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    R’ Shmuel Eliyahu: The modern day blood libel
    The press said that there was racism, violence, and hate at the flag march. Lies can kill, but lies do not have legs to stand on. Op-ed.
    R’ Shmuel Eliyahu, UNN, May 21, ’23.

    …Today as well, the haters of Israel allow themselves to brazenly lie and falsely accuse the Jewish people. Newspapers discuss the flag march on Jerusalem Day and say there was racism, hate, and violence. The Haaretz newspaper wrote that the Jews rioted in the Arab streets, damaged, broke, and yelled: “Death to Arabs.”
    This is a lie like no other. I was there, I walked along the entire route in the old city, and I did not see any expression of hatred. Not one person yelled “Death to Arabs.” No one broke windows or damaged Arab property. Everyone joyfully sang and danced on the old city’s main street, a street where Jews lived in the past and where many Jews still live today.


    Presspectiva @Presspectiva:
    Did you know, according to @Haaretz you are happy and satisfied. Why? Not because the IDF thwarted senior terrorists who plotted to assassinate you, But because you killed children. This, according to the newspaper, is what unites you. Approved for killing children. A classic of anti-Semitism, exactly by definition. (Of course also in English, the message is not really intended for you).
    May 15, ’23


    Haaretz has become a fountain of hatred for at least two decades.


    This whole march with the your face focus is ridiculous and infantile.


    If you are a political cynic or pragmatist, you’d want to track ALL the news sites (from far right to far left) and maintain your own assessment of reality. Alternatively, you can subscribe to certain hard copy reliable frum media and make sure you scan the most recent edition before your wife grabs it eruv shabbos to wrap the fish.


    CS, no argument here of course. But Haaretz’s defamation in the world, fuel for haters non-stop, that is no laughing matter.


    Though the following isn’t necessarily linked to Haaretz per week, but the subject is. The hatred!


    “Just a liar on steroids”
    MK Merav Michaeli’s “new blood libel” against the ultra-Orthodox public

    MK Merav Michaeli is fashionably late joining the wave of hatred and incitement against the ultra-Orthodox and claims that the electricity company cut off secular settlements last Friday so that the religious ones would have electricity | “Will from now on the right to connect to electricity be based on the size of the kippa and [women-] headgear?”, she wondered and received harsh criticism from surfers.
    Kobi Uzieli, 16 Sivan 5783. 06/05/23
    [Tags: Merav Michaeli, incitement, anti-Haredim hatred, power cut]

    Rudolf Kastner’s granddaughter Merav Michaeli…

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