot. Let me know what you guys think, open for suggestions:

    A child’s plea:

    Mother, trust me.

    I am fully grown,

    I can go alone.

    Mother says no,

    Alone, please don’t go,

    Please!, is the child’s plea,

    And mother finally does agree.

    Full of confidence,

    Bursting with independence,

    On his journey, he sets out.

    Soon, mother I will see without a doubt.

    The way seems longer,

    The worries grow stronger.

    Regret, uncertainty and fear,

    Mother, I wish my cries, you can hear.

    A search set into motion,

    We search with all our devotion.

    A boy has been lost,

    We must find him at any cost.

    The days go by.

    We cant help but cry.

    Oh, Father above!

    Please, return him with love.

    The news broke.

    Our emotions choke.

    Is it true?

    I won’t be seeing you?

    The journey has ended.

    Though not as intended.

    Called from on high.

    For reasons only Hashem knows why.

    We are all on a way.

    Our Father in heaven says don’t stray.

    I am grown, I am strong!

    How can I go wrong?

    In just one wrong turn,

    You can sadly learn,

    Someone who seems to “care”,

    Is actually the enemy who brought you there.

    Hear your Fathers voice.

    Make the right choice.

    It is you who will gain,

    And loyal to him you shall remain.


    Wow! Very meaningful


    Surrounded by bars,

    its dark and so cold,

    locked in a jail,

    so rustic and old.

    the stench in the room,

    the mice scurrying around,

    isolated from the world,

    I cannot hear a sound.

    Down on my knees,

    groping in the dark,

    I’m feeling for something,

    a source of hope, a spark.

    I grab hold of something,

    its smooth and so thin,

    a paper to write on,

    a chance to begin.

    I hold my precious pen,

    the only other thing with me,

    the combination is perfect,

    I can write-that’s the key.

    The tears flow

    my pen flies in motion,

    I’m telling my story,

    its filled with emotion.

    I weep as I write,

    express all my pain,

    i just hope this letter

    will not be in vain.

    As I finally conclude,

    I fold it so neatly,

    slip it out in the crack,

    I can now rest completely.

    I drift off to sleep,

    dreaming on and on,

    of the day I’ll be free,

    the day it’ll be dawn.

    I awake with a jolt,

    I shake with such fright,

    a light streams in,

    I gasp at the sight.

    My mother runs towards me,

    embraces me with love,

    she’s come to my rescue,

    a messenger from above.

    I am now a free bird,

    I’m released, unbound,

    I’ve restarted my life,

    happiness I’ve found.

    In reality I’m not there,

    I’m still in this prison,

    but now I’ve got a dream

    I can hope for a reason.

    Don’t know if this makes any sense, just what came out.


    I stumble and trip,

    I slip and I fall,

    but I keep on climbing,

    though slowly I crawl.

    I stub my toe,

    scrape my knee,

    yet I rise once again,

    for success I plea.

    Down I fly,

    once again I collapse,

    hit by protruding rocks,

    I try not to relapse.

    battered and bleeding,

    wounded and hurt,

    I clean myself up,

    remove all the dirt.

    Keep trying, advancing,

    continue to ascend,

    although it really hurts,

    your efforts, we commend

    am yisrael chai

    “I’m making a kiddush tomorrow in shul

    I want you all to know why.

    Ten year ago, this very day

    I tried very hard to die.”

    Minyan Gal, your words are inspiring to those

    Who are caught in the midst of depression’s throes

    That life does get better with more things to do

    You’ve displayed that by becoming a more observant Jew

    You’ve used this time to be a support to members here

    You’ve extended help to blabla, displaying you truly care

    You are indeed the CR’s lymericist extraordinaire

    You’re truly a great poet as well, to be fair

    SO glad you had these extra ten years here on earth

    By now you probably recognize your great worth

    Looking forward to hearing from you till 120

    Hope you publish your work, for readers you’ll have plenty!

    am yisrael chai

    “Let me know what you guys think, open for suggestions”


    Your poem is incredible, meaningful, and captures the pain of the story as it unfolded.

    I just hope this is the last time we experience such a tragedy.

    Looking forward to reading more poetry from you.

    am yisrael chai


    You should be published.

    It’s amazing how you can keep ‘spitting out’ such amazing, heartrending poems.


    Minyan Gal, you’re words were so strong and displays so much strength. May there be a light for all of us.

    CallmeDave – wow, what a powerful lesson. It’s written well and it hurts to read! Yes, may it indeed be the last time the last time we experience such a tragedy.

    Blabla, keep climbing! Keep going strong. May G-d finally release you and all of us from being a prisoner of the mind.

    AMC – it’s so nice that you’re commenting so warmly.. i’m almost inclined to post some writing just for your comments 😉


    Thanks evreybody for your feedback and encouraging words. Much appreciated.

    Here is another one, let me know what you think.

    My pain,

    So insane.

    My soul aches,

    My heart breaks.

    Why oh why?

    My heart does cry.

    A soul so pure,

    Is not with us anymore.

    A candle once so bright,

    Has faded into the night.

    Too much for me to bare,

    I wish this pain was not here.

    Can’t you see my cry?

    Oh One on high.

    When will it cease?

    Hear my prayers please.

    My little one,

    I love you like a son.

    It hurts me too,

    I cry along with you.

    You are too young to understand

    All the details that are at hand.

    Out of darkness comes light.

    Everything will be alright.

    Life is a test,

    You have to try to do your best.

    Just open your heart,

    And do your part.

    The rest leave to me,

    For I listen to every single plea.

    What seems dark today,

    In the future, can illuminate the way.

    minyan gal

    Oy, I am very teary today – reading everyone’s words. There certainly is a lot of talent here in the CR. I thank you all for your comments on my poem. I don’t what made me write it – the words just came to me and I wept as I typed. I really had never thought about just how lucky I am. Of course, I highly recommend being in a tertiary care teaching facilitie’s OR, if G-d forbid. one is going to have such a cardiac event. It is a long story, but essentially I had a surgeon who had himself convinced that he was Hashem. I told him that I needed surgery and he told me that he would let me know when it was needed. I was right and by the time I got into the OR, I was toxic from having large part of my intestine gangrenous. I was on life support for several days and then one day I woke up and said “what happened to me”? I did not see a white light or anything like that and I don’t remember anything from the day before this happened until about 10 days later. Now I live every day (although I didn’t appreciate this event for several years) being the best that I can and doing as many mitzvot as I possibly can. Finding my shul helped me find my spirituality and my love of all things Jewish. Thanks for listening and I wish all of you a peaceful and joyous Shabbat. Oops – I am crying all over again.


    Wow! A very powerful message!


    Bracing myself

    I take a deep breath,

    I need to be strong,

    to escape death.

    I wipe of the frown,

    dry my teary eyes,

    as I enter the room,

    I’m in utter disguise.

    I try to seem solid,

    so brave and so bold,

    I need to support others,

    their hand I must hold.

    Yet it doesn’t stay there,

    it sinks deep inside,

    I’m feeling secure now,

    encouragement can provide.


    A long-awaiteed day,

    of peace and much rest,

    Shabbos for all,

    we must pass this test.

    We can’t work or strain,

    We’re forced to resign,

    to stop what we’re doing,

    promised it’ll be fine.

    To throw our hands up,

    give all to the one above,

    release our control,

    and He’ll shower us with love.

    The day we’re so spoiled,

    we try to stay happy,

    no mourning, no crying,

    you just can’t be snappy.

    Sometimes annoying,

    so difficult to maintain,

    our schedules are flodded,

    Hashem promised to sustain.

    The yetzer hara so strong,

    desires consuming,

    to just brush my hair,

    a tiny bit more grooming.

    Re-apply my makeup,

    turn on my light,

    I resist letting loose,

    I hold on so tight.

    Every time I slip,

    I tumble and fall,

    flick on that switch,

    just make one call.

    I arise just again,

    try it once more,

    ignore that strong pull,

    on high levels I now sour.

    its worth it, its true,

    to battle that yearning,

    you can start once again,

    the tide you are turning.


    Heartbroken, uncertain,

    so lost and forlorn,

    so hurt, bruised and bleeding,

    my tiny heart’s been torn.

    Ripped apart piece by piece,

    shattered in a bang,

    I’m in a million particles,

    those stinging words rang.

    Sliced by a piercing sword,

    in a moment split apart,

    crumbling by the hammer,

    the pain that’s in my heart.

    Those words stung me so so deep,

    I can’t begin to heal,

    my future to recovery,

    the anguish, can’t conceal.

    I look down at the ashes,

    black pieces everywhere,

    burnt by malicious people,

    who didn’t shed a tear.


    omg, all these poems speak to me so personally!! I wish I was a talented writer. I wonder if that would help me feel any better…

    You guys are all AMAZING!!! Hashem should shower you all with the happiness that you so deserve!!!


    I’m stuck and confused,

    pained and alone,

    physically and mentally,

    sick to the bone.

    Don’t know who I am,

    don’t know what I fear,

    I’m a total failure,

    i can’t even care.

    Suicide’s my answer

    Death is on my team,

    The world’s against me,

    what else can I scream?

    Who even cares about me?

    who’s not my foe?

    who really knows

    all my worries and woes?

    in a cloud of darkness,

    grief, pain, anguish,

    death is my answer

    my only wish.

    Life seems hopeless,

    It can’t get any worse,

    yet every time it does,

    its just like a curse.

    my pillow’s soaked,

    each tear is dripping,

    one notch lower,

    I keep on dipping.

    I’m trying to save myself,

    of sorrow I dodge,

    can’t detach from pain,

    i just can’t dislodge.


    Lost in the dark,

    a cave of pain,

    i’m drowning in a nightmare,

    i’ve got nothing to gain.

    i shriek out in agony,

    my cries pierce the air,

    my wailing’s a tune,

    my anguish can’t bare.

    standing alone,

    its cold and so frightning,

    monsters and creatures,

    thunder and lightning.

    bewildered, distraught,

    don’t know what to do,

    abandoned, rejected,

    no one to turn to.

    “help” i cry out,

    tears stream down my face,

    I’m balling hysterically,

    stuck in this place.

    Battling my inner self,

    Don’t know who is right,

    a million voices and and powers,

    a strong vicious fight,

    my critic’s overpowering,

    anorexia’s starving,

    insecurities are winning,

    holes in my heart carving.

    i’m numb from grief,

    i’m confused, in a daze,

    i stand here helplessly,

    hoping to catch someone’s gaze.

    glued to trap,

    not a word can I utter,

    i remain in the night,

    i have chills, i shutter.

    its gloomy and rainy,

    freezing to death,

    no warmth, no support,

    can’t catch my breath.

    Hashem hear my pleas,

    i can tolerate no more,

    You know I can’t go on,

    You’ll help me I’m sure.


    Lonely, tired, hungry,

    yet I still can’t seem to eat,

    I can’t hold on any longer,

    soon my end I’ll meet.

    it’s making everything else worse,

    this cycle is so vicious,

    its overtaking my life,

    its powerful and malicious.

    I am NOT OCD!

    I DON’T have anxiety!

    yet i still have some symptoms

    these illnesses in variety.

    i am anorexic,

    i am depressed,

    i’m just so weak

    my appetite’s suppressed.

    every night it hits me,

    i cry myself to sleep,

    i can sit there for hours,

    i can’t stop to weep.

    i’m so so lost,

    i feel so alone,

    paralyzed with fright,

    i’m scared of the unknown.

    the world’s dark and cold,

    no one seems to care,

    yet i sit out in the freezing,

    to ask for help i don’t dare.


    I’ve read some of the poems on here and I think they’re great Think this idea is such a good one; a place people can have as an additional outlet.

    It’s kind’ve hard for me to share my stuff but I’m trying to get better at it and not be so critical…

    This is just 1 poem I wrote one time, fast so might need to be worked goes:

    I tried so hard

    to stay afloat

    I tried so hard

    to get out

    I tried so hard

    to forget

    I could not try

    to forgive

    was not given

    any reason

    nothing was earned

    for that right to try

    I tried so hard

    I was alone

    I tried so hard

    to not hate them

    I tried so hard

    to get to where

    what they had tried so hard

    to make disappear

    I tried so hard

    the way so long

    I tried so hard

    had to try harder

    I still am


    but I am

    getting there

    I always was

    I always knew

    that I would

    if I

    tried so hard

    kept at it

    and had You

    there for me

    I figured out

    I would if I tried

    become so much


    I learned so hard

    that you can’t forget

    I learned

    the hard way

    the importance

    to look back

    to see vividly

    It’s hard

    to work through

    but I am

    getting there

    I try so hard

    to not hate you

    can’t you tell

    how hard this is

    for me

    so please give me space


    you don’t know

    what you did

    you tried so hard

    to pick and choose

    was convenient

    what works for you

    you say you care

    you don’t see

    you don’t know

    I try so hard

    just back off

    I’m trying


    To blabla:

    First I want to say how good your writing is! You have such talent.

    I’m sorry that your in such pain; it hurts to see someone hurt like that. You seem like a really special person. I hope in time you’ll be able to get out of where you’re in right now. You seem like you have the strength and desire to get there. Hope you know that you don’t and shouldn’t have to do it alone. No matter if it doesn’t feel like that to you. I know how hard it is to ask for help; and only you can be the one to do it, but if you get it from the right place/person, no matter how hard it initially may be, you’ll benefit from it in ways that you can’t when dealing with everything on your own.

    My thoughts are with you. And just remember G-d is ALWAYS with you: He’s the one who will always be rooting, helping , caring… for you NO MATTER what.


    I hope one day

    I’ll look back and see

    all the pain i endured,

    what I’ve come to be.

    I hope one day,

    I’ll stand up so straight,

    confident and happy,

    in a solid state.

    the day I’ll turn back,

    see my hard past,

    and how I’ve been strengthened,

    to remain, to last.

    i’ll see all my struggles,

    heartbroken sighs,

    I’ll understand why it happened,

    through a new set of eyes.

    my agony no more,

    my hurt just forgotten,

    the day I’ll realize,

    my ideas were rotten.

    But hashem please help me,

    show me the way there,

    the path to recovery

    of mending and repair.

    thru the arts-I wish I was really that strong in my emunah 🙁 but thanks for your encouragement!


    Each and every day,

    I saw her at my work,

    we would ignore each other,

    wipe off our smirk.

    We both continued walking,

    didn’t care to meet,

    didn’t even say hello,

    this occurrence would repeat.

    One day it was awkward,

    after it happened many times,

    I finally just broke the ice,

    ignored all our “crimes”

    That first day I greeted her,

    she looked very confused,

    she seemed to wonder why I talked,

    I hoped I was excused.

    She just politely smiled,

    slightly her lips she twitched,

    she still seemed so bewildered,

    hoped her day enriched.

    So the next day she responded,

    said hello in return,

    she actually grinned,

    forgot her snobby concern

    This continued happening,

    merely greeting back,

    we just kept it this way,

    just stayed in its track.

    so one day i decided,

    to ask her who she is,

    just a few questions,

    gave her a small “quiz”.

    Now we got to know each other,

    quite close we really are,

    she’s really an awesome friend,

    can’t be beet by far.

    so next time you see someone,

    have some sort of encounter,

    just start a frienship and say hi,

    even if an out of towner.

    its worth it really, i’ll tell you,

    i really gained a lot,

    our relationship just grew a ton,

    it only started in that spot.


    okay, my friend wrote this, she is actually AMAZING . It’s really pure entertainment to read.

    the garret girl

    And I always listen politely

    And make the expected comments

    After all, the story brings people pleasure

    And the truth brings pain to all who know it,

    At least,

    It tears me apart,

    It was hardly a tower

    More a little house with an attic

    But to the mind of a little girl

    That garret was the most wondrous site-

    A place for all sorts of games,

    That her story

    Is set in a tower

    She was such an ordinary child

    I still wonder at the story-

    And I am scarcely a cruel hag

    For the sake of some herbs-

    As her aunt

    I took her in and raised her

    Along with my own brood

    After the early death of her mother

    As I study it along

    The history and the tale

    I must say it was her father

    The foolish fellow in the story

    Who cut bargains with evil women

    After stealing from their gardens

    And the negligent father in the gaudy hat

    Who left the girl-

    Clothing, feeding, raising-

    To me

    When the crowds at the fair

    Tugged at his ribbon-selling wallet

    Oh and then he would come

    And disappear with her for a day or two

    While my motherly heart

    Turned my grey head whiter;

    And the lass would return

    Festooned with ribbons

    And dreamy eyed with the compliments and looks

    From the customers

    Her hair was pretty-

    Not wondrous as the minstrels paint it

    But pretty with the soft brown

    Of a kitten I once found on my doorstep

    And her father would sell his scraps

    By winding the prettiest through

    The soft locks

    To milk big gold coins

    From reluctant pockets

    Every season after he left

    I would reaffirm

    My commitment

    To refuse the next time;

    I would look at the red rimmed eyes

    Of the tender-hearted daughter

    Who believed his promises every time

    Promises to take his princess with him

    Love her

    Cherish her

    And every time

    He left the weeping eyes and took the clinking coins

    My soul broke

    At the thought of my wholesome little niece

    At the ribbon market

    Selling rags for her rascal of a father

    With such love beaming from her eyes-

    The warm love

    That drawing the cold coins-

    And my girl

    Was seeing sights, meeting people, hearing language

    I wanted her innocent little heart far away from

    And so

    One fine autumn

    I think it was the year she turned sixteen

    When he came along

    With satchels bleeding a rainbow of ribbons

    I stood at my threshold

    And refused to let him pass

    He blustered and bellowed

    That I stole the only daughter of a loving father

    Swore revenge

    But I stood my solid ground

    And my girth filled the doorway

    So he left disappointed;

    I thought the child was unaware

    Of the scene

    And returned to my hearth and spiced the stew

    Without a thought for the girl in the garret

    And as the moth flutters desperately to the lethal light

    Her little fingers gathered the long sacred ribbons

    She kissed each evening

    And she braided them tightly

    Bound them to the window frame

    And climbed down-

    Leaving everything I had even given her behind-

    Tender little heart

    Feeling she no longer deserved my love-

    And I knew not a thing

    Until I called for her aid

    In the task she treasured-

    Crushing the herb she loved-

    Releasing the pungent odor

    And perfuming the cottage

    With the scent of rapunzel-

    Oh- that scoundrel!

    She was last seen having rejoined him

    And the lout took her far from my embrace

    Knowing that I would come with a vengeance

    And rescue her

    With the support of the neighbors

    So he took her far

    Bedecked with ribbons

    And when he reappeared

    Years later

    With more ribbons

    And no girl in tow

    And a gleam of victory in his eye

    I burned the braided ribbons

    Consecrated by her kisses

    In full confidence

    That she would not return

    And so I wonder at the tale

    Of a princess captive in a tower

    Long tresses

    And a loving prince

    Sung by festooned minstrels

    When I think of my little niece

    Hopefully safely ensconced

    In the embrace of a decent grave

    But probably wandering in dark alleys

    On a loving aunt


    Darkness, night,

    I shake in fright.

    Alone forlorn,

    My spirit is torn.

    I try to see

    Past my misery.

    I try to cope,

    In the darkness I grope.

    I try to break free,

    to get out and flee.

    I try with all my might,

    But something holds me tight.

    I start to cry.

    My tears go dry.

    Feelings of despair.

    I will never get anywhere.

    Drained, distraught.

    My spirit caught.

    My heart shattered.

    My soul battered.

    Will this darkness lift?

    Can I stay adrift?

    In this black sea,

    Does someone know of me?

    With my emotions drained.

    My heart so strained.

    My eyes slowly close.

    I forget all my woes.

    My spirit soars.

    Possibilities it explores.

    Everything seems so alive.

    To new places I arrive.

    Mountains so high.

    A crystal blue sky.

    Rays of sun.

    Rivers on the run.

    I see myself strong.

    I feel I belong.

    I want to stay in this place,

    Where worries I wont face.

    I open my eyes.

    What a surprise!

    It was all a dream.

    I holler and scream.

    I am back.

    Same old track.

    Back to my hole.

    Oh my pour soul.

    But wait!

    Its not to late.

    If I try a little more,

    Maybe I can score!

    By giving one a smile,

    I can lift their pain a while.

    By doing a good deed,

    I can help someone in need.

    And even if it is plain old me,

    As boring as I can be,

    I am still deserving of love,

    A child of the One above.

    So if your feeling down,

    Don’t fret and frown.

    Pour out your heart,

    And try to make a new start.

    Hes always there,

    Your cries to hear .

    But we have to do the best we can,

    For after all this is what builds man.


    Drowning in a sea of misery,

    overtaken by a wave,

    the ocean is so stormy,

    I just can’t be saved.

    Falling off the cliff,

    I’m tumbling lower and lower,

    it doesn’t have a bottom,

    the rescue is just slower.

    HELP! It’s never ending 🙁 I want to die…


    Pain, confusion

    Suffering, delusion.



    I need an infusion.

    Gloomy, sad.

    I feel so bad.



    Please help me, Dad.

    Anxiety, fear.

    Death is near.



    I no longer care.

    Why should I live?

    What can I give?



    Do I have an alternative?

    Thought, emotion.

    Time and devotion.



    Block out the commotion.

    Slow, sure.

    Feeling secure.



    I think I can go more.

    To help and assist.

    To love and guide.



    G-D is at my side.

    I know I can,

    Be a better man.

    I need to really think;

    Am I really on the brink?

    I look deep inside.

    The truth I cant hide.

    There is so much in me,

    I just need to set it free.

    I am thankful for my sight.

    They help me see your might.

    I thank you I can hear,

    The songs of your universe so clear.

    I thank you for my speech,

    With which your mercy I can beseech.

    I thank you for my heart,

    I can feel the love and devotion you impart.

    The list has no end.

    Just as the kindness that you send.

    You gave me so much,

    I just need to stay in touch.

    To tap into my inner being,

    And my soul to start freeing.

    I know it’s in there,

    I know You care.

    If I open my eyes and look around.

    I will see, that your mercy and kindness has no bound.


    I wish I can restart,

    begin a new, fresh slate,

    Change my wrong actions,

    have a good fate.

    I wish I can turn around,

    undo what i’ve done,

    trade negative and positive,

    switch darkness to sun.

    Reborn again,

    build a life once more,

    learn from mistakes,

    happiness restore.

    Choose my parents,

    siblings and cousins,

    have money from the tree,

    loose weight by the dozens.

    Be skinny and pretty,

    look clean and shine,

    sparkle and glitter,

    look tip top and fine.

    Marry the right guy,

    raise your children to be great,

    maintain your own joy,

    to others try to relate.

    I wish I could switch,

    mend my old ways,

    what have I got in this life?

    to die, it pays? 🙁


    I sit in the darkness,

    awaiting the sun,

    its cold and so dreary,

    I want to start fun.

    A tiny light appears,

    peaking out in the sky,

    its behind the sprawling hills,

    its so very high.

    Its too early yet,

    the day’s not begun,

    I stare at the stars,

    until their sparkle is done.

    Streaks of orange,

    of pink, of red,

    the sun is rising,

    its time to move ahead.

    Let yesterday pass,

    begin a new day,

    try something better,

    start a new way.

    Its a light in the darkness,

    a candle of hope,

    I’m no longer lost,

    in pitch black to grope.

    I can start a new path,

    of happiness, to rejoice,

    or I can stay in my old ways,

    its now all my choice.

    Its still the morning,

    here’s my chance,

    a new day, a new light,

    a time to advance.

    Hashem please help me,

    let me climb high,

    allow me success,

    stay with me, stand by.

    am yisrael chai


    You’ve got so much talent in the writing arena

    Hashem obviously gave you ???? and ????

    This last poem of yours shows yearning and hope

    With these ingredients you’ll be able to cope

    You say that you’d like to start a clean slate

    That’s what TSHUVA’s for, it’s never too late

    That will undo what you say you have done

    And become positives; negatives-you’ll have none 🙂

    You know you can’t change the circumstances of your birth

    But you surely can increase your feelings of self-worth

    It’s hard to be self-critical 24/7

    No wonder you think of moving on to heaven

    Your avoda right now seems to be

    Finding the good in yourself constantly

    You wouldn’t want treif food be part of your digestion

    Onaas dvorim is treif to your neshama and disposition

    Waiting to hear you list the good in you you’ve found

    Which should mitigate the times you beat yourself to the ground

    With G-d’s help we’re confident you can surely do it

    When you succeed be”H, we’ll all say “We just knew it!”


    A bang, a crash,

    my world has shattered,

    one nasty comment,

    my remainings are scattered.

    The deep wounds,

    hurting and bleeding,

    for mercy I pray,

    I’m begging, pleading.

    Stop your words,

    so painful, malicious,

    terminate your actions,

    so violent, so vicious.

    You lack sensitivity,

    you’re ruthless, stinging,

    I’m lost, I’m falling,

    to the thin thread I’m clinging.

    Can’t you see?

    the pain you’ve caused me?

    the agony, distress,

    to such a harsh degree?

    am yisrael chai


    By one nasty comment your world has shattered

    Previous supportive comments here seem not to have mattered

    On which one you’d like to focus? You can choose

    The positive, uvacharta bachayim, is the way of us Jews


    NO NO NO!! The supportive comments matter more to me than anything in the world!!! Sometimes when I’m down I just need to express myself through writing so I sound really negative-I’m sorry! Thanks for your support! That’s what keeps me going!!!

    am yisrael chai

    It’s fine to write when you feel negative, blabla.

    It just seemed as if you didn’t read the poem right before that one, and I was trying to get you to see the positive side, too…It’s just too hard to concentrate on mostly the negative

    you were so not offensive, plz don’t think that you were 🙂


    Of course I read your poem-it was AWESOME! You’re sooo talented!

    am yisrael chai

    You are quite talented yourself, young lady.

    Just please read the messages in the poems that were penned for you.

    Digest them.

    Because YOU are awesome.


    I hope I wasn’t the one to offend

    That I did not intend.

    am yisrael chai


    You absolutely didn’t offend

    Enjoyed your poems to no end

    You display such depth & emotion

    Strength & spiritual devotion

    Looking forward to your next installment

    Which b’ezras Hashem will be imminent

    Don’t let us wait too long

    In the meantime, be well & stay strong!


    Oh Zion,

    My heart is crying.

    My soul is dying.

    To be with you I long,

    To sing your beautiful song.

    But sadly due to sin,

    We were cast from within.

    Woe upon me.

    I no longer have thee.

    In your day,

    In the Holy Temple I’d pray.

    Three times a year,

    We would gather there.

    If I did the wrong thing,

    Sacrificed to the One above.

    I would be forgiven with love.

    Thousands of years,

    Millions of tears.

    Cast away,

    Gone astray.

    On a journey alone.

    Its length unknown.

    For your splendor I yearn,

    To your beauty to return.

    I sit and cry

    To think I try.

    What can I do?

    How can I return to you?

    I know I am to blame

    I am full of shame.

    If I only I can go back

    There’s nothing I would lack.

    As my thoughts race

    Tears roll down my face.

    I realize my mistake

    Action I must take.

    Brick by brick,

    Through thin and thick,

    With the sweat of my brow,

    To rebuild your Temple, I vow.

    Each good deed,

    Is a brick in need.

    A smile to one you don’t know.

    A helping hand to and fro.

    Charity for the hungry and poor.

    Helping the elderly feel secure.

    Listening to an anguished call

    All can add more bricks to the wall

    Myself, I can’t do this task.

    So for your help I do ask.

    If you can take a minute and pause.

    Can you please help this needy cause?

    The more workers we can acquire,

    The sooner we can fill this desire.

    To be back home.

    No longer to roam.

    May we merit the moment,

    Through repentance and atonement.

    For G-d’s promise to unfold.

    In Zion will rejoice young and old.

    Sounds of laughter and glee,

    In the streets of Jerusalem we’ll see.

    The third Temple in sight,

    To cast away the darkness, of this long dreadful night.

    Oh, Zion

    May it be, by the might of His hand,

    That He return His children to their promised land.



    my heart reaches out, my tears do flow,

    i feel your anguish, your suffering and woe.

    i know this sounds strange- but there’s a game you might try,

    it helps when your low, it helps you to fly.

    try and think of only the good-whenever something isn’t right

    when something goes wrong- try with all of your might.

    if one thing comes at you that really is hard,

    start to think of why you should be thankful- your heart it will guard.

    i’m sorry if this poem isn’t written so well,

    if you nees me to explain it in prose just give a yell

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