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    the lions cuz theyr dead!

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    2morecents –

    its irrelevant but ur arguing with fact – as many of us have stated, many if not most schools and camps nowadays do NOT have payphones (cuz everyone has cells available).

    secondly, i usually dont like responding to stupid sarcastic comments, but there is a safety aspect to having a phone. NOT a shmira (as if you thot thats what people were saying). When your kid isnt home when you expected them to be, you can call them on their CELL fone and find out watsup.. thats clearly SAFETY. And when ur sixteen yr old gets into a car accident or gets mugged, wouldnt you like them to be able t contact you and the police within seconds? those few moments could e the difference between life and death.

    Now I’m with you on believing that many kids that have fones now shouldnt, but the CR members dont appreciate “stupid” (in ur lashon) comments.

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    I feel that if you dont need a cell phone it’s definitely not a good idea to have one. Its just such a distraction to everything you do.

    If for safety or extenuating circumstances, you feel you need one, simply get a cheap prepaid or pay-as-you fone. Otherwise, just use a different fone to speak to the people you need to, there are always fones around that u can use IN PRIVACY. If ppl need to be able to reach you then, like i said, get a prepaid and when you see people call you, call them back on a different phone.

    Obviously, parents and working individuals may need to have cellphones, so have them. But there’s no need for your teenage (or often younger!) son or daughter be constantly texting their friends. When they need to reach friends or be reached, there are usually simple enough ways to do it without having a cell phone

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    Whats the issue being discussed – kashrus?

    Restaurants? Shabos meals?

    sorry im unclear

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    Platonic thats the word thanx..

    “or even in SHul on Shabbos”

    yes very well stated the socializing in shuls these days is also a huge problem and must be dealt with. good point oomis.

    Of course your rite hirhurim can happen at anytime but by putting urself or your kids in a situation where he or she is surrounded with taiva, ur asking for hirhurim to happen and looking at women is also an aveira, as well as hearing (kol isha) and talking to them.

    and talking to you in 30 yrs is irrelevent – it’s now when im younger, without pas b’sali, that i have to put up with these issues.

    “and presume they are all about to commit arayos”

    What your looking at as the problem is ‘committing’ arayos, but the torah says “Lo Sikrivu” – the coming close itself (i.e. thinkin, seeing, hearing, talking to, talking about) is the aveira itself. It doesnt say Lo Sikrivu by cheesebergers so u can smell it if you’d like but arayos is a completely different story, coming close to the aveira is deemed by the torah as an aveira itself.

    Lastly, “Maybe we should not let people buy food in the supermarket, either”

    this may not be what you were talking about but its true. Do you ever see your rebbi or rosh yeshiva (hopefully you do have one) in a mall, shopping center, or other place prone to pritzus? I dont. Not going out to certain places, even tho everyone else does, is not crazy (for men). your yetzer hara never dies it doesnt matter how old you are. You cannot be in a place where ther could be pritzus if you dont have to be. send ur wife or something…ya living a torah life requires some mesiras nefesh

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    Very well stated everyone but

    OOmis – i am having trouble ageeing with any of your latest statements (i usually do, thats why i’m mentioning it). I dont remember the exact quote but Rav Moshe said that inter-gender relationships cannot be simply a “just friends” relationship (there’s a fancy word for it i forgot sorry), its just not the way humans were built. Although I think this is one of those things thats very different for boys and girls (I am talking from the guy-side)

    and like ‘says who’ so beautifully stated, there is a huge aveira present called ‘hirhur’, that if you think your kids (or grandkids?;-) will just go and ‘socialize’ and it wont lead to hirhurim or any other aveiros ur terribly terribly mistaken (maybe this has changed over the times being that ur probly more than 4 decades older than me).

    And ther is no bigger distraction from learning and focusing on growing than this yetzer hara of socializing, arayos, etc.


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    Oomis – teens usually do NOT hav curfew anymore. none that i know and yes i AM up in the AM hours every night as most of my friends are


    MAMASHTAKAH- i am close with my parents, very trusted, and know people that are even closer and YOU DONT KNOW everything about you kid!! dont ever be mistaken and think you do unless theyr in ur site every second..

    I would hereby like to GUARANTEE the you DONT know your kid, you DONT know their frinds, and you probably DONT know every name on their fone.

    and in the AM hours it gets boring and i am a teenager, i know, ther are people that u can trust during the day but people are very different at nite!! (but no i do NOT believe in any curfew!) BP TOTTY sed it perfectly “at 2:00am, men are not thinking rationaly”

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    First of all – Most ppl, myself included, like privacy when calling parents or friends. I dont need evryone hearing evry story and issue i discuss with them; and i like some peace and quiet wen im on the fone, its hard to hear ppl wen ur in public.

    Secondly – my high school and yeshiva and camp DO NOT have payfones (obviously because they know most ppl have cell fones)

    But i do agree with many things that people are saying that many kids and bochrim cannot be trusted with cellphones and ther really isnt even a need for them, but then again some ppl can

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    wats P3???

    in reply to: Why Are There So Many Angry people Out There? #687352

    nice im lovin the left coast

    in reply to: When are you leaving to upstate? #687735

    Ya i dont even know why i was trying to defend myself BP… Hi my name is Dovv and i, like Wolf, am not Lakewood material.

    in reply to: Why Are There So Many Angry people Out There? #687350

    ya how do i get a subtitle?!?

    in reply to: When are you leaving to upstate? #687729

    I’m not going as a camper.. im WORKING there.. the staff has a nice FRUM chavra

    in reply to: When are you leaving to upstate? #687723

    K so i’ll start – I’m going to work at Camp Kochavim on monday.

    (btw – Sharing this information does not constitute as “pry out personal information. Any questions or comments directed towards trying to “figure out” a blogger’s identity”, as stated in The Personal Information section rule #1 , because there are from 250 to 800 people in every camp so the info doesnt help to figure out,

    I’m just curious as to where the YW chev goes…

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    I’m leaving to NY on sunday and going up to camp on monday morning…

    Why dont we share where were going??

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    Wat camp??

    in reply to: Most Moving Jewish Song In Your View #1096926

    thanks smartcookie it is on the moshe goldman kinesher album.

    do you know where i cud download it?

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    i heard about a song, yidish i think, about a kid born with no arms and the father is distraught about it but in reality the kids neshama was sent back down to this world to fix up some mistakes and the neshama begged hkb”h to not hav arms so he cudnt hurt people… the storyline is something like that does anyone know of this song? wat its called and where i cud locate it?

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    ya mosherose! the torah definitely does not want people to work on their relationships with their spouse!

    and do u even no pshat in that mishna? wat sicha is refering to?

    maybe seek daas torah…

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    This page is gettin fiesty!!

    Anywaysss yesterday The Coffee Bean was giving out free ice-blended drinks for 3 hours. So we went 2wice during yeshiva and once after but the first time we only had one car!! to put it simply –

    Have You Ever Seen 12 Guys In a Five Seater!? it was nuts!!

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    wowowow where did all these ppl pop out of??

    in reply to: Hilarious School Pranks #1228847

    I don’t get the joke? Louis Sachar wrote “Holes”, rite?

    He also wrote the Wayside School books

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    ya the valley rox sorry…

    in reply to: Going higher — a poem #700353

    very nice….


    in reply to: How Many Neices or Nephews Do You Have ?? #683972

    have 1 niece and 1 neph… but i dont get the point of this thread

    in reply to: "studying" :D #683965

    hmmm i dunno… ya i guess ur in… as long as ur here wen ur supposed to be doing something else it counts

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    mmaker-live and go to yeshiva in the valley

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    wat yeshiva is this? wat grade?

    in reply to: When is the CR Most Busy? #683907

    o… sounds, well, interesting

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    mischief-well for starters i live on the west coast so i prolly dont sit near any of you…

    and i dont take regents thats only in ny

    in reply to: When is the CR Most Busy? #683905

    Whats the time game?? (p.s. I just LOST the GAME!)

    in reply to: Hilarious School Pranks #1228830

    Peerim.. please visit the “Number of Participants in the CR” thread and take #62!!!

    in reply to: iPad — Kosher? #685906

    ya i agree ipads are very expensive… but if u were looking for that price range maybe a nano AND a nice ipod speaker system to go with it… thats a present i wish i had!

    in reply to: "studying" :D #683953

    ya i gess i hear ya… you wats a funny thought – i mite be the guy (or girl) sitting next to u in class, or in ur school yet we’ll never no identities!

    in reply to: Hilarious School Pranks #1228818

    Ya i no i was just kidding teachers, especially the frum ones, are always on top of things, unfortunately. Luckily we still have sum yopes’s around who still allow us get away with anything.

    But why am I “obviously not a student” of yours?? Maybe I’m just playin’ u Dr. P?!?

    in reply to: When is the CR Most Busy? #683903

    Ya the new slow system is, well, slow.

    d a “4:00-10:00pm” – does that mean your on for six hours straight???

    wow that must be the life!

    in reply to: "studying" :D #683951

    So we have 12 members now…

    Maybe this thread should be for ppl asking questions and stuff on what they’re studying!

    in reply to: Hilarious School Pranks #1228815

    hahaha that’s hilarious! they all should’ve chosen different songs tho!

    in reply to: iPad — Kosher? #685901

    nahhhh.. kids have waayyyy too much access to anything. Even a very good kid could mess up at any time you know – “Al taamin b’atzmicha..”

    I would suggest the new nano – it’s really cool, takes videos. the orange one looks really nice, as well as the green one

    in reply to: Hilarious School Pranks #1228813

    …i mean that teachers could pull shtik too

    in reply to: Hilarious School Pranks #1228812

    hahaha that’s pretty funny! I think realize teachers were smart too!

    in reply to: Hilarious School Pranks #1228810

    maskim on the name switch.. I was kinda nervous when i originally kliked on the thread… So nu? Let’s hear some more stories??

    in reply to: Number of Participants in the Coffee Room #921670

    wow wat a list! also peerimsameach doesnt have a number! wat are they waiting for?!?!

    in reply to: Hilarious School Pranks #1228801

    How bout all loading into a car during gym and going swimming & hot-tubbin’ at the hilton!!

    in reply to: Number of Participants in the Coffee Room #921666

    did ‘nlillyk’ take a number??! i think we got #62!

    in reply to: New Fundraising Idea #684097

    well said.. shkoyich to anonymous#2

    in reply to: Number of Participants in the Coffee Room #921665

    ya i dont think that counts… actually i think we shud stop hocking SJSinNYC – she’s just not saying it for the attention! it probly feels awesome to have 59 ppl waiting for you and calling you to take 60

    in reply to: "Spring" Fever #683835

    What do you mean ‘where is it??’ it’s still in here right outside!! unless you live on the smoggy, rainy cold East Coast of course

    in reply to: "studying" :D #683942

    Wow this is sooo my club – i’m actually IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS rightnow!!

    I think we should do the list for this one:



    3.jewish girl


    5.Hashem Is Everywhere


    7.d a

    I have a funny feeling THIS one could get to 60!!!

    8 going once!! anyone for 8??

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    BP Totty I assume your talking eastern time..

    I’m on usually around now – 2:40-3:00pm on the WEST coast. sometimes 1:30-2:00pm. and usually late at night like 11,12,1ish

    So on eastern times thats 4:30-5:00,5:30-6:00, & 2,3,4am… it gets pretty lonely @that time

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