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    Hill of Beans

    With conversations sometimes becoming acrimonious, and things said that wouldn’t if reason had been given a chance to, the time has come for us all to say mochel loch and forgive one and all for all slights and breaches of proper speech and behavior.

    Forgive your fellow man and G-d will forgive mankind. Forgive and be forgiven.


    You are forgiven…if anyone thinks I need to ask them Mechila please post their reason below…


    I don’t know who you are, so I’ll say this: Mochul loch.

    Toras Moshe

    Everyone should have in mind to be mochel loch each other, and reciprocate prior to Rosh Hashonah.


    BTW- part of asking for Mechila, is taking upon yourself to improve in the future. It’s part of the steps of doing teshuva. Without that, your Teshuva isn’t really valid. This is not a game. You cannot go shooting nasty comments at people and then ask for Mechila.

    Please everyone, we hope to have some peace and kind words only on YW in the future!!!

    Feif Un

    Just a reminder to anyone who spoke loshon hara or MSR about YU or any of the gedolim there, whether in the thread about the teacher at Stern, or the various R’ Tendler threads, you only have a few days left to ask for mechilah!


    I ask for mechila from anyone I have upset, angered or insulted.

    There is no need for anyone to ask me for mechila, since while I may disagree (in some cases strongly) with other posters, in no way do I take it personally.

    Thinking out loud

    Many months ago, I posted a comment on YWN. I posted with the best of intentions. However, in the process of making my point I made a very grave error. I was lax with the honor that is due a gadol batorah. It is a terrible, terrible sin to disparage a Talmid Chochom, and even more so to cause others to do so. YWN removed my comment as per my request.

    Since I am known by a screen name on this website, I apologized in the appropriate forum, where I made the error. May it be H-shem’s will, that no further harm should come as a result of my mistake.

    In the zechus of the efforts of the many people who are trying so hard to restore kedusha to klal yisroel, may we be zoche to merit teshuva shelaima, and the resulting geulah.


    Before we know it, Rosh Hashana is almost here.

    Have a kesiva vachasima tova and a gut gebentched yor.


    I too ask Mechila from anyone on this site that I may have hurt, disparaged, insulted or caused harm.

    As muchcommonsense noted above, I resolve to communicate respectfully and kindly always.


    “I too ask Mechila from anyone on this site that I may have hurt, disparaged, insulted or caused harm.

    As muchcommonsense noted above, I resolve to communicate respectfully and kindly always. “

    Ditto. Sometimes we get carried away in our excitement and zeal to make our point. Sometimes we are unfairly judgmental because our hashkafa is different from someone else’s (and that goes ACROSS the board). Sometimes we are SO SURE we know the halacha, that we are adamant that it must be our way or the highway. And sometimes, we might even be correct about that. Nevertheless, we are coming to the Yom HaDin, and it behooves each of us to make a cheshbon hanefesh and ask mechilah for inadvertently causing pain or upset to anyone we know, either here or outside the coffee room. I am sorry if anything I said was hurtful, disrespectful, or even just construed as such by anyone. I wish everyone a gebensched and healthy new year, a k’sivah v’chasima tova. And if we are all still posting here, may we wish each other the same again a year from now, B”EH in Artzeinu hakedosha.


    Amein. Beautiful words, oomis, and I mirror them as well.


    I second ICOT and Bemused (for myself.)

    Kesiva Vachasima Tova


    I third what ICOT & Bemused said!

    shana tova!


    It’s a chilling thought: after a year of strong words, all I bother to do is ask mechiloh once, as if it will pater everything.

    For myself, posting that I am mochel every single poster in the CR does not feel merely enough. I wish I could do more…

    On the other hand, I know I’ve said some very strong words to some posters here. And I can not expect you not to have taken it personally.

    I beg you to find it within yourselves to completely forgive thoughtless and insensitive comments and arguments; “jokes” and ridicule. I think the CR has come a long way in this particular area- that, in and of itself, should be proof enough that our teshuva is real. On that basis- please be moichel me and anyone that may have hurt you in the CR.

    A k’siva v’chasima tova to all,

    – areivim


    “May we all have a year full of berachot and happiness! “

    Amein, and a year of good gezunt, so we can enjoy the aforementioned.




    gezunt = health


    gezunt is good health. krank is poor health. By time we are done with you, you will be an Ashkenaz.



    I hereby ask mechila from the Teheran Five and a Half, Moishe and Yisroel Hirsch, Moishe Ber Beck, Yoilish Krauss, Solomon D-ek and various and sundry personages of similar ilk whom I have mercilessly parodied here and elsewhere.

    I would be happy to meet each one of them after late Maariv behind the alleyway of any mikveh of his choice in order to ask mechila in person. Alternately, I would be happy to meet any of these fine and exalted gentlemen at kappoores, so long as they do not mind my using them for a bit of rotator cuff exercise….



    Ah Joseph, but leave it to me to turn Ames into an Ingarischer kanoi:

    Excuse me, but I disagree = shygetz aross

    Someone you disagree with = shygetz, koifer, tzioini, goy.

    The source of all evil and discord in the world = medine shel Gehennom, shortened to “de medine”.


    Rabbosai, Erev Yom Kippur!


    Rosh Hashona is now just over two weeks off.

    I ask mechila from anyone I may have angered, insulted, upset, or caused to feel bad, whether a fellow poster or a reader.

    This may have been caused by a disagreement on something, a stated opinion, or simply not replying to somebody else in a quick enough or a respectful enough manner.

    I also ask mechila for anyone I have given incomplete or incorrect information to or not made as much of an effort to assist as I could have.

    I am posting this now, instead of right before Rosh Hashana, because of recent events.

    In the past week we have had several tragedies occur within our community, striking unexpectedly and in the middle of everyday tasks.

    May we all have a kesiva vachasima tova.


    I would question whether an anonymous plea for mechila accomplishes what you wish, unless, perhaps, the avlah done was done anonymously?

    if we are truly serious about our desire for mechila, we should seek out the aggrieved party personally & in that zchus may the Ribbono shel Olam midah keneged midah seek each one of us out personally & give us mechila!


    While I may have ruffled a few feathers, its part of the game, so I hope all are moichel me.

    But a special note goes out to Mod-80, as we have locked horns via e-mail, and sometimes I speak out of line.

    Sorry. I’ll try to make 5772 a bit less caustic.


    I Can Only Try- thanks for bringing this idea up. Lets all do our part to bring more zechusim for klal Yisroel. Who knows? Maybe its our achdus that needs to be strengthened.

    I am mochel and hope e/o will be mochel me in case I, as BP Totty wrote, “ruffled a few feathers” (sorry i couldn’t thimk of how else to put it:)


    i hope everyone who i hurt in some of our fiery debates and “arguments” is mochel me. I definitely did not intend to hurt anyone.

    ????? ?????? ???? and ? ??? ???????? ???!



    That’s a valid point. There are halachos of asking mechila, such as in what circumstances should the asking be done, when one should not ask (if he may be endangering himself or upsetting the askee who otherwise wouldn’t know that he was wronged), asking berabim, and other facets of the halocha. That would probably make an interesting thread (which I’ll have to decline starting).

    BP Totty-

    FWIW, I’ve seen “opinionated” in your posts, but never “caustic”.


    Thank you.


    Zats mich moichel, rabbosai.


    ICOT – Thats becuase Mod 80. only lets thru the “non-caustic” stuff!


    not true

    never seen anything caustic from bp totty


    Then someone else must have been responding to the Mod 80 e-mail address 2 weeks ago!

    Either way, I’ll be better behaved going forward 🙂


    im sorry bp

    never caustic

    a bit heated perhaps, never caustic


    i probably insulted some here in the coffee room when strongly voicing my opinions.

    i ask anyone i did insult or hurt or slight in any way, for mechila.

    be”H in the zchus of this forum, we should have a ????? ?????? ???? ??? ? ??? ???????? ???!


    I try hard not to insult anyone here, but if I did so, it was from a momentary lapse of judgment and I am sorry.


    I would like to ask Art mechila for cheppening him about having a private swimming pool.




    B’Zerizus next time. You and yours should have a Gut Yar!


    I request mechila from everyone.

    And there is no need for anyone to request it of me.

    ????? ?????? ???? and ? ??? ???????? ???!


    I ask mechila from anybody who I have offended, insulted, angered or hurt.

    This includes whether I have addressed you directly, referenced a group you belong to, an opinion or custom you have, or a statement you made.

    I also ask for mechila from anyone who I was disrespectful to, whether it was by not responding to them, not responding respectfully or appropriately, or chepering in a way that wasn’t appreciated.

    There is no one here who needs to ask me for mechila for anything.

    Wishing everyone here, and all bnei Yisroel, a ksiva vachasima tova and a gut gebentched yur.

    Ctrl Alt Del

    I was once a very hurt and angry person. I was literary so angry at one guy that every RH I would say I was mochel everyone except him and would mention him by name. I have done so since 1989. In light of this years extraordinary tzaros I hereby am proclaiming that I truly am mochel this person. On erev RH I will include him specifically in my global mechilah. Mind you, that even though he knew he had irreprably hurt me HE never asked for mechilah throughout these years. So I never offered it. But I am now.

    am yisrael chai


    Not only don’t you probably need mechila from anyone here, you are one of the most considerate and supportive people here. In fact, your words helped me considerably when I first came on board and was debating whether to continue.


    VERY impressive. If you can, let us know how you got to that point.

    There’s one guy that I’m having a hard time being mochel (not that he asked, mind you, although he did call out of the blue after years to say he might have been wrong) and even though I know he’s a shaliach, somehow I’m not at the point with him I’d like to be before R”H. The damage, as you say, is irreparable.

    Feif Un

    This year, someone had a disagreement with my wife and decided to take revenge. How did they do so? By targeting our young children to get to us. The person did it anonymously, but I was able to find out that it was them. At first, they even led me to believe it was someone else!

    That is something I can’t forgive. If someone does something to me, I can forgive you. But targeting my children is something I can’t let go. Not even having the guts to face me for it, and ask for forgiveness, makes it worse.


    ICOT, it’s really amazing. You’ve been doing this for a nice couple of years and you never copied and pasted.


    Feif un: check if there was some incident where something you did affected someone else’s kids, maybe not intentially but carelessly? Just suggesting……


    EH – Whats your point? How are you loosening up his hard feelings against this fellow?


    I apologize in general If offended anyone with a post.

    More specifically to a certain adorable individual to whom there was no intent, however, intent IN-SHMENT, I’m sorry!


    Ctrl Alt Del

    Good for you. Honest mechila when you’ve been seriously wronged is one of the toughest things to do.

    am yisrael chai

    Thank you for the kind words. I’m selfishly glad you stuck around – I enjoy your posts, and so do many other people.

    Feif Un

    That’s a real tough one. An avla against one’s kids is much worse for any parent to forgive than one directed at youself. I hope one day this is peacefully resolved.


    Thank you for the kind words ?

    I actually read thru my posts for on this topic for the last three or four years, and they are remarkably similar – anti-plagiarism software would no doubt flag them.

    I’m not terribly original, I’m afraid.


    I’d like to ask mechilla of anyone and everyone I possibly hurt, or made feel inferior, uncomfortable, embarrassed or unwelcomed. I beg you from the bottom of my heart, please be mochel me. And of course, there’s no need to ask me for mechilla. I don’t remember anyone ever hurting me, and in case anybody did, I am mochel.

    May we all be zoche to have a wonderful sweet year, and may we all merit to see the coming of moshiach.

    A Gut gebentsht yar, to all.


    On (almost) Erev Y”K, I would like to ask the CR for Mechila for anything I may have said. I do get worked up about certain things and sometimes I go to far. If I hurt you in any way, please be mochel me.

    Smartcookie, Msseeker, on two separate occasions I said/did something that I shouldn’t have. I regret doing it, and I ask you mechila.

    Wishing all of Klal Yisrael a Gemar Chasima Tova.



    I have to ask Mechila from BaalHabooze over that Shadchan thread. It seems like I misunderstood his intentions, and I wasn’t really tryinng to call him an Am …


    I was appointed to ask Mechila for ZeesKite, who gave me power of attorney.

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