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    If you have proof from a Dr. that you had antibodies 10 days before arriving in Israel, then you can request a antibody test in Israel. and if you are positive for antibodies in the Israeli test, you can go out of quarantine.

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    This is the real question:

    11219 zip code is a red zone:

    population: 92,221, cases past 4 weeks: 316, percent of population: 0.13%!

    10004 zip code isn’t a red zone:

    population: 3,089, cases past 4 weeks: 6, percent of population: 0.20%!

    testing per population:

    11219: 5%
    10004: 20%

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    There is a lockdown in Midwood, which there is a strict adherence to the lew of masks and social distancing. There are more there than in Borough Park.

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    There is a reason they don’t say how many people tested for covid, and how many are positive.

    Last week one day they wrote 12 covid 19 patients in 11219 which 2/3 of it is in Borough Park, and it was 5% of all tests.

    It only means that we need to test more people that aready had covid!

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    11219 zip code includes a third of the nearby neighborhood Dyker Heights which there are no Jews. On the first day of Yom Tov there was reported a 5% of positive covid cases the same as friday, that is proof that the covid cases doesn’t have anything to do with the Jews!

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    The data of 11219 Borough Park is on Shabbos 3.9% positive cases, and on friday 4% positive, and we all know Yidden don’t test themselves on Shabbos or Yom Tov, (because it is not Pikuach Nefesh) unless they are admitted to a hospital, so it must be that all or most cases are not coming from the Yidden!

    Cuomo has the last word on this lockdown, and so far he hasn’t endorsed the lockdown, so lets wait and see what will happen.

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    I don’t understand you all!!!

    When Chassidishe Rabbonim support Minyanim, you go out against it, but when Litvisher Rabbonim support Minyanim, and someone goes out against it, it is CHUTZPAH?????

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