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    you are right TWLGY, its a hypocrisy that the internet filters allow for this publicity of a personal trauma, and yet if we want to educate ourselves about a personal health problem involving parts of the human body that are nivel peh, the JNET blocks that information!

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    yes I may think about it earlier, than when baby will be 2, in fact I AM THINKING…a lot these days.

    (you can laugh now)

    Health, Baruch Hashem I am getting a good handle, b’ezras Hashem on my situation. I was depressed because I was in a bad marriage.

    Yes I am divorced now, as I had to leave with my kids, running away and thank g-d obtaining the GET.My baby is small I still have to wait until she is 2 at least, to think of re-marrying. Its halacha, since i am nursing.

    Whats going on in your life?

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    when my eyes first glanced over this threads’ title, I read “Bedtime stories for Bucherim”.

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    logician, i would respect your disposition and argument if this were 1989 but the fact is that our culture and reality is that we are living in modern society and these gadgets are never going to go away. we are consumed with this new ipad, iphone, laptop reality.

    although i do not want to have my kids watching dvd, or bring internet in the house, i do want them to have a healthy moderate outlet for their desire to touch these electronic toys that will give them that diet for technology they want so much, and yet its educational as well.

    these toys are fun because when you get the answer right you have won something in your brain.

    and also i still do model lessons of fractions when just playing around in the kitchen with them, in order to still compensate for natural love of learning.

    shticky guy you ought to write and create a column in Der Yid or something!!!

    Health, are you male? I am also divorced…..and…well, um

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    whats the thing about apple and Mac? Like its not windows? It runs on a different internet explorer? I dont speak computer lingo, so excuse the ingormaus here, but could someone explain why I might go with an apple or mac or windows rather than the others?

    shticky guy , you have absolutely won my respect! You are hilarious with that pun GANT humor!

    OneofMany, you make me laugh. did you really know its me? I dont even try to be funny. I just really wanted to share that story, then it occured to me just how funny it really was.

    Health, you have kids? Are you married? I didnt know you could also be so funny.

    2scents, yes plenty more stories to come, but I’ll have to go think it over, which ones are good while eating supper.

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    i think i saw the aish. com video for it and it got on my nerves because it was so primary. sorry to say something negative, but you shared your opinion…so…

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    cinderella, are you serious? Thats weird your name is cinderella too, with that whole parsha you had with the prince and the step sisters. anyways, I actually wanted to share with you all that i have the EXACT opposite problem. after each baby i find that my feet grow 1/2 a shoe size larger. I blame it on the hormones.

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    a gadget that you programe to add hours to your day, so you schlep out time and travel as needed.

    in reply to: who would you say is the most intelligent CR poster? #870192

    is Poppa bar Abba, Soliek and Joseph really all the same poster?

    I wouldnt believe that for a second! Unless you tell me its true, of course.

    in reply to: Are Heimish Foods Unhealthy? #869994

    In Eastern Europe a staple was canned goose fat.

    in reply to: Divorce: Whose Fault Was It? #932190

    There was recently a study done in which they concluded that it takes on average 10 years for a woman to leave a bad marriage.

    She could have left by year 3 or 5 but us women keep on trying to hold down the fort and “make things work”. That is sometimes a fault of ours. We have much to gain by keeping it going if we can “get that dream off the ground”, for the kids’ sake, for the financial sake, and for the sake of the dream of a loving and mutually satisfactory relationship.

    Unfortunatley we women may exercise poor judgment sometimes.

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    I think that once you adore and admire all those wonderful qualities in the other person, and therefore feel fulfilled being close to them, hence calling that love, it is entirely spontaneous and natural that you’d want to give and serve back to the other person.

    in reply to: just came by to say hi,,,did you miss me? #865299

    MDG, you are right!

    I am definately in my own “healing zone” with Hashem right now.

    I am not marriageable at this point. I have to get strong again. i Feel like someone who is recovering from a major illness or surgery. But I will get up with abibishten’s helf.

    in reply to: Disappearing members!… #864916

    You haven’t seen me in a while because I got divorced baruch hashem and he took the computer! I only check in once a week now… I never knew there was life beyond the YWN CR!!!! Its amazing you guys, you ought to try it. there are hilchos and seferaim too!

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    thanks guys, I want you all to know that I really appreciate your well wishes. ITS NOT EASY,,, i get a little emotional when it comes to pesach now. He is not there, they ask for him, and I remember all the “good times” and the niceities, however life goes on and I am blessed to no longer be a part of a bad man.

    He has major serious issues. The abuse was extensive. I am sorry to say this, but there are things I cannot and am not willing to talk about. It was far worse than I ever postes.

    Lets be happy, and praise Hashem, I am soo blessed.

    I moved, I have got an adorable apt now. Baruch Hashem.

    but i want to get remarried asap. And im yirtze hashem in a mazeldige shu I will!

    Ok well, a kosher and freilichen pesach everyone.

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    coffee addict, well there may be many things “in your mind” that doesnt fit in reality necessarily, in every situation.

    in reply to: just came by to say hi,,,did you miss me? #865274

    Life is sure differnt, now, but baruch hashem, i took the right steps, the right direction and got my GET!!!! Yep, alone with my brood of little kiddies, and Hashem, and wonderful warm community of friends,,but at least my kids won’t be getting abused, beat up and power controlled! My kids are doing much better now. Baruch Hashem

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    Shticky that is really cute

    in reply to: loud amen #845633

    Mom5 while the loudness of your amen may be in fact your way of honoring hashem and getting enthusiastic the halacha is that it must be quieter than the bracha. I do not have a source for that but that’s according to what I learned

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    Bar why are you also single?

    in reply to: Why have I never seen an overweight horse? #849225

    BTguy if you ask the mods for my email, I am going to give them permission to release it to you for shidduchim purposes.


    in reply to: where is Bombmaniac and Haifa Girl? #845221

    bomb, I have thought of you many times over the past few months.

    I don’t know how to say this bluntly to you, but its coming from a very compassionate sincere place in me, that can relate since we both are coming from a similar background of having had abuse….I feel that you could really use therapy, (just as I could) because I pick up from the tone of some of your comments anger. And that anger is the same voice of pain in disguise that my anger is.

    I really understand you and I encourage you to seek help in coming to terms with it all, just as I am embarking on my therapy journey, because if we are to heal ourselves from having been hurt, and have any hopes for a healthy, happy future you must talk it out and narrate your life towards a better future.

    By the way, what ever happened with that beautiful long thread you started which described hiding up a mental illness in the frum community.

    in reply to: Refusing someone who's collecting tzedakah #845201

    I don’t know if this is going too far, but I get real irked when I see people suffering. I am talking about non jews. I don’t have to be a non jew to help a non jew, right?. I mean, I pass by in the subway, real suffering souls, addicts, homeless, hungry, or some with limbs missing holding out a cup just hoping to get enough for a coffee and sandwich.

    Its sad, cause this country spends so much on military and foreign aid and yet our own citizens are suffering!

    I always think, perhaps next time I know I’ll be using that particular subway station I will preplan and pack up a bunch of sandwichs and snacks in paper bags to hand out.

    in reply to: What is the purpose of the Coffee Room? #848915

    terrible, thanks for asking. My life is baruch hashem falling apart. but anyways, EXCELLANT besides for all the problems!

    in reply to: What is the purpose of the Coffee Room? #848913

    bpt, I love you, you love me, we’re the losers of the coffee (room) family..? Purple dinosaurs rule.

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    Aries, OH my you are such a beautiful person. You have a bracha to be like that. When I just read what you wrote now, ,,,welll…. I have tears in my eyes.

    You know I heard once, that who ever gives a yid a bracha gets a bracha. So I bless you only the same, good things, health, happiness and success in your life.

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    I didn’t make it up. Its from a high source in Torah.

    in reply to: where is Bombmaniac and Haifa Girl? #845217

    why did he have to change user names? and whats the point if we all know his new identity?

    in reply to: Why have I never seen an overweight horse? #849216

    BT, I would never suggest a shidduch that was an issue of overweight horses. LOL

    in reply to: Why have I never seen an overweight horse? #849215

    baalhabooze, your comment is the funniest thing I’ve read all day.

    Lets do a reality show. Did you plan that statement, like accurately aiming at how funny it’d be, or it just came out like that?

    in reply to: where is Bombmaniac and Haifa Girl? #845212

    oh my goodness. This is so freaky. Bomb is it really you? I feel sick. My world is spinning. I..I…I… thought that…. soliek was an angry feminist who got educated in domestic violence.

    Oh bomb, I am so glad and relieved soliek is not a real person. death to those feminists!. And you are alive!

    hOW ARE YOU? where are you living now? are you getting any therapy?

    in reply to: Refusing someone who's collecting tzedakah #845194

    My personal policy (when I am in the mood of abiding my own rules) is to ALWAYS give, even if its a little, and even if its not because I think the beggar needs.

    We ,especially as Yidden, must have rachmonius on ppl. When we ask Hashem to answer our prayers and look down , notice us, and give us a bit, we hope He is not going to look the other way and say “You dont really look truly in need to me”. Thats the midda of Hashem, to give. We ought to emulate Him.

    in reply to: Why have I never seen an overweight horse? #849211

    BT you are actively seeking to get married? How old are you? WOuld you like any leads?

    in reply to: Funny Bumper Stickers #1163666

    Meat : THe diseased and rotting flesh of a dead animal.

    in reply to: What is the purpose of the Coffee Room? #848902

    Aries, if you are referring to me, from another post on which we disagreed and I criticized you unkindly, then you must have not read my 2 or more apologies in other threads.

    Again, I am asking and begging you to forgive me. My impression of you is that you are a kindly women in her 50’s who is motherly and gives us an earful FULL of heart. sometimes I may not have patience for what you’re saying, but at least I will try in the future to be more respectful.

    Please stick around. We all love you.

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    Health, maybe you’re right. But they look very muscular.

    in reply to: Intimidated by men who know so much #845061

    Yeah, I am impressed when I see their discussions going on. But its more like the picture that comes to my mind is of just how many years were put into being able to know that knowledge of Torah. How many years of dedication they sat in cheyder, yeshiva etc.

    But I have no idea what they are talking about.

    in reply to: swallowing pills #844570

    I believe the act of swallowing a pill successfully is all in the head. If you just imagine your throat to actually be a huge drain pipe that is draining all the bath water down it, then the pills go down very easily. Its when you think you might choke you then clam up that space by making it constrict with your subconcious fear.

    Maybe they ought to do therapy for people. Hypnotize them or something or call this a syndrome.

    in reply to: Can you explain to me how YOU read a thread, in general, please? #843756

    why shouldn’t I say Boo?

    in reply to: wanna laugh? #843980

    bpt, when did you get so funnY?

    in reply to: Shul in Louisville Kentucky #844102

    chaplaintzvi, did you ever m’karev any yidden from the hippy farm in Summertown? I heard that chabad does outreach to them, there.

    in reply to: Free Advice! #930001

    If you are ever really depressed, skip all the health freaks advice to take fish oil and hummus and just get that darn zoloft!

    in reply to: 5 Most Favorite Healthy Foods #843204

    no sorry, I don’t read titles. I just post. (kidding)

    Thanks tzddiq.

    in reply to: Can you explain to me how YOU read a thread, in general, please? #843752

    yeah, I’d be a tiger. Or the audience. That could be funny.

    Shticky, btw, tonight I popped out “BOO” at my husband when he walked in from work. He must be use to it by now.

    Btw, what of all my funny childish pranks did you think was the funniest. Mine is actually the idea of lying in the postpartum unit with a green witch mask on in bed.

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    oomis, are you telling us that as a type II you really watch what you eat, and are successful in avoiding those things which you should not have? Kol Ha kavod, if so.

    in reply to: Do you think I could escape to a Mexican Beach? #843028

    MDG, I apologize if you ever felt nobody was noticing your posts. I always enjoy reading what you’ve written.

    in reply to: wanna laugh? #843974

    bpt, you’re hilarious. Did you give any pines a kiss as well?

    ok dash you don’t get it. Vinegar is very different than having some honest little harding working chassidic man prepare himself for a politically correct line of items. To support an ideology.

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