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    We sometimes forget how beautiful the snow is when we’re stuck inside or freezing while shoveling it. But it’s beautiful. It’s soft and fluffy but sparkly and it’s all made of the tiniest crystals formed in intricate patterns all around. Ouch, but wow.


    true story of a patient of mine:

    topic:Depression & how to look at everything positive

    I was once approached by 3 people-at 3 different occasions-with the same question, Each person asked me, how he can learn to stop taking things for granted & instead appreciate them? I then replied to each one with a different answer. The first person that approached me was in a shul, before starting Shachris. I told him, most lessons a person learns in life take weeks & months to learn but this lesson takes only one hour to learn. I then opened up a siddur to birchas Hashachar. & showed him boruch… pokeach Ivrim (blessed be Hashem for giving sight to the blind) & told him why don’t you close your eyes for one hour, just one hour & then open it up to, the world to color & beauty etc… you will not know how to thank Hashem enough. I then gave him 2 other examples. Boruch… Matir Asurim (blessed be Hashem for releasing the prisoner) & told him why don’t you lock yourself in a empty room for 1 hour?-it doesn’t need to be a prison cell it could even have a little furniture, & then come out an hour later to freedom & the world etc…. Boruch… Zokeif Kefufim (blessed be Hashem for straightening the bent) & told him why don’t you stand straight for one hour, no knuckles, elbows or knees, & then loosen yourself free. You will not know how to thank Hashem enough for giving you so much… how would a person eat & put food in his mouth without using his elbows? These are just a few examples.

    upon the Third person approaching me-in the midst of a major snowstorm on a friday night-& asked me how will he ever make it home in such deep snow & darkness? I asked him if he knew what I think of when I see snow at night? He replied no, so I told him of the pesukim we say during maariv & in the morning of, Hashem takes light from darkness & dark from lightness. i.e. what else could light up the entire ground in the midst of darkness like snow? With Hashem deciding on each storm how big it will be & each snowflake if it will stick-to the ground-or become water in mid-air etc…

    BOTTOM LINE: there is always a way to look at every situation in the positive way (from a big water bill in the mail to other sad situations or any other situation a person is in.)


    WOW is right. Thank you Hashem for the snow!

    The Queen

    And thank you Hashem that snow is white. Imagine if snow was black!


    No racism, please.

    The Queen

    none intended!

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I was once approached by 3 people-at 3 different occasions

    Was it once, or on three different occasions?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Stopped snowing in bp.


    Thanks DY

    didnt know i posted it so many times. Boruch Hashem all 3 of these patients are living much happier lives today cause they now look at everything positive no matter what the situation.

    you can also & i hope you do already. one thing every yid knows-even reform-is that everything Hashem does is for the good so no one can ever ask why is Hashem doing this to me?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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