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    Lilmod, that was a great story! But don’t leave us hanging for the cliffhanger.

    Who did he end up deciding to marry – Sara or Esty?


    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    So after Yossi finished laughing and apologizing, Sara told him that she would speak to Esty and they would decide which one should date him first.

    Sara and Esty discussed it and tried to figure out which one he would be most matim for. In the end, they concluded that he would be the most matim for their third roommate, Tova! L’maaseh, Esty went out with him first. I don’t remember if Sara or Tova ended up going out with him.

    I do know that none of them ended up marrying him. Esty got married to someone else, not too long afterwards. Sara got married around 15 or so years later. I have no idea what happened to Yossi or to Tova (whose real name I can’t even remember).



    Yossi and Tova eloped.



    It’s so nice that you guys have such cute stories! I only have experienced/heard sad stories… BS”D not anymore in future!


    Burnt Steak

    My friend set me up with a girl who he said would be a great fit for me. He wouldn’t tell me much about her except that she was a good girl ect… I talked with her on the phone and we had a good conversation. She told me she knew a few players on my favorite football team and we decided to go out. From speaking with her on the phone I thought she was similar to me.

    At the time I was living in Manhattan and she was in Staten Island. We were gonna do the date in lower Manhattan. I went to meet her on the Staten Island side of the ferry. She was late and missed the ferry. When I saw her I knew it would not work out. I was not attracted to her, she was very different hasgafically than me, and we had almost opposite views in life and wanted different things. We ended up walking around lower Manhattan and I decided to have some fun and asked her if she knew who Harambe זכרונו לברכה was. When I heard she didn’t know about the Great One, I spent the rest of the date showing her Harambe memes.

    I ended the date on the ferry ride back to Staten Island. Unsurprisingly she agreed with me.


    It sounds like the joke being made in BMYer’s story was that the reason the boy opens the
    car door for the girl is that they’re afraid the girl might damage it if she opened it herself.



    Any more?



    Thats it, no more?


    boki beshas

    Please tell me you bought her the shot glass that says “take a shot for harambe, he took one for you”



    Be careful roomates or sisters should not show up when it is not their date. The date might get derailed by him falling for the wrong person which is funny but it is not.

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