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    Shticky Guy

    To be the first poster in a page

    You dont need to be a true sage

    At your keyboard keep pecking

    And then keep on checking

    Yossi z. please dont get in a rage!

    This lim at the top was not planned

    There really was nothing underhand

    Just keep posting your work

    And here constantly lurk

    You can be the best poet in the land

    yossi z.

    I said I wouldn’t rage

    Look! Look! We have a new page!

    Now let’s get posting

    Soon we’ll be coasting

    Limericks lower your age

    By this I mean to say

    That each and every day

    You will feel younger

    Even with blunder

    So come on out and say …

    … Limericks are so fun

    Especially with a pun

    Yes I’m back

    Regained the knack

    Again I don’t want to run

    😀 Zuberman! 😀

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Page seven says it is five,

    the numbers simply don’t jive.

    My imagination?

    They changed pagination?

    My brain’s working in overdrive.

    yossi z.

    Thinking without stop

    Even for a hip or hop

    Could it be

    It was me

    Asking to be on top?

    All I wanted to know

    Was when each page does go

    On top of the screen

    I did not mean

    For that way to show

    😀 Zuberman! 😀

    Shticky Guy

    We’ve entered the month of Adar

    Which usually means Purim’s not far

    But we’re in a leap year

    So there’s longer, I cheer

    I need more time, organised thing that you are

    For some, Purim runs in their veins

    due to whiskeys liquors and champagnes

    Who’s costume’s most shticky

    Its hard to be picky

    Cos they all needed planning and brains

    Its easy to just go and hire

    But home made costumes I admire

    You can them re-use

    If self made ones you choose

    Some are great and can really inspire

    The hardest part is the shlach monos

    Finding real fancy stuff to send across

    Cant come up with a scheme

    For an original theme

    To send out to my family and boss

    Is this stuff that’s already been done

    Cos I want to get things that will stun

    I must be ahead

    Else I’ll be filled with dread

    Will you help me? You will – thanx a ton!

    Now who can I leave off my list

    Of a hundred names it does consist

    Plus a few in addition

    Its a crazy position

    A whole taxi firm I’ll need to enlist

    I wont drive cos then I cant drink

    Keep them separate and never do link

    Putting everyone in danger

    Whether family or a stranger

    To do so I cant even think

    From the corny Shticky Guy;



    This year I am changing the plans

    Of getting costumes in advance

    They have it so many days

    By the time it’s Adar bais

    They are simply no longer entranced

    Shticky Guy

    We are all soon about to lose,

    A poster with very kind views,

    Her name is Eclipse,

    She has really good quips,

    Where she’s going – we’re not in the news.

    Since September 2010,

    She’s posted again and again,

    She has been most dutiful,

    By starting real beautiful,

    Topics here but now till when?

    She has to return her computer,

    And even asked how to reboot ‘er,

    Without her laptop,

    The CR could flop,

    It will certainly be a lot muter.

    With threads like ‘be a trend setter’

    ‘que sera sera’ and ‘coffee oscar’

    ‘Please get out of here’

    ‘Do you wish you could disappear’

    Not to mention ‘the pull of the cr’

    ‘Why did the chicken cross the road’,

    Was her at her best, truth be told,

    ‘A humble suggestion’,

    one called ‘A deep question’,

    They’re truly worth their weight in gold.

    Who will step in to replace her,

    Will we be able to face her,

    If her I do meet,

    walking down our street,

    I will have to try hard to outpace her.

    If I go with my young niece Ditza,

    To go get a delicious pizza,

    And Eclipse we do meet,

    I will turn round my seat,

    And use my niece as a mechitza.

    We wish her just good in her life,

    Without any trouble or strife,

    If you go ahead with this,

    Your new threads we will miss,

    But you’ll for sure be a #1 wife.


    Shticky- your farewell was well said

    Eclipse kept the CR well fed

    Well be missing you a lot

    But a real life is what you got

    My eyes are all teary and red.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Shticky, what a great job,

    so good, my head now does throb.

    Poignant and moving,

    I am approving,

    and you used no corn on the cob.

    We’ll very much miss you, eclipse,

    your leaving’s an apocalypse.

    Often quite funny,

    with a nature that’s sunny,

    we’ll miss your wisdom and quips.

    Occasionally, please do drop by,

    agree, please, or we will all cry.

    We CR’ers grieve

    that you need to leave,

    although you have good reason why.

    I guess this is your swan song,

    be moichel, if we’ve done you wrong.

    We wish you hatzlocha,

    with nachas and brocha,

    so goodbye, farewell and so long.



    I must say,or virtual-speak

    These limericks MADE MY WEEK!

    Shticky Guy, Daas Y.,

    And Smartcookie,goodbye!

    With kindness,my world’s not bleak!

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    The end of an era’s arrived,

    the coffee room will be deprived.

    eclipse will be missing,

    we’ll be reminiscing,

    about all the threads she contrived.

    The time is now opportune,

    because she is leaving so soon,

    to bid her adieu,

    we’re crying, boo hoo,

    the clock is about to strike noon!

    Your absence will cut like a knife,

    we wish you all good things in life.

    May harmony and peace,

    for you, just increase,

    with only success, and no strife.

    your wit and your wisdom we’ll miss.

    How can we go on;

    your laptop is gone!

    We all hope that you’ll find real bliss.

    We hope that we won’t be maligned,

    if we ask one thing, please be kind.

    Don’t be a quitter,

    won’t you reconsider?

    We’d be happy if you’ll change your mind.


    With the imminent departure of our dear friend eclipse

    So let me say it with brevity

    or quickly make your disappearance round trip?

    The farewells to you are to your tribute

    To our enjoyment over here you did contribute

    Mazel and Brocha

    Loads of Hatzlocha

    We send you off with a Coffee Room Salute!

    yossi z.

    Oh my, oy vey, oh dear!

    What do we have here?

    Eclipse is leaving?

    We’ll all be grieving!

    This I cannot bear!

    🙁 Zuberman! 🙁


    Impressed am I with all this rhyme

    So we’ll ask you Eclipse, one more time.

    We’d like to convey

    That we want you to stay,

    To leave now, would be such a crime!


    That’s it, Eclipse is gone

    Finished with all that fun

    I don’t think she’s reading

    All of your greetings

    With her computer she’s done.

    Shticky Guy

    Nu? nu? nu? nu? nu? nu? nu?

    Come on, whats the matter with you?

    Seems ‘Lims’ you cant face ’em?

    Do techiyas hameisim!

    And start it again from anew.

    Let it rise up from the dead

    This wonderful limerick thread

    So release the trigger

    And post in with vigor

    Lets all resume using our head!

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I thought that when eclipse left,

    and all of us were so bereft,

    it would be the end,

    of limericks penned,

    and no more identity theft.

    Her spirit, it seems though, did awaken,

    the coffee room was not forsaken.

    There now is a sequel,

    eclipse with Equal,

    unless for a ride we were taken.

    Shticky Guy

    To all of you who sounded shaken,

    This thread it has NOT been forsaken,

    It was just a rumor,

    Without any humor,

    Abandoned? You’re really mistaken.

    Limericks are just too exciting,

    Addictive and very inviting,

    The threads in the coffee,

    Can go like Gadaffi,

    But limerickers carry on writing.

    This is for sure a collection,

    That we do all read with affection,

    When we need a lift,

    We click here real swift,

    And our mood really changes direction.

    Limericks can really excite,

    And bring us no end of delight,

    I feel so serene,

    Lets make this our routine,

    Its the cream of the YWN site!


    Didn’t have time to make any, now i think im long over due for one

    On Purim the Jewish nation,

    Commemorate their salvation,

    Though Haman plotted,

    His noose was knotted,

    This does cause for celebration!

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Stinking worse than a skunk,

    Haman’s plot was sunk.

    At a party so grand;

    a special command:

    chayav inish to get drunk!



    The reason to my closet

    I brought a chair

    To get down the netbook

    Packed away deep in there

    Was because I had no choice….

    Ads and flyers

    Tickets and more

    Could only be managed

    With e-mail;it’s not 1984

    I did not log in

    Until my friend’s chat-

    She told me I’m thought

    To be this one and that

    So I wrote “What on earth??”

    But it wasn’t effective

    So all I can say is

    Your judgment’s defective!

    Perhaps you’ll stop by

    To see a short show

    Good Shabbos my friends

    I’d better go

    Shticky Guy

    We all jump up and we all cheer,

    Cos its now that special time of year,

    Our hands get all clappy,

    Our fingers get snappy,

    Cos Purim’s about to reappear.

    If there was still a limerick thread,

    I would use it for fun lines to spread,

    But it cant be denied,

    That this thread it has died!, 🙁 ;-(

    If you wish to disagree – go right ahead!


    Shticky let’s never give up hope

    Because the limericks really help me cope

    Gives me the smile for the day

    So let’s make this thread stay

    definitely better than discussing dating sephardim not in your scope!

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Remember when the limerick thread thrived?

    We thought, though, it had not survived.

    But sc and Shticky

    have made this thread “sticky”,

    it’s so nice to see it revived!

    The Sephardim topic’s now closed,

    and this one, so underexposed,

    to our great dread,

    seemed to be dead,

    but actually only had dozed.


    try saying this super fast:

    a flea and a fly and a flue

    were caught so what could they do?

    said the fly, “let us flee.”

    “let us fly” said the flee

    so they flew through a flaw in the flue

    8okay i’ll admit it i didn’t make it up but its fun to say ;D


    Today I did a lot of Pesach cleaning

    Don’t take in Chometz I’ve been screaming

    Now I’m finally relaxed

    After working to the max

    And I can write a limerick with meaning.

    Shticky Guy

    Of this thread brotherofurs did remind us

    I thought it was truly behind us

    Limerickers all welcome you

    But if you are really new

    Then I ask how on earth did you find us???

    It is just a little bit wierd

    How you came across this thread 5-tiered

    Which had sunk thru the floor

    Have you been here before

    In this thread where you suddenely appeared

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    You don’t need ???? ???? ???? ????,

    to know how he appeared so sudden.

    You’re a hard worker,

    but he’s just a lurker

    Or is there a dual identity? ?? ????!


    I notice all the limerickers decided to come here- I guess ill have to add something too:)

    As Pesach does approach,

    This subject I must broach,

    There is lots to be done,

    It can even be fun,

    Well, not if you come across a roach.

    No one is left off the hook,

    Down to the last Sefer and book,

    Scrubbing and scouring,

    While your sweat is pouring,

    Cleaning every cranny and nook.


    Blinky, you hardly post anymore

    Well all miss you for sure

    Perhaps this will make your heart soften

    And you’ll come more often

    And you’ll stop being such a bore!


    OUCH! Just reading thru my second limerick scouring does NOT rhyme with pouring so here is a quick fix (im sure someone will come up with a limerick about this shameful error!)

    No one is left off the hook,

    Down to the last Sefer and book,

    Scrubbing and dusting,

    And lots of readjusting,

    Cleaning every cranny and nook.



    Scrubbing and scouring,

    While your sweat is pouring,

    . “

    My take on this – Excuse me for taking poetic license to change what you wrote:

    Cleaning every cranny and nook,

    Down to the last Sefer and book

    Scrubbing and scouring

    And not “Happy Hour”-ing

    No one is let off the hook.

    Shticky Guy

    Daas Yochid:

    double identity IS what I did mean

    his/her screenname here I had never seen

    so how would he/she know

    of the best topic of the show

    when it’s as submerged as a submarine

    this thread had been gone for a week

    of limericks there wasnt a squeak

    if (s)he was really new

    (s)he wouldnt have had a clue

    about a thread that was truly antique


    It’s so nice to see that this thread

    Has been revived and is not dead

    Here’s to more rhyming

    All in good timing

    Let the lim’ing continue and spread


    Hey, I haven’t tried this one

    I thought with poems I’m done

    But I sure am glad

    That so kind a lad

    kept it from going gone!

    Although I love to write

    I felt my poems were trite

    Some courage I did muster

    Maybe they still have some luster

    Perhaps I do belong on this site!


    my home should smell fresh and clean

    after all there is sparkle and sheen

    but I moan and fret

    for the aroma is sweat

    and to spray her upon entry is mean

    the lady did quite a good job

    she doesn’t clean like a slob

    I wish I could tell her

    that I can still smell her

    but even a non-jew might sob

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Eclipse, give her more latitude,

    you don’t have a great attitude.

    That you have a good shiksa,

    (although you can’t fix her,)

    requires some more gratitude!


    I thought for sure by now someone would write regarding my mistake! Oh well heres mine…

    As I gaze at the limerick i wrote,

    A horrified cry escapes my throat,

    As pour and scour,

    Together sounds sour,

    So a quick fix to readjust it i rewrote!

    oomis- nice! poetic license? Where can i apply for one?

    To the other frequenters here- nice ones!


    Blinkeleh, you can apply directly to ME for the poetic License (hereby granted).


    Their once lived a boy named meggy

    Who had a broken leggy

    he walked to the door

    and slipped on the floor and

    again broke his poor old leggy 🙂


    Dr. Pepper

    Did yo hear the news?

    Dr. Pepper found his screws,

    He’s back it’s true?

    Ha ha ha got you!

    Have a Happy April Fools!


    Dr. Pepper you sneak,

    Your posts i always seek,

    You left us- why?

    Without saying good bye,

    Hope to see you every week!


    cool i didn’t know it was antique

    just found it and decided to speak

    of a limerick i found

    that was lying around

    and i thought it was very unique (and funny):)

    am yisrael chai

    Loved reading through this thread

    You all had points so well said

    With your charm & your wit

    You made me smile quite a bit

    With vigor I’ll now search for more bread…

    Happy Pesach cleaning, y’all!


    Gut voch to all, did I see right?

    I don’t believe Pepper’s back in sight

    Someone is just trying to Cheppper

    And duplicated the screenname Pepper

    Your authenticity is not quite.


    I checked Pepper’s profile and it seems all right

    The –> SAME <– doctor posted as before

    No imposter was found at the door

    morah reyna

    Heres one a friend once wrote me:

    She just loves to get mail,

    Most times happiness you do feel.

    You should calm down,

    Smile and not frown,

    And to your worries say big deal!

    I also wrote one about EY a nice long one.


    There is a subtitle on Pepper as well that prooves authentic ity

    Shticky Guy

    “WE’VE ARRIVED! IT’S FANTASTIC!”, I thundered,

    And just in case you wondered,

    Please give a great cheer,

    Cos we are now here,



    My Dear Shticky Guy,

    I don’t know why,

    Considering you really do try,

    That you’d assume you got the jackpot,

    When all you hit was a crackpot.

    If you were after #500,

    You’ll have to try again,

    On a ‘nother thread I would presume,

    Cause on this thread I did get,

    The fifth hundred post you wished to boast.

    Being humble as I am,

    I wish you luck as best as I can,

    To reach this 500th milestone I’ve just achieved,

    On a new thread where you can have a run.

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