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    minyan gal

    “Tefillah is so very holy,

    So make sure to say each word slowly,

    Say every letter right,

    Even when time’s tight,

    And please help me out with this last line here….. “

    smart cookie – the best I can do for a last line is:

    And at kiddush you’ll eat roly-poly.

    I know it is a little lightweight for the depth of the subject but I cannot think of anything else to rhyme with holy/slowly.

    I sincerely apologize for my mis-spelling of YisGadol. I think many of the pronounciation issues arise from the breakneck speed at which many services are davened – particularly Ma’ariv as everyone is in such a hurry to get home.


    Minyan- I thought of that line myself but didn’t think it’s good enough! Sorry!

    Anyway, don’t apologize to me! I’m just making people aware of it so we should all say the words right from now on!

    Bracha the great

    These limericks are so very funny

    I would not trade them for any amount of money

    But I feel quite alone here

    There’s no one in school here

    would someone help me please?

    Bracha the great

    PS I’m in 8th grade


    Bracha, your poem’s in need

    Of some work to be done with great speed.

    Some lines were not rhyming

    And off was your timing,

    But your efforts were well-meant indeed! 🙂



    Last line suggestions:

    “betzibur or davening solely”

    alternate 1 – “in minyan” instead of “betzibur”

    alternate 2 – “when you pray” instead of “davening”

    (hope you don’t mind a suggestion – I’d change “every” to “each” on line 3, for balance.)

    Bracha the great

    You’re doing great.

    Here are a few words you can try to end your last line with:






    Oh Bracha dear,

    You really don’t belong here,

    Such a young yiddish girly

    For the internet you’re too early

    Rather learn, study, and take care.

    minyan gal

    Oy vey its snowing AGAIN

    For the first time I pray for rain

    Inside I’ll stay snug

    Like that bug in a rug

    Until spring indoors I’ll remain.


    ICOT- thanks!


    Sunday is a very long day

    The kids are so bored and don’t want to play,

    All they do is fight

    Oh what a sight

    Is this the norm? Are we ok?

    Bracha the great

    listen, my entire world has internet, had I not been introduced to it, yes, I probably would have been better off.


    I’ve never gone on Facebook

    I get my tehillim names online

    I’m HERE

    and yes, most of the ppl I know have facebook, twitter, and everything else accounts which I don’t have

    Bracha the great

    My brothers fight night and day

    every day from June to May

    I think you’re alright

    if each other they don’t bite

    if they do, what can I say?

    I! made! this! up! myself!

    PS i have 8 brothers


    Bracha the great- yo are in 8th grade, have 8 brothers, what else do you have thats 8 lol.

    ICOT- you seem to have a rhyming talent- would you like to contribute to this thread too?

    Smartcookie- yes its very normal

    minyan gal- its snowing in canada already? Lucky you

    minyan gal

    Blinky – I live on the prairies and we usually have snow by the end of October. We got off very easy this year as we had a long and mild autumn and didn’t get our first snowfall until this past Friday. But, it has been snowing off and on since and we have had several inches. The snow plows are busy, busy, busy.

    minyan gal

    I forgot to mention – please check the “Composed Songs” thread. The other day this ridiculous parody of Yankee Doodle popped into my head and I have made a lot of crazy verses for it. I keep adding them and I invite you to do the same – we can aim for composing the longest song, ever. It is very easy – simpler than limericks for sure.


    blinky, I must thank you, though

    I haven’t any rhymes to show

    it puts a strain

    on my poor brain

    and the fuses start to blow


    ICOT claims his brains too slow,

    And in rhyming he has no go,

    But to my delight,

    he did it quite right,

    So I now welcome you to the flow!!

    Minyan- see my comment on the composed song thread:)


    Winter is coming this year,

    You can feel the chill in the air,

    Snowmen and snowflakes,

    Shovels instead of rakes,

    Boots, hats, and gloves for the wear.

    minyan gal

    I haven’t been here very much

    And feel I’ve been out of touch

    My back’s been sore

    I’ll say no more

    To bore you with my woes and such.

    I can’t believe we’ve had so much snow

    At least its not forty below

    It will be quite soon

    Just about one more moon

    And on my vacation I’ll go.

    An aliyah I think I will make

    But mine will kind of be fake

    Instead of Yisroel

    Which really would be swell

    Miami’s the route I will take

    Shticky Guy

    A pharmacist from Bangalore

    Unfortunately he is no more

    He got thirsty and so

    He drank some H20

    Which was really H2SO4

    minyan gal

    Because this week’s seemed very long

    I’ll greet Shabbat with joyous song

    I’ll welcome the coming night

    With the glow of candlelight

    And hope to be with friends among.

    A peaceful and joy filled Shabbat to all of you.


    shticky guy-welcome to this thread

    Minyan gal- amazing as always (by the way i put an addition in the composed song thread im curious what you think)

    And here is another one of my good shabbos limericks!

    The table is set the house is clean,

    The sky has a beautiful sheen,

    The sun is setting,

    While everone is getting

    Ready to greet the queen.

    Have a great shabbos!!!


    Wow blinky that’s nice! It’s making me auto calm and relaxed!!!


    Lekovod Shabbos we all dress prim,

    No matter if you are a “her” or “him”,

    Suit pants and white shirt,

    Or a nice top and skirt,

    In honor of Melech Malchei Hamlachim!

    Have a good shabbos and a freilichin chanukah!!

    Minyan- WHERE ARE YOU?????

    smartcookie- forgot to thank you last week, hope you like this one too!


    Blinky I really do! It’s cute! Now a Chanukah Limerick? Nobody?


    Heres a song im working on, it has a tune but i cant exactly post that:

    Ur on a boat its on its way

    To paradise not far away

    To remain ther for eternity

    If u sit in the first class

    With pleasures no one can surpass

    Wen u arrive u will live simply

    But if u ride with nothing

    On the island u will be a king

    The choice is urs – where do u take ur seat?


    This world is one big hallway Wer only passing thru

    Nothing that u have here Comes with you

    U do ur hishtadlus Hashem covers the rest

    The only goal we have here Is to stand thru every test

    Motor cruise ships left and rite

    Seem to carry thru the nite

    But wen they fail – they sink in sea

    If u don’t give in to the urge

    Ur little boat will not submerge

    Just set ur sail – the wind comes naturally


    This has similar ideas but its not the song:

    Just can’t seem to figur things out

    Things aren’t rollin the way they shud

    Minds all clouded I duno wat its about

    Heads on fire I wud smile if I cud

    Ain Od Milvado He’s got it in control

    U just do his ratzon and then things roll

    Ur heating depression is His fleeting test

    Evry little thing that happens is the best

    UR best interest not anyone beside

    Give it some thot let ur heart decide

    It won’t take long

    To realize ur wrong

    And all thots are long gone

    Except for one song…

    Ain od milvado hashem is one and true

    And His entire world was created just for you

    All the mountains and the trees

    And that perfect cool breeze

    Its all from the One

    All for You- his precious son


    And this is a hakaras hatov song to my yeshiva/rebbi:

    Thru the years and all the times

    I just can’t seem to speak my mind

    To express wats going on inside

    Wen I think about the place

    The fun and challenges we faced

    Iv found the treasure where my heart resides


    Dear rebbi u hav taught me evrything I kno

    From amelus batorah and developing midos

    Ratzon and bitachon and my job in this world

    Rebi ul be always in my heart and soul

    The back and forth evryday

    Sugyas challenged in every way

    Developing our true Yiras hashem

    Hashkafa mussar how to live

    To learn to grow and mostly to give

    Connecting with emotions once again


    sorry im not exactly sure if this is the right thread for my songs… im not exactly sure what the rules of “limericks” are


    Nice job, Dovv. If you would use spellcheck though, they would be much easier to read.


    Limericks are not songs, but you write well.

    The rule of a limerick is that the first two lines and the last line all rhyme with each other – the second two lines are shorter and rhyme with each other. The last line is usually a “punchline” of some sort, but not necessarily.

    L’lovod Chanukah

    We lit Ner revii tonight

    The flames are so shiny and bright.

    With great jubilation

    And much celebration

    I sure am enjoying this sight!

    Shticky Guy

    A message to poster blinquie

    I thank you for welcoming me

    But havent you read

    My limerics earlier in this thread

    I had posted not just one but three!


    oomis1105- wow! I like that one! Good job- keep it up!

    A message to the guy thats shticky,

    Hope you are not so finicky,

    Dont take to heart,

    The error on my part,

    For missing your limerick-y! 🙂


    Smartcookie- this ones for you, you wanted a chanukah limerick (also if you look in the middle of page 3, there are some chanuka ones that were written in honor of rosh chodesh kislev)

    Shticky- Btw, the ones you posted before were not yours AHEM! 🙂

    Chanukah is such a blast,

    Its going by way too fast,

    Tonight is chamishi,

    Tomorrows is shishi,

    I want it to always last!


    No offence but this is getting kind of pathetic,

    Not that i’m trying to be a critic,

    Yet at once this must stop,

    Or i will pop,

    there crazy things you call a limerick!!!!!!!!!!

    (I’m actually NOT AT ALL against this i find it very amusing but that was the first limerick i wrote and i had no other topic in mind

    but i actually think it’s pretty decent!!!)


    Thanks blinky for the Chanukah lim

    I enjoyed reading it to the brim

    I’m out partying every night

    My tiredness is a sight

    Let us continue to see more nissim.


    frim- very good! Come here more often!

    smartcookie- your welcome and beautiful limerick too!(it took me a second to get what a “lim” is. LOL

    If i have time today ill try to come up with another chanuka one:)


    We celebrate this week

    How we were saved from Greek,

    Weak won the strong,

    And a jug lasted long,

    So Al Hanisim we do speak!


    Blinky – Thank you!!

    The end of Chanuka is near,

    It won’t come again for another year,

    So pack in those parties,

    *omg i need help…


    The end of Chanuka is near,

    It won’t come again for another year,

    So pack in those parties, to all of you smarties

    And you’ll always have the memories to share!

    Ok, I know it could be better!

    Shticky Guy

    I went shopping to get us a wick

    and didnt know which ones to pick

    cos from floor to the door

    he had varieties galore

    so i took multicolored for a shtick

    Then I looked to buy some olive oil

    And made sure also to get foil

    Cos otherwise my wife

    Would make difficult my life

    If my Shabbos room floor did spoil

    It is now Zois Chanuka

    I’ve had no mess from my menora

    But my young daughter Fraidel

    Still loves cheating by dreidel

    And always wants the biggest latka

    Now cos I am such a smartie

    And am also exceedingly arty

    I dont want to boast

    But I’m making the most

    Unparalleled Chanuka party!!! 🙂


    WOW! I don’t think google made it up, great job!

    I wanted to make a limerick today for zos chanuka but i was out of ideas, yours is great

    Shticky Guy

    For limericks i have a feel

    So it really was not a big deal

    To make up this one

    I had lots of great fun

    And I’m proud of your approval seal

    Shticky Guy

    This thread had my favorite rating,

    For new posts I was always waiting,

    But where are you all now,

    If you’ve given up, HOW?

    Or are you all just hibernating!!! 🙁


    You’re so right Shticky Guy,

    This thread was dead, “sigh”,

    So prepare your pen

    and use your talents again

    And keep this thread very high.


    This site makes me feel like a fool

    Checking “last replies” can be a gruel

    Will it say from “1 minute”?

    Will my last post be in it?

    Re-checking is oh-sooo-UNcool!!


    like coming back from the dead

    this fun limerick thread

    What a pleasant surprise

    met my inquisitive eyes

    I couldn’t believe what I read


    I have so little time as of late

    to post, comment or debate

    Though the CR at YWN

    Is great for rebootin’

    I guess it will just have to wait

    Shticky Guy

    If new posts you always seek,

    Then you cant not post in for a week,

    So lets rack our brains,

    Before this thread wanes,

    Come on ‘Limerickers’, dont be so meek!

    Ken Zayn

    Yes at this thread I often peep

    And enjoy the limericks quite deep

    But although I do delve

    I wont write in myself

    I’m scared I’ll end up in a heap!

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