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    There once was a boy named Nick,

    Who loved to make up a limerick,

    And every day,

    Another one he would say,

    Till one day he just got so sick!


    I don’t think this thread will be boring.

    In fact, it’s a thread I’m adoring.

    Sometimes it’s quite funny

    At other times, pun-ny.

    while reading it, I’m never snoring…


    Oomis, with you i definitely agree,

    This thread also fills me with glee,

    This poetry tends to,

    Make me laugh a few,

    Cuz some of them are just downright funny!


    The date today is November two,

    And i’m just totally blue,

    Which party should I pick,

    Demo or Republic,

    I just don’t know what to do!


    Food, not wine, is my weak spot

    Has me tied in a knot

    I want good health

    But then in stealth

    I eat the extras in the pot


    This news is going to sound sour,

    But this thread is losing its power,

    For quite some time,

    Its as silent as a mime,

    Please can you post here within the hour?


    My goodness, you must give us credit

    We’re all busy now – there, I’ve said it!

    You’ll just have to wait

    For tomorrow’s date

    By noon, I am sure you’ll have read it.

    minyan gal

    This is a true story.

    A manic girl I met today

    To minyan she came to pray

    Her ceaseless talking

    Kept the rest of us walking

    Rachmonas flew away.

    She’d been out walking half the night

    The places she’d been gave us fright

    Said that she had just been

    An inpatient on the mental scene

    Its very sad – she’s very bright.

    We tried to befriend her – it wasn’t easy

    Her rambling tales made us queasy

    She could daven and could sing

    Her voice had an angelic ring

    Yet her presence made us all uneasy.

    minyan gal

    A bee came near me yesterday

    I prayed that it would fly away

    I stood very still

    It took all of my will

    I will not go out to play today.


    Minyan a bee came near you?

    Why that happened to me too!

    Unfortunately for me,

    I was very edgy,

    And now Im all black and blue!

    minyan gal

    It appears that those who are minglers

    In this CR thread by we jinglers

    Have lost interest it seems

    Left us to our dreams

    Just tapping keyboards with our fingers.

    Shabbat Shalom again my pals

    This message is strictly Minyan Gal’s

    The soup its a-simmering

    The candles are glimmering

    All’s well in my home – there’s no “mals”.


    I love the quiet of the night

    Everything seems so right

    I can get work done

    With no interruption

    And through the day sleep tight


    At this time Hashem made an Os,

    We bless it over our wine in our Cos,

    All our worries are dropped,

    And melacha is stopped,

    Enjoy this Shabbos Parshas Toldos!


    well done blinky !


    Thank you:)

    minyan gal

    Great work Blinky.


    Was it time for you to go?

    My fingers and keyboard say no

    I quickly searched around

    And under entertainment found

    My dear limerick, lonely so

    minyan gal

    Thank you, thank you vnishmart

    You are terribly smart

    The thread you located

    My mind was elated

    A good feeling is in my heart.


    Rosh Chodesh Kislev is todays date,

    In this month we do celebrate,

    The miracle of Chanukah,

    With dreidels and a Menorah,

    And parties that are really great!

    minyan gal

    More about Chanukah

    Donuts and latkes we’ll eat

    It really will be quite a treat

    All things that are greasy

    They slide down real easy

    Not gaining weight will be a feat.

    Candles we will light daily

    Children will sing very gayly

    Dreydls we’ll spin

    Nes, gimmel, hey, shin

    It will all be very freilich.


    Chanukah is almost here,

    There is so much to prepare,

    Donuts with jelly,

    That are bad for your belly,

    I think ill diet next year!

    P.s- minyan gal you meant nun gimmel…not nes, also freilich doesnt rhyme with daily, but its fine i enjoyed reading it anyway:)


    Well, if leniency we get

    I’ll chime in yet

    Not worrying about rhythm or rhyme

    Just getting it out in time

    This limerick is the quickest I’ve ever done 🙂


    Limerick friends are fun indeed

    We’re there for each other in time of need

    Meeting in this room again and again

    A virtual reality it’s better then

    To continue planting the friendship seed


    vnishmartem- im being mean today…but your 2nd and 3rd lines are too long to be considered a limerick:) But its a very nice poem!


    Quick fix:

    Limerick friends are fun indeed

    We’re there for each other in time of need

    Meeting again

    Every now and then

    To continue planting the friendship seed


    I see we are really here for each other….LOL

    minyan gal

    Blinky – I feel like an idiot. I think I had brain freeze – that was twice yesterday. Or else I was thinking about the earlier line about the candles – using nes instead of nun. I couldn’t think of anything else to rhyme with daily and gayly. I did consider using “freily(ch).


    dont worry minyan i was in the mood yesterday to bash the limericists! (i did it to venishmartem too:)

    In autumn the heavy winds makes sound,

    And the leaves are swaying around,

    It is quite strange

    How their colors do change,

    And then they fall merrily to the ground!

    minyan gal

    Today’s the day we do recall

    Our brave heroes who for us did fall

    Through bullets’ strafe

    They kept us safe

    Please honor them with Yiskadol.


    Ok my weekly limerick….

    Yaakov avinu was running for his life,

    He decided to seek for himself a wife,

    He had to work a lot,

    But two gems he got,

    Whom between them was no strife!

    Good Shabbos!!!!!

    minyan gal

    My Baba’s yahrzeit starts tonight

    I loved that woman – she had might

    Her children are gone

    And life moves on

    I’ll go to shul her name to recite.


    i went to the store,

    i bought a bag of milk

    i like flying

    maybe u also like to do in-depth research on the plummage of a tyrannosaurus rex


    i like honey

    i also like money

    i also like Monet


    i am sam

    sam i am

    do u like gefilte fish and chrayne?

    i do!


    Shawn- no offense but this is a limeric thread…(see the rules in the begining of the thread:)

    Minyan- very nice limerick- sounds like a very special woman.

    Oomis 1105 did state,

    That at last weeks date,

    Was her birthday

    So I hope its Ok

    That you will accept birthday wishes late!

    minyan gal

    Oh, Oomis my dear

    I really do fear

    That I missed your birth date

    So this message is late

    Have a happy and healthy year.

    minyan gal

    This thread was getting lost again

    It took me awhile to find its name

    I brought it back

    I’m just a hack

    So for this rhyme I take no blame.

    Its very cold outside today

    So indoors I did stay

    Homemade soup in the pot

    It was served piping hot

    And chased my chilly blues away.

    minyan gal

    Greetings from my snow-covered home

    Looking outside you’d think this was Nome

    Though the winds they do bluster

    This message I can muster

    Warmest wishes from me for a Shabbat Shalom.

    The winds they did howl all through the night

    The noise woke me up – gave me quite a fright

    Early morning and I’m wide awake

    At my ‘puter this ditty to make

    Thinking of friends whom I don’t know by sight.


    Minyan you truly are the best,

    You revive this thread with a zest,

    And every Friday,

    A good Shabbos you say,

    Im waiting to hear from you the rest!


    Ok now my weekly limerick (im curious if anyone reads them…I just really enjoy making them up!)

    What a loaded story written in Tanach,

    Yaakov and Esav and the fight with the Malach,

    Though he got a big bruise,

    Yaakov did not lose,

    And his name got changed in this Parshas Vayishlach!

    Good shabbos everybody!!!!!!!!


    Lol minyan- I love the last post with the snow.

    And just a quick correction- you wrote:

    Please honor them with Yiskadol.

    Kaddish starts with YisGadol. Not Yiskadol.

    It’s very important to say every word correctly.


    thank you smartcookie

    that is a very common and important mistake

    also in Shmenoh Esrei be very careful to say ba-al gevuros NOT bal gevuros

    ba-al means master of

    bal means without, highly apikortic


    smartcookie and moderator- those are very important to know, maybe someone should start a thread on such a topic


    My personal pet peeve: People who say the name Rivka with an “f.” I’ve heard ba’alei kriah do this. :: shudder ::

    The Wolf


    There are hundreds of such common mistakes all throughout davening which people don’t realize.

    Especially Krias Shema/Kaddish, and the real very Heilige Tefillos. Each word should be pronounced clearly and individually.


    yes but some are more common, some are more crucial

    the two pointed out here are both


    I think Rifka with the f is an anglicized rendition.

    not I


    Yes I hear what you are saying.. As a kid I spelled it with a ‘pay’ til my teacher made me never to forget. Always remember that the English version is “rebecca’ so it mast have a v!


    Tefillah is so very holy,

    So make sure to say each word slowly,

    Say every letter right,

    Even when time’s tight,

    And please help me out with this last line here…..


    I think Rifka with the f is an anglicized rendition.

    No, Rifka is the “lazy” version since both the /f/ and /v/ sounds are fricatives. The /f/ however is unvoiced whereas the /v/ is voiced. People sometimes take the “shortcut” and don’t voice the consonant.

    The Wolf

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