always runs with scissors fast

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    yeah, i dont know the source, but thats what we do in our charedi neighborhood. You always see the birds having a seuda Sunday morning in the parks and alleys around here.

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    Thanks everyone for your nice wishes.

    Yeah, chocandpatience I know! just from babysitting a toddler boy once I observed that in the park on the climbing equipment, he was much fearless than a girl and didn’t have that inborn fear like a little girl has. We have to watch over them a bit more.

    zahavasdad, thats funny what you wrote, but also I heard once that you need to place it downwards when pampering a boy baby otherwise if its positioned up he makes wet above the pamper soaking his clothes? Is it true?

Viewing 2 posts - 651 through 652 (of 652 total)