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    I really really need a new endo. I was seeing Dr. Ten but a) I hated the practice. I used to wait for hours and felt like they didn’t listen much. I did like Neesha, but couldn’t handle the wait. Plus, b) I am over 21 and really need an adult, not a pediatric dr. Any suggestions?

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    I’m still crzy high all day. its like drink, run to the bathroom and repeat. Its awful. 🙁

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    I must have been using bad insulin. My numbers were high high high. And the worst is waiting for kiddush with a sandpaper mouth…

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    Can we stop discussing shidduchim and kvetch about our awful numbers over yom tov? :-/

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    Bout this whole genetic thing… I know I am late but just wanted to share what I have heard:

    You will not get an argument from me about people getting diabetes because Hashem wanted them to. Obviously, as believing Jews, we believe that. We also believe that people lose their job because Hashem wanted them to. Does that stop us from trying to find and keep a job? Of course not. As believing Jews, we believe that a person gets sick because Hashem wanted them to. DOes that stop us from seeking out the best doctors, spending any amount of money on medicine and treatment? Of course not.

    Similarly, just because a person only gets diabetes because Hashem wants them to, doesnt mean we shouldn’t try our absolute best to prevent ourselves from getting it. With type 2, it’s simple. Try to eat right and exercise and you are doing your hishtadlus. With type one, its a lot harder. Doctors don’t know what causes type one diabetes, and so we don’t know what hishtadlus to prevent it is. We do, however, know that (and this is coming from doctors and rabbanim who know a lot more about the topic than any of us on this forum) when two people with type one diabetes have kids, the risk of the kids having type one diabetes are much higher than when only one (or no) parent has it.

    That’s why the advice I got is not to date boys with type one diabetes, and that is why (I believe) Rabbi Meisels is against it in most cases. You can ask your own shayla, but in general, it is not reccomended.

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    This is kinda different from the first poem here but… I wrote it for my shalach manos, but then I posted it on my blog today so I guess I may as well post it here too.

    A tragedy is upon our whole nation!

    And it threatens to destroy our entire foundation.

    Everyone ponders with great consternation

    What might become of our population!

    The story’s simple, requires no explanation.

    It’s a problem that causes immense frustration.

    Young and old know of the dire situation:

    Eligible maidens still await their salvation,

    but with the bochurim we’ve all got to ration.

    Month after month, filled with girl’s anticipation;

    While burned out boys need a dating vacation.

    Now everyone has come to the realization

    That we need to join together as a nation

    And work to end our sisters’ tribulation.

    Well meaning shadchanim, loaded with determination,

    Expect us to show tons of cooperation

    With our shidduch resume: the ultimate dehumanization.

    “What are you looking for?” is the common interrogation

    For the “nebach” singles, sitting in isolation.

    For the sake of shidduchim, we’ll make any adaptation,

    And we strive to be thin, to the point of starvation.

    And worse, we’ll put up with lots of aggravation,

    Just to go on a list for consideration,

    To get a date with a boy of a great reputation.

    But still- singles sit in desolation.

    What will be with their situation?

    When will they take on roles of domestication?


    Fear not my friends, this dramatization!

    One day, we too will say with jubilation

    That it’s time to receive our congratulation.

    But until the day we send an invitation,

    For all our friends to join our celebration,

    We’ll settle in for more anticipation,

    And wait for Prince Charming to bring our salvation!

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    I made em tonight without the nuts. hmmm. After the yomim noraim I shall have to try with nuts I guess.

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    Mod- if you are only on pills it could be from food you eat. If you eat a high carb meal you could he peaking then dropping. Try reducing carbs at supper and see if that helps.

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    Rebbitzen- not related, sorry, no. I know a few girls who have diabetes and celiac or hypothyroidism though. WHy do you ask?

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    THanks for the recipes!

    Here is the Toll House COokie recipe. I never made it, I am just pasting the recipe. It’s all over the internet.

    2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour

    1 teaspoon baking soda

    1 teaspoon salt

    1 cup butter or margarine, softened

    3/4 cup granulated sugar

    3/4 cup packed brown sugar

    1 teaspoon vanilla extract

    2 large egg

    1 cup chopped nuts


    1.PREHEAT oven to 375 degrees F.

    2.COMBINE flour, baking soda and salt in small bowl. Beat butter, granulated sugar, brown sugar and vanilla extract in large mixer bowl until creamy. Add eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition. Gradually beat in flour mixture. Stir in morsels and nuts. Drop by rounded tablespoon onto ungreased baking sheets.

    3.BAKE for 9 to 11 minutes or until golden brown. Cool on baking sheets for 2 minutes; remove to wire racks to cool completely.

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    Firstly guys, I want to say how awesome this thread is. I’ve joined non Jewish diabetes forums but never really posted cuz they are miles away from my life. Anyway, bout the telling the boy-

    Sorry if I gave off the impression that I have heaps of experience with telling the boy. I don’t, lol. But, what I have been told is that I have to tell on or after the third date. That being said, tw third date is not a magic number. It’s more of a guess of which date things turn from fairly casual to a little more serious. If you feel that you haven’t reached that level at all with a boy then I’m pretty sure most rabbanim agree that you don’t have to say for another date or two. You do, however, have to tell the boy before you reach the level where he is ready to get engaged, because by then his emotions are too heavily envolved an he can’t make a fair and balanced descision.

    Bout the secrecy- no, I’m not secretive at all. Of of my friends know, a few of my coworkers that I’m with a lot know, and anyone else that needs to know, knows. I don’t however broadcast it to the world. I don’t pull out my meter and check in front of people. I don’t wear my insulin pump on my waist (even though I think that would be really really convenient!). How bout all of you? Are you secretive? Or did you discuss this before I got here?

    Oh and I’m way past the pregnant friend’s stage- I’m already an “aunt”! Some of my friends are on their way to number two, actually. 😉

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    A good dessert what could be made with no sugar and very little oil:

    Apple crumble:

    Slice apples very thinly, leave in bowl of water till ready to use.

    Meanwhile, make mixture in separate bowl (sorry I don’t have amounts) mix oats (old fashioned, not quick cooking), whole wheat flour, an egg, some canola oil, some splenda or sugar, some cinamon, some ground nuts. Mixture should be crumbly. Place half of mixture on bottom of pan then spread apple slices evenly over. Sprinkle a few drops of lemon juice and cinnamon over the apples, then spread the rest of the mix over it. Bake it for a while until the apples are soft. It’s especially good for rosh hashana!

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    Oh I have a million recipes to add to this. I guess the main thing I learned while losing a pretty significant number of pounds is to really really enjoy cooked veggies.

    I use a lot of frozen vegetables which are expensive, but save mountains of time. Some ideas:

    Dice an onion and a clove or two of garlic really fine. Add a bag of frozen spinach, some salt, black pepper and whatever spices you are in the mood for, then when it is almost cooked add an egg (or to reduce calories even more try just the white, I do it and it’s delicious!) and stir vigorously so the egg doesn’t clump.

    Place a bag of whole frozen green beams in a pan, add kosher salt, pepper, onion powder and minced garlic. Bake for a while uncovered at at least 415. You can add sesame seeds for a great taste, but they add fat.

    Also for green beans- I use a wok, but a deep frying pan should work- brown onions and fresh garlic, then add the green beans and add some soy sauce and spices.

    I basically eat grilled chicken breasts every night, so I have loads of ways to cook them. The basic way is to spray them with Pam and sprinkle with spices. For schwarma type chicken I use pereg schwarma spice- but it’s too spicy for my taste so I use otherspices like salt pepper onion and garlic powder too. Also, sometimes I cut up the chicken halfway through broiling and spray again with Pam then put back in the broiler for another couple of minutes.

    Hope this all made sense, I typed it up on my iPod touch so I probable made a bunch of typos…

    I’ll try to think of more recipes to post…

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    Ooh, which cookbook? If it is the one my sister has I think I’ll hijack it. 😉

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    Oh and I forgot to post the advice I got for telling a boy. I’ve actually not had much experience with it, but tue advice I got was to preface the blow by saying thatyou are only telling him now on the advice of your rabbomim. That way, he can’t get mad at you for withholding info…

    If you are very uncomfortable with the idea you could ask someone to call beforehand and give the news for you, but the drawback of that is that if the date goes badly you told him for nothing…

    Also, I’m wondering if anyone has tried SOS tassis? I have a lot of thoughts on that…some good, some bad- not sure what I feel about it…

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    Wow wow wow, I didn’t mean to come across as negative. I’m sorry if I did.

    Here’s what I meant, pretty much: I know that diabetes is a unique challenge from Hashem. I’ve writtensome pretty positive posts about it in general, I don’t think I’m allowed to link to them, but you can try googling the name in my profile. Basically, diabetes has shaped me tremendously as a person and I can’t imagine life without it. At the same time, the daily grind of diabetes can be really tough. I was diagnosed at twelve: the age where I remember life without it, but just enough to be wistful and dreamy. I’ve lived basically my entire adult life with it and some times (especially a day like today when I correct a 214 and go UP to 344 O_O) I just want a break. Ultimately, however, I know that Hashem has my good in mind and I can’t complain.

    Bout shidduchim, I think I’m more burnt out from the whole process and mindset of the community (ie shadchanim, “resumes,” etc) than the actual idea of shidduchim. I’m not really worried, I know Hashem will send my bashert when the time is right. It happens to be a little harder now than it used to be because the last of my single friends just got engaged….

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    Coffee fan, I’ve had diabetes for ten years, also “only” been in shidduchim for a couple of years. And I know that it is completely normal, but I could still use some advice in how to pull myself out of it…

    Diabetes burnout or shidduchim burnout- which is worse? (Hmm, I think I should write a blog post about it…)

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    I often think LOL stands for “I have nothing to say but I feel like you are expecting a response and since LOL requires the smallest amount of time and effort by way of response, that is what I will say.”

    Other times, I think it stands for “I know this is a really loaded conversation, especially for texting, so I am going to make a lame attempt at difusing the tension with a halfhearted LOL, despite the fact that you and I both know that nobody is laughing.”

    Or sometimes it stands, simply, for “you thought you were funny there, didn’t you?”

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    A penny saved is a government oversight.

    Sometimes I wake up grumpy. Other times I let him sleep.

    Don’t drink and drive. You might hit a bump and spill your drink.

    This thread is great for laughs…. THanks!

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    When I enterred shidduchim, I had an older sister who was still single. At the time, she was adamant that I had to wait for her. A prominent Rav told my parents that if a really good name came up for me he would speak to her and help her change her mind. Before that ever became an issue, my sister told my mother that she is ok with me going ahead of her. Both of us are still single, so nothing came of it, but I still think of that as an enormously mature and impressive gesture on her part.

    That being said, I am pretty sure that it isn’t really up to us in the end. Hashem will decide when the right time for me and for my sister is, and we can only daven.

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    Thanks for the welcome folks. I am female, currently in shidduchim, and what I meant by nothing coming out of it is that it doesnt really matter how many guys you go out with or how many shadchanim you meet, if the end result is still being single. 😉

    Anyhow, I have diabetes for ten years now, and I must admit, I am completely burnt out from it. That’s kind of why I am here. A friend pointed this thread out to me, and I hope reading and posting here will help motivate me. Cuz my former excellent control is down in the dumps right now.

    And, btw, health, I dunno if it does that for everyone. I know different people have different reactions from coffee. It’s important to see how things affect you individually.

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    Hey, I don’t really know how to join this conversation, but I wanna. 🙂 I have diabetes too. I am in shidduchim, though barely anything comes of that. SO I guess I’ll just say hi for now…

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    I wrote a post about this on my blog. I went into Saks and asked the lady in Feragamo where the sales rack is. Her face was priceless. Totally free, super entertaining. 😉

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