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    Get a bracha, and ask your serious heart felt questions. I went to a tzaddik rebbe last night. He was a touch of gan eden, his hishpua.

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    I had his Gabbi’s phone number once, but you could call his Rebbetzin on Hewes street. His last name i think is Taub. Ask her for the Gabbi’s cell #. I went to his Tisch. Its good.

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    it wasn’t a welfare office! more like a federal investigation

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    I was once by a neighbors front door and my eyes happened to wander up above her door. I saw sitting there this Chinese omen segilah thingy its an octagon shape with a little mirror in the center. I immediately informed her what it was about and she took it off. must have been left by the previous tenant

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    Streekgeek, From the first few threads I had a feeling it was a sinus infection. One true and tried test is to bend over as if to tie your shoes, and if you had a heavy throb in the sinus fore head area its probablly sinus.

    As for the suggestion to use the nasal rinse called Neti pot, it warns the user DO NOT USE IF YOUR NASAL PASSAGE IS COMPLETELY BLOCKED. So just be aware.

    Also, a really good idea but super gross, (gets exciting actually) is to take Fenugreek seed. Either by tea, (tastes weird) or by tablet. Take quite a bit daily. You will be able to fill a mason jar up with thick mucus snot. WHat will come out from your sinus cavity will amaze you. Its soooo amazingly gross.


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    What is not to believe? ITs from the Torah!

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    The answer to the Original posters question is, in my opinion because either :

    a) they are waiting for the wife to come along and put it in the garbage like she does so at home.

    b) he is doing it just to bug you.

    c) he doesnt feel dirty about it they way you OCD people do.

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    Hi say it. I dont think i’d recognize any of my old pals here anymore, cause it seems like everyone but poppa and eclipse change Aliases like every 5 months or so. Who were you in your last life on YWN?

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    a mamin, I find it unfathomable how other folks in the coffee room are able to sort and discriminate who is who and what happens to whom. I just sort of log in and every user looks and seems like the next and its just a name next to their post. The only one who stands out of the crowd to me is Goq and Poppa.

    But how on earth do you remember my life stories?

    Well thanks for asking, and we’re doing fine, thank G-d.

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    If you have any further questions, I may be able to answer some of them, as i was truly and unfortunately married to a well seasoned psychopath, unknowingly. Imagine how he hid it for many years!

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    Being a carrier of genes is less worse a problem than carrying bad middos. If the guy has a good heart, and a clear torah head, then yes I would marry them. Life is short, chances of cropping up a kid with genetic deficiencies are slimmer than not. Hashem is in charge. You just pray.

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    I want to tell you something. If he is giving her $700 but that has to go for food, clothing, phone, bills and dental, then that is not very much at all.

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    Mochelli, anytime your wife is ready to trade places with me, I’d love to have $700 a week, and she can live in my apt over a store on $700 a month!

    When I was married, I remember a few times, my husband brought home $20 for the whole week’s pay. he said sorry things were hard this week. Maybe next week, g-d willing will be better. I remember going into the pushka to borrow a few coins to get a garlic and apples.

    I am imaging you live in Boro Park. That she feels the need to stock the refridgerator full with all the top of the line expensive luxery food items few can afford and allow the kids to slurp back like water. Charging carelessly and randomly anything to your phone number. Then the kids probablly have $350 matching sister Italian wool shabbos coats. 4 girls x $350. Then your wife needs each month new shoes, and every other winter an updated mink. am I close?

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    who laughed at mine? I did!

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    You, know. I recently learned a very helpful and practically helpful tool in helping myself with depressive emotionas and ANGER.

    I thought of them as children. We wouldn’t judge or penalize a child for being what he is. His nature. Its not wrong to have a nature or a feeling. Emotions are just emotions. THey are not bad, or wrong or render us inferior. They are just emotions that come upon us. What we DO With them Determines other causes. However, if you had anger as a baby on your left hip, and were holding sad pity on your right, under both arms, as it were, all day long, you would be weighed down by them if you were to mentally judge them and loathe their implications on you. Rather you’d find them joyous delight (maybe almost) in comparision if you simply accepted their presence, and tuned in. Stop beating yourself up for feeling a certain way. They are trying to speak to you. Go do a lay down meditation body scan and ask “what do you need, what are you trying to tell me”?

    I did this recently and it really was amazing. First thing was the soreness bubbled up with puss from my spirit like an oozing blister, in other words i became worse for a few hours, but then i relaxed realizing it was running its course. THere are layers to the onion of peeling back the realizations but its a start.

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    Yes, I created a few. One is that I say:

    “Everyday, in every way, I am getting thinner, stronger, and smarter”

    (even if it ain’t true- its good to hear)

    “Things are going to work out just fine” (Used approx. 101 times a day lately!)

    “I have the power within me to control my life in the direction I want to go in”. (this one actually helped instigate my initial return to Judaism!)

    My personal favorite, which ironically I hardly use is:

    “Before I diagnosis myself as angry, bi-polar, BOrderline personality or anxiety disorder, first do a check if I am not in fact surrounded by jerks”

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    Squeak, you come off as a bit cruel for an academic who holds more than one doctorate, no?

    Anyways, squeak, I am curious though as to why you had to suspend him from a light fixture in a woman’s bathroom?

    Or is that a joke?

    How did you discover his brain size?

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    seedys, is it possible that they seemed to prefer Jewish food maybe becuase you didnt give them a diverse variety of other cultural ethnic gourmet?

    ahh…Pretzel,, now we all know who you are. LOl????????

    the russian nanny thing really blew your cover. KIDDING. you are still anonymouse!

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    I have learned to accept. Accept whatever medicine the Prescriber sends my way, as a tikkun for my soul.(even when it tastes real bad).. accept that what G-d does is for the best. This past year I have had one sort of weird terrible crisis after another. cannot describe or it may be possible to guess my identity.

    I have learned that we are not exactly writing the script. But we have free will, to choose to strengthen or suffer. So we must stay in spiritual shape. We must be m’chazik ourselves and others.

    I have learned that if I want to make it happen then I HAVE to MAKE it happen. I have learned that after a death of dreams we MUST re-dream, re-invent ourselves and re-build our life. our future.

    I have learned to love myself. have compassion and that self abuse is real. And that it must stop. I have learned that I am smart, funny, seemingly full of unlimited potential and my own best advocate, personal trainer, mentor and motivator.

    I have learned to be more sensitive to others as well. The more gentle I am to myself the more gentle I can be to others.

    I have learned that even despite all the best intentions of getting in shape and thinner, a cheesecake slice still contains the same amount of calories as ever.

    I have learned that we cannot fight authority, and that even in a so-called first world country where we boast of our subscription to the values of freedom, democracy, equality and justice that actually its still only an ideal, and does not exist yet.

    I have learned that our rabbis and dayonim make mistakes.

    I have learned that time is ticking away as my skin loses elasticity and my anxiety grows about who I am becoming.

    I have learned that chutzpah is today’s standard of customer care and courtesy. And that moshiach is past due. I have learned to grow thick skin, therefore. and that silence is golden.

    I have learned that despite I know of all the best places on line to shop, and drool over every savings i still cannot afford, escapism doesnt help.

    I have accepted that I am on my level in everyway, and different in every way from my neighbors and friends, and that that is ok, and G-d Hashem still loves me more than ever. And that I can and must accept my sad,bad, angry weird feelings so I can be me and heal. I have learned we cannot afford to ever stop learning.

    Wishing you a gmar achasiva vchasima tova. And all the best in life in this world and the next.

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    thanks, you too!

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    Frumguy, you are only going to look into that string quartet? Not a shidduch? LOL gut shabbos

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    Hi The FrumGuy. If you are single you can ask the moderators if you can marry me. Oops. I mean for my email. Because I am into shiddichum now and need a frum husband who knows at least 1 beatle song.

    I suggest anyone who loves the beatles but is already too old and sick of rock and roll to google the string quaretet “Here comes the Sun”. That’s a religious experience.

    question is why did the moderators delete my post when I asked the coffee room if there were any frum grateful dead fans. That’s not fair. Whats the diff between grateful dead and beatles? ok tye dyes. but the grass is the same.

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    I am thinking how about American Girl Doll in Manhattan. I will just stand by the escalators. and if your eyes meet mine, and we have a telepathic connection, like say the key word going on in our heads silently to ourselves, whilst looking at each other will be “coffee…room….coffee room”. Then we’ll know its each other. question is can this wait til after succos?

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    ook so i will be in the area soon. email me. or ask the moderators for my email rather then write me. Who else wants to come? should I bring a salad and granola?

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    yeah, thanks guys and gals. The real only choice I should choose would be to suck it up, with a nice loving smile on my face. I do model before her presence the parenting way I want to model. It does have an effect on her. I guess I cannot “treat and heal her” from her love of disciplinarian/authoritarian power.

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    Veltz, that question you originally posted, included some misleading advice/erroneous information regarding the statement about medicines for ADHD which will “ONLY increase his tolerance for it”.

    Even an uneducated regular guy can google concerta (long acting ritalin) and read medical articles about how efficient it is, how its not addictive. how it is actually very effective. I personally have ADHD. I am extremely intelligent, creative, bright, and articulate however all my childhood and yearly adulthood years, i was extremely poor at my school work and did not do well because my mind was spinning thoughts all day, while I dreamed and in fact its a miracle how I got to college because each time we had to complete a worksheet i had no clue what the lesson had just been about. making me feel really bad about myself. But somehow I managed. I caught on, but did only get mainly C’s.

    I strongly suggest you get a true picture and correct information from the Psychiatrist, and do not believe the bubba misers you hear in the shtetl, or in the shul about Ritalin. This medicine has changed the way I communicate, organize, run my day, and achieve effectively my goals. it actually puts in me a better mood daily because i am not so scrambled-hampster-brained.

    I strongly suggest your friend read the book which I also bought called “Brain Exercises to Cure ADHD”. Becuase Medication alone is never the answer. You can order books with Free Shipping worldwide from Not to mention their prices are way better than Amazon.

    By (author) Amnon Gimpel, Contributions by Lynn Gimpel, Contributions by Avigail Gimpel

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    yeah, eclipse…lets meet say like on a sandy beach in the catskills! that would be great.

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    WIY, as always I feel you are the most talented and authentic voice of emes in this room, and i actually loved what you just wrote so much I copy and pasted it and am taking it home to glue in my personal middos avoidah journal! now please go and take the time to answer my question which i just posted re; power struggles. I need your help! thanks in advance

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    where is poppabar abba and cookie and all my favorite old friends?

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    A very amusing comical sight would be, an yeckish clean mentsch pre sterilizing the water fountain before he uses it. he opens his briefcase or tallis bag and carries a little brush for scrubbing and he sprays it with lysol for disinfection.

    But seriuosly, to the OP, its only appropriate if one is thirsty. according to health principles by Ramban, one should only drink when he is thirsty and as much only as the body requires.

    Next, where do i remember learning that there were a group of men who were led to water to drink and the ones who would bend over like a chaya would be considered in 1 category and those who cupped their hands to bring the water up to their mouths would be in the second category. Tanach? So, depending on what category you want to be in, maybe it pays not to bend over the water fountain?

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    yeah, i have been learning under Sarah Chana Radcliffe, and that is helping a lot! i dont have a lot of money as a single mom, so i could use more goyter help. but the chart thing really saved me over the past week a half. they had to fill 28 squares on their chart with checkmarks for having done a good behavior and now they have earned their prize. but the middle child still gets her free kicks from shmeering my makeup all over her face and doing weird stuff.

    i dont get it. but farming them out to friends to save my sanity works wonders here and there, once a week. although i never get back any meat or produce from the agricultural side of it. LOL

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    the thing is that its only IRAN who’d be looking for him, based on the fact that he evaded military duty and was suppose to return to the country. perhaps he may also have some crimes there he was running from. other than that, i know the usa doesnt care about deporting him.

    i wonder if you may have ahmenajad’s phone number?

    yeah, i am getting a heter, btw. fyi.

    daas yochid i feel so bad. you are such a sweetheart to go to all that time and trouble for me and my eggplant that i will bli neder use your recipe just cause its bashert i got that one when i asked for the other. bless you.thanks

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    i believe that i have found Brain Games for DS systems on Ebay developed with the purpose for helping to challenge and straighten out the brain’s strength. let me get my order and try it and i’ll get back to you…

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    David Bar Magen, I feel for your situation with full support and empathy. I have been down and out very hard in my life in the past, and have even resorted to “dumpster diving”. I survived single parenthood on welfare and shopping for the cheapest vegetables and making my own milk out of soybeans.

    But I want to give you an Itza. An idea. Why dont you set up a free webpage for yourself like a blogspot and set up a paypal donation link and reap in benefits from all the hearty good souls In this CR who are a part of this thread? Its a good idea.

    May G-d bless you to have what you need.

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    thanks guys for all the support Especially WIY,,,the most sensible person I’ve ever “met” online. I love hearing from you. Are you male or female? You sure are as smart as a talmid chachim. SO…are you married…lol?

    By the way everyone…please have me in mind in your tefillas as I am seeing shidichim soon. B’hatzlocha v’brocha

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    WIY, excuse me but I think you are the smartest person on the internet I have ever met. so please explain what can I do to try to bring a person out of denial and into a head space precipitating the event of awareness where they are ready to admit they need help?

    Basically i do daven for him, but I also call and cheppen him, always saying things like “dont lose your olam haba….at least go get help”. But he is totally not ready to come anywhere to admitting.

    in reply to: When is it time to divorce? #911964

    bustercrown what is the nature of the addiction?

    You know, I’ll tell you that addiction is a form of a mental illness according the DSM IV

    I think you’re really in for the long haul if you try to stay with them even in the most favorable of circumstances, assuming that they EVEN admit and are willing and prepared to change and work on themselves with major intervention and therapy!

    However, its game over when the person doesn’t admit, and is in a total denial. Why should you and the kids suffer because they are not pulling their weight?

    Just my personal experience. I am divorced from an addict.

    in reply to: OTD Phenomenom #907312

    This post caught my eye, but I have to share…I have been “frum as a baalas teshuva for over 10 years and am fed up. sometimes i wish i had where to run away to. But i burned all my bridges. nothing seems to have meaning to me anymore. I am dis illusioned by the reality of life. I sometimes fantasize of going off the derech. I dont want to, but its hard.

    We are all products of our environments and therefore whatever what was comfortable and familiar to me is now disowned, distasteful and disallowed. The fact is I dont feel so spiritual sayign asher yotzar in loshen ha kodesh. maybe i ought to say my own prayer of thanks which i write.

    maybe i’m sick of trying to fit in to the cookie mold, the cookie cutter. I lost myself somwhere back there.

    Well anyways, whatever. thats life.

    a gitta voch

    in reply to: I don't think that impressed Hashem #899311

    mogold, you’ve confronted me on the validity of this story, based on your misunderstandings. i never said i saw this episode down the road, it happened right out side my front window, on the other side of the street. our streets are very narrow. i can see everything…by the way, nice color underwear you’re

    thanks health and one of many for the hearty welcome back greeting. i dont get much opportunity to log in at all, on line, so i rarely pop in anymore, and let me tell you I MISS IT!

    LUV YA all


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    Actually there are studies that show a woman’s brain shrinks during pregnancy. I guess due to hormones. But I always thought that was the case anyways, when I started forgetting everything when Pregnant. I think it grows back though. I dont know. Like its just temporary.

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    HaLeiVi, you are hilarious.

    in reply to: How and where do they get the Parchment for Sefer Torahs? #880399

    I am so glad animal rights’ activists have no idea about that.

    in reply to: What to look for in a guy #880270

    BTGuy, my exhusband was not only PLEASANT TO BE WITH, but he was genuinely intelligent, funny and likeable! And abusive.

    He is genuinely sick in the head, and there is really no explanation how he hid it so well.

    I feel scared about people trying to judge others’ charachters in shidduchim. I feel we all go in blindfolded. To some degree.

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    THe only way I can find some way to soothe myself when tragedy like this strikes is in the realization of the truth that we each pick the package of the life’s events we will agree to live here on earth, before incarnating down here. So there are things and challenges we must bear the burden of, for ex. sometimes we’ll see a cripple who suffers with a funny walk all their life. Well, no need to really feel sorry for them, as this was the best peckel their neshama needed and took upon themself in order to bring tikkun to the world and their charachter.

    This kids’ time was up, as he had completed his tikkun. And he was also a special one as Hashem came and picked him, as a flower in a way, to take back to His Garden.

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    seriously if they ever do close down coffee room, there will have to be a new page created on the web for CR junkie support and grieving.

    in reply to: The Grand Party Before the CR Goes Under #1152427

    That would just be real sad if this thing ever goes under. Its like the death of the American dream or like 9/11. Tragic.

    in reply to: I have a problem with internet filters.(And I'm frum) #878408

    voldemort, I dont know which asifa you attended but that is not what happened at the Kinis 2 weeks ago.

    No one ever said internet is assur. its assur to use internet with out a filter and no one apologized for their use of english.

    but yeah, zionism is pure evil.

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    For example, I am now in a public jewish internet place, online, with the JNET, but I am getting weird looks from every heimishe little girl who comes in with her mommy to buy some other services they offer at the counter. (not computer related). I just think its very closed minded and ridiculous that this heimishe community is now going to brand every woman who sits on a computer as a bum or whatever else they are thinking on me.

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