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    i love this

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    oh my gosh! when i first read the OP above I was recalled Haifagirl too! (Hi Joseph by the way!

    So whats happening with English, it would seem to me, is the strict structure or rules are disintegrating, in a subconscious type of global agreement….as more and more people use English as their Second Language, or 6th.

    The point is, i am seeing that as long as you can get your point across, you’re ok. No fussing with the technicalities any more.

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    Thanks for all your kind thoughts and wishes. Thank g-d everything fell into place in the end. But not without some losses and tears, and soul searching. However I have remarried, a wonderful soul. Kind and truly good. Relocated, and settling into a life of menuchas ha nefesh. As well as my children….

    thanks guys!

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    only thing straws are good for are:

    blowing bubbles in your milk

    shooting spit balls of tiny bits of saliva soaked paper at classmates

    emptying contents of raw eggs, without doing any damage to shell (contact me i will offer tutorial)

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    THis is such a touchy and nerve racking SENSITIVE ISSUE TO me personally, that I just had to come in to the conversation. !!! I am having a bad life experience with my spouse, in that he polishes off anything and everything i have just brought into the house, without considering i may have wanted some too.

    For example, if i bring in a bag of SUnsweet prunes, for baking oatmeal cookies, the next morning I’ll find just a couple pieces left in the bottom of the bag! OR cookies, chips, fruit especially. I feel like i have to hide the things I am planning to do a recipe with.

    In fact, though, I think he may have a serious sleep disorder because some mornings he claims he wasn’t aware that he ate or drank. He just goes through like a whole honey cake with his paws, it mamish looks like a bear has been through it, leaving a heavy trail of crumbs all over…its actually turning me off.

    ITs not normal.

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    Thank you Moderator who replied ” I hear you…”

    You may be new to the Board of Moderators, I dont know. But that is a humble response and I can tell you in my 7 or 8 years of being a coffee room addict, I have never heard of anything like that from a Moderator here, before.

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    I am astonished the Moderators let this topic be added for discussion to the Coffee Room. This is an insulting and vulgar topic. I believe that they as men, fail to see the inappropriateness in this.

    I also would add that there ought to be at least 1 woman sitting as moderator on their panel.

    I hear you but it was more of a tongue-in-cheek for most posters

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    I am very flattered so many members remember me!

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    I heard recently that A Dayan went down and helped them out with Askanim and lawyers. Apparently things are settled. They have legal rights to remain in Guatemala.

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    Nobody here should pay attention to what the member TruthSeeker wrote in this particular thread. Because Truthseeker is writing from his Journalist reporting mind.

    I was a member of the cult. I ran a way with my husband. I know its not normal okay? We were lucky to get out! I just want everyone to know that.

    That truth seeker has not seen hunger on a child’s face in a first world country where there is no excuse for that, except for some false prophets’ claim, that, EVERYTHING is Treif except flour, oil and salt.

    Truth Seeker never saw the depressive lifeless faces of the women I knew.

    Never heard my friend’s whispering “i wish I would just die”. You gotta wonder how bad it was, when Death is the better option.

    I know. I am a witness.

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    I feel really loved and welcomed by y’all. Thanks cowgirls/boys!

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    SeekingTruth26, are you a fan of Helbrans?

    What do you base your defense of them upon?

    What is the source of your information?

    Have you lived with them?

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    I’ll tell you what. We’re gonna open a Foster Home for them. All of them. Like the bayis Leplitis in Israel.

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    Thanks Kapusta, but I don’t remember you…

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    The only thing I am wondering is what new alias all my old Coffee Room friends now go by. I see Health has remained the same, and of course popa but where’s GOQ? Where’s that angry boy who was beat up by his bi-polar mother? The one who is a good writer.? I see WOLFISH is still the same.

    Can anyone enlighten me as to who is who these days?

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    only problematic if men are around

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    lilmod ulelamaid THank you! i had been working on the resume and had done as you described for “most others” Stated the unique original description about the “friend of mine”. lol

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    I saw a Jewish woman today come into a Yiddish Grocery store looking like one of Bob Barker’s show prize girls from the old Game show “The price is right”. Long blonde hair, and the most highest platform high heels you can get.

    I wanted so much to walk up to her and ask her “when you got dressed this morning, and thought to put these on….what were you thinking…I mean WHY? “. You look terrible i wanted to tell her.

    But i didnt.

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    Today, where I live, is an ugly brown, blackish, gray soot kind of half frozen electric blue day.

    RebYid23: i have had a purple day. It was in Tzfas. the mysticism

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    Josheph I am NOT insulted! I understood from your answer that

    a) you didnt have any practical advice, so;

    b) you gave me the gift of humor.

    Thanks guys for the responses.

    Thanks eclipse, but I probablly wont call you. Just cause, you know, you wouldnt want me to start stalkin’ an all that. you know..

    in reply to: Laws of Personal arms weapons in Israel #1104743

    Yeah, I was kidding. sure.

    But i anyways read up on the Law in Israel, and you must speak Hebrew, be over 27 years old, have had training in using the firearm, etc. So the pepper spray is a great idea. I will order some. Bli neder..Maybe I should practice throwing heavy rocks too.?

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    who goes to Israel to Run? Eretz kodesh? I can run in north america.

    in reply to: Why don't Jews work as cleaning help? #1091111

    i have no problem cleaning for others for pay. I am an honest hard working mother. I feel sorry for the women who would talk about me, or look down on me. I personally think someone who would do that, they are missing a piece to their puzzle pictures.,

    in reply to: If you could only do one fun thing this summer….. #1090762

    what is a summer kitchen? and how do you save money?

    in reply to: Weirdest thing you've done this week #1090441

    foncoosed how? I dont believe you.

    in reply to: Everybody Except Popa is Retarded #1198877

    Why isn’t popa deemed retarded when as far as I know Starbucks’ tea does not have a hechsher? I have actually had to leave the place after realizing that bottled water was the only thing I could order.

    in reply to: Weirdest thing you've done this week #1090438

    Weirdest thing I did last week was while on the phone with a respectable rebbetzin/mentor, during a serious conversation on the phone I suddenly blurted out “I am hungry”. I was embarrassed from myself.

    She just said “why? was that suppose to be a secret?” (laugh)

    The second weirdest thing I did this past week was when I went unaccompanied into a psychiatric lockdown unit to visit someone, for bikur cholim, not considering the potential risk.

    in reply to: Basic Shidduchim Questions #1090432

    Anyone can suggest a match for you. And you can chose anyone you want to be the “go between”. However, keep in mind, that it is better with shadchanim who have the tough experience to carry it through to the end, either way it ends. THey need to have the time, and brains. Because they have to know how to present things, and come back and forth negotiating in a way that always makes you feel like either the deal is too good to turn down, or that you are making a move against your own best interest.

    So once the other side says they are interested in you, you must get to work on calling anybody and everybody who knows or knew something about them. You don’t just want to call the references they have offered. YOu want to call the people that they didn’t offer. If you hear from more than 1 person something negative, that scares you, stay scared and don’t look for a life of torture.

    If you hear only good things, read between the lines, like a mentalist to the “way ” they offer their information. Then pounce on the word in the sentence that sounds questionable. Weigh things. Ask others who know them.

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    I have a few words of advice, from personal experience.

    1. Even if you are Israeli, do not make an obvious burp in front of her. In America it is looked at unfavorably.

    2.Please be modest with your eyes.

    3. Try to ask her questions that will offer her an opportunity to show you why she is special or what attributes she has.

    4. Don’t interrupt the other when they are speaking.

    in reply to: I would've "gotten it" for zingin' Zemiros like that! #1083460

    yes, and while I completely honestly agree…we are products of our early childhood environments…and I struggle to rewire my brain’s pleasant singing system

    in reply to: Where did the Jews cross at the Yam Suf, exactly? #1051179

    how could National Geographic have acurately documented Torah info?

    in reply to: Did I ever tell you about the time …. #1050571

    That actually I was in Eretz Israel, because although the borders today say its called Jordan, its actually Israel.

    in reply to: There is nothing wrong with ….and driving a car..take it from me. #1050616

    that’s my whole point. that I’M not moving out anywhere. and im still going to pursuing what I like to do anyways. there’s NO driving police whom can intimate me. if i want to get in to medical school. …wearing no makeup and long skirts and my shpitzl. ..I will. I’m not playing that game anymore. living my life for others.

    the folks and friends who love me for me won’t stop because I am different. …they anyways know I am different. …and the ones who do talk on me need a LIFE. ..they are just jealous

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    I was not yet religious and well I was just travelling stam to Jordan. I stepped off the plane and started suffering from what seemed like major crazy anxiety. ..

    which was untypical for me.

    I started crying and freaking out. I couldn’t explain it.for the next few days i was walking around like a zombie. i was just feeling lost and insecure. later on people would tell me that it’s going to go back to erte Israel when moshiach comes.

    comlink-x… think I am a musician?

    I was in Petra. and the post was suppose to have read ” did I ever tell you about the time …”

    in reply to: where can I get a husband? #1036360

    yes I’m looking for a divorce or widowed. ..

    man…or a Alta Alta bochur. …

    health. ..aren’t you a doctor? you should?make plenty of money no?

    in reply to: where can I get a husband? #1036357

    but….which amazing savings ??

    in reply to: where can I get a husband? #1036356

    health you have strong dry opinionated comments in the past that impress upon me as being a bit of a wet rag.

    besides how do you know that I didn’t fabricate the ages and quantities of kids to help me manage my anonymity?

    besides I don’t think that you would be likely to want a lady with a shpitzl who shaves…right?

    in reply to: Whats my problem I can't keep CR members straight? #1037185

    Just popped in to the cr. …and the title of this thread really caught my eye. I decided to join in and read the op because I can really relate. then I discovered that I am the one who started this post. I’m the Op.!!!!

    how funny is that?

    in reply to: Childhood Traumas #1035851


    married=union of two individuals

    me=still hoping to Hashem

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    yes its been almost 3 years since I that post that broke the camel’s back and led to my divorce. Remember? I still and always will appreciate everyone’s support and helpful advice. including taking a photos of my child’s injuries inflicted by her father. because it became useful in court.

    in reply to: Why do the moderators delete all the posts? #1034542

    whenever I have an urge to share my strong opinions. …I know most of them get censored and deleted here.

    I feel sad that after surviving the kgb. ..and meriting to be in america with the freedom of speech.’s have your thing not posted cause it may ruffle some cuckoo’s feathers.

    I don’t see anything about feather ruffling on the list

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    cozim…are you married. ..because I’M not…

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    are you a psychopath? psychopaths are known for surviving on very little sleep.

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    What traumatized me as a child was an experience of falling on the stairs of an escalator while it was moving. although it was only a fright. no injury.

    and living through a ride through a car wash. that was terrifying. I still don’t get why my folks dafka went through when I was with them in the car.

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    I’m just curious why people like pba and other ultra coffee room addicts here can afford to be here so much of their life? what do you do for a life? answer threads all day?

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    hello satirist….have we met before? say…what was your previous crash name in your lady gill?

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    a goldfish attention span is 3 seconds

    in reply to: #1034872

    I’m fond of self made people who’ve figured out themselves and are at peace with their lives. I’m especially fond of people who are ok being alone with themselves and who enjoy their own company. I like real people who aren’t putting up the plastic cookie cutter act. I like spontaneous funny people.

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    I once bought a Snapple drink and was reading the interesting fact located under the lid ….it read “a goldfish’s attention span is 3 seconds”.

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