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    welcome back chayav!

    you’re the man (or woman?)

    in reply to: Rav Chaim Pinchos Scheinberg & Baseball #867063

    “D. Dovshtein: A man learning Torah 12 solid hours every single day or a woman doing Bikur Cholim 12 solid hours every single day is both a mitzvah and a madreiga.

    Don’t ever tell anyone not to learn 12 hour every single day or not to do Bikur Cholim 12 hours every single day.”

    Shaychus to anything I said? (besides the fact that you’re wrong)

    in reply to: Rav Chaim Pinchos Scheinberg & Baseball #867061

    RABBAIM- So how come prishus is the 13th perek of msilas y’sharim coming after z’hirus, z’rizus, and n’kiyus? and it’s linked with chasidus (going lifnim mishuras hadin)?

    Maybe do some research before rattling off mitzvos out of context.

    13th perek look it up.

    Prishus is a madreiga. It’s something you do when you’re holding by it, not like tzitzis and t’filin that you do no matter what.

    in reply to: Quality of language in YWN comments and postings #866939

    Agreed but besides the grammalicious quality of language –

    People should watch the mussar and menchlichkiteness of their speech. Just because it’s not in person and you’re speaking with a fake name doesn’t mean you could insult people and make them feel bad. THINK before you speak (and you even have a few seconds after with the ‘edit’ button)

    in reply to: Rav Chaim Pinchos Scheinberg & Baseball #867056

    Umm no sorry incorrect that’s a fallacious deduction.

    A person “need not strive” for PRISHUS until he’s holding on the madraga for it.

    in reply to: Is smoking mutar? #954577

    Sorry about the cynicism, and I don’t smoke so this is not getting defensive. I just think it’s pretty ridiculous to have a thread with everyone making up their own “opinions in halacha” about an issue that the g’dolim have already dealt with.

    in reply to: Rav Chaim Pinchos Scheinberg & Baseball #867052

    Shmoel – who said he was happy about finally getting the “TUMAH” of professional sports out of his heart?? (I think you made up the “tumah” part) Maybe he was just happy to have the ‘distraction’ out, or to reach a level of Prishus and Kedusha of having a heart fully devoted to Avodas Hashem.

    That’s why I think this story is not necessarily a proof that no one should ever start following sports. For some people it’s good to follow sports. It’s a raya that when you’re a gadol on R’ Scheinberg’s level, then, you should be happy to not be following sports.

    in reply to: Is smoking mutar? #954576

    Oh you’re right!

    The Gadol Hador must have missed that step!

    Quick call him up!

    Sorry, I apologize, he must have been “mis-informed” (That’s the great heter going around nowadays for everything right?)

    in reply to: Is smoking mutar? #954573

    The little I know – please provide your sources.

    From R’ Elyashiv: It’s assur to *start* smoking (because sakana), but once someone is addicted, it is a tzorech for him so then it is not assur.

    Background: The Noda B’yehuda was asked if hunting is mutar; he said no because there are many accidents, so it’s a sakana. But, if it is a tzorech for someone (i.e. his parnasa) then it is no longer assur. So too, someone that is addicted to smoking has a tzorech to smoke so it’s muttar.

    in reply to: Yalili concert tonight #818256

    i went last nite and it was rockin

    in reply to: Kohanim not being able to go to exhibits with real dead people. #800197

    “Kohanim aren’t looking for a heter”


    Why would someone look for a heter to go to a museum!?

    in reply to: Come on Mods #825550

    thanks for the welcome 42. I was in e”y for the summer

    in reply to: Do you know who I am??? Try to guess!! #800443


    ummm how exactly would one guess who you are??

    in reply to: Come on Mods #825546

    Umm mod’s – how did my name become Dr.Dovvshtein?

    I mean i like it it’s like Dr. doomshtein (who was chozer b’tshuva – may we all be zoche to)

    in reply to: Roshei Yeshivos of Major American Yeshivos #897964

    Back to the original topic of roshei yeshiva of major yeshivos in America, The roshei yeshiva of Yeshivas Ner Aryeh are Rabbi Y. Weiner shlita, Rabbi Y. Cohen shlita, and Rabbi B. Lieberman shlita.

    And they wear white shirts

    in reply to: True or False Game!!! #766688

    only? thats more than enuf

    in reply to: True or False Game!!! #766686

    true evryone likes psycho analyzing people..but not being psycho-analyzed..

    i’ll go back to LSS’s:

    you interupt ppl constantly

    in reply to: Suggesting Shidduch for………yourself?! #913781

    Why dont we make a shiduch in the coffee room!?

    in reply to: Anxiety-And Symptoms #795294


    I 100% agree with most of what you said and ur general suggestion, but:

    “No one ever would tell a diabetic that their illness comes from a lack of Bitachon.”

    Thats because diabetes is a physical problem. Anxiety is a mental problem with physical symptoms; therefore, (in limited situations, I agree) it could be dealt with on working on bitachon, which is a mental thing.

    in reply to: Anxiety-And Symptoms #795289

    lol no they talk about emotional health too dont worry. I agree with u totally i was just suggesting internalizing those things cuz sometimes, in some situations that is what works. Therefore I was just suggesting it here because different ppl are working with different issues and this tactic may work for some.

    And stam, bitachon’s always comforting along the path because other processes may be longer, so bitachon keeps ur head up and mind focused

    in reply to: Anxiety-And Symptoms #795287

    PBA: I hear wat your saying, but i have been told one time when i was anxious that its a lack of bitachon. I dont think its a stira; you can fight anxiety/nervousness by either uprooting the core cause of it like an emotional deep insecurity, etc. or by bitachon or covering it up with just getting used to it. (I’m dealing mostly with speaking in front of ppl / a person)

    in reply to: Wheres knish? #763181

    ya i agree that ‘welcome’ made our humble coffee room seem like an exclusive business meeting that u cant speak up in unless u’v been there for ten yrs.

    in reply to: Anxiety-And Symptoms #795277

    Ya i also have really bad nervous/anxiety issues. (not sure what the difference is if anyone wants to fill that in for me??)

    Never heard of these tapes – what are they and where do i get them? and for how much $? (are they jewish or stam?)

    I believe (I’ve been told) really focusing on bitachon, ain od milvado, Hashem will NEVER EVER EVER let you down and will ALWAYS do the BEST thing for you whether you DESERVE IT OR NOT can help these situations… cuz after all is there anything to be nervous about? ur like a child being held my its mother-obviously ur mothers gona take care of all ur needs.

    Also focusing on ha’olom hazeh domeh l’frozdor and everything’s just a dream world here and nothing(like embarrassment etc) really matters because this worlds not the ikur, can help. Imagine ur on a boat to an island where ur gona stay forever. if u travel in first classic cruise, u’ll be simple on the island. but if the ride is hard work and u travel in the lowest of the low – on the island ull be THE MAN. obviously u wouldn’t care if u were traveling in the sewers if u just thought about that for a second!

    But obviously thats MUCH MUCH easier said than done, it requires hours of mussar b’hispaalus ‘n stuff

    in reply to: Allergic To The Sun? #762488

    im also alergic to the sun!!! i dont kno wat it means- somtimes get red and itchy under elbows and sneeze and allergies oish its terrible

    in reply to: Can You Aidel-Rap? #1003771

    wats wrong with just saying “rap”? it makes u feel too goyish? so u just do it but calling it somthing else to fix the problem?

    …can i rite an aidel-poem?

    in reply to: Can You Aidel-Rap? #1003768

    wat does “Aidel-rap” mean?

    in reply to: Jewish Dance Machine #942724

    Where can i get it?

    in reply to: whats the defenition of HOCK or a HOCKER #759558

    I think people are mixing up the hocker and tuna-beigel.

    The blue-tooth davener is more tuna than hock…

    in reply to: purim songs and poetry #747112

    Ttto: one day (4purim)

    In bed I lay

    Its shachris soon

    I just thank g-d I’m breathin

    Then I say

    Just hit the snooze

    cuz I’m goin back to sleepin

    Sometimes rebbi gets fed-up

    But I never let ’em wake me up

    And then negativity erupts

    They hope one day that we’ll all show up

    but I say:

    All my life iv been prayin for

    Iv been waitin for, for the people to say

    That we won’t wake u up no more

    We’ll just let u snore

    Just keep dreamin away

    One dayyyy one dayyy one dayyy

    in reply to: purim songs and poetry #747111

    The ikur is to remember one thing

    If u don’t drink it up it just won’t ring

    Without alcohol evrythings unclear

    That’s why they call it tzarich beeeeeeer

    in reply to: purim songs and poetry #747110

    Chayav inish lvisumei

    We take that to mean all nite and all day

    But not just purim like most do

    Throw in rosh chodesh and shabos too

    And while we’re @ it start 30 days befo’

    To practice to be yotzei “yoser milimudo’

    And shushan purim also to stop the ache

    Of the hangerover if u made the classic mistake

    Of poundin shaloch manos all that junk

    And ull be smellin some real funk

    So anyways practice in advance

    And diet too be able to fit in tite pants

    Don’t eat all month save ur calries for drank

    And stay up all nite thinkin of the r”ch prank

    Nevermind get a goodnite rest

    Think of it in shiur that’s much mor fest

    So spend all month testin out

    Wat to drink wen u needa max-out

    Wen u need the brains for gramin on the spot

    But needa lack the busha to say wat u want

    So start tonite don’t waste anytime

    Drinl it up up&try bustin a rhyme

    If it flows well that’s a-okay

    If it don’t rhyme @ all then ur doin it rite!!

    in reply to: How many mishloach monos do you send? #747076

    Yeshivas Ner Aryeh is selling beautiful Purim Cards for people who’d like to give tzedaka to the yeshiva instead of candy & junk to there friend..

    cards are 5$ each

    10 for $30

    50 for $120

    You can email neraryeh at gmail.com to purchase

    thanx and a gut’n chodesh

    in reply to: where do u live #749158

    LA obviously

    in reply to: Post Here to Add/Change Your Subtitle #1198881

    and i’d like to change my name to “Dr.Dovv” if thats possible too i cant do it

    in reply to: Post Here to Add/Change Your Subtitle #1198880

    can i be “proudly represting the west coast”

    in reply to: texting #758868

    my past 2 months were 4050 and 4054

    pretty consistent eh?!

    but every so often I send like 300 messages to someone all saying the same thing for shtick.. and sometimes it gets done back to me

    in reply to: Tobacco pipe smoking #747938

    ya what gave it away the LEFT coast?

    in reply to: Tobacco pipe smoking #747927

    I dont know but a pipe is definitely much cooler, sophisticated, refined, and awesome.

    btw lemony whats in the sugar-bowl?

    in reply to: Limericks! #1221298

    sorry im not exactly sure if this is the right thread for my songs… im not exactly sure what the rules of “limericks” are

    in reply to: Limericks! #1221297

    And this is a hakaras hatov song to my yeshiva/rebbi:

    Thru the years and all the times

    I just can’t seem to speak my mind

    To express wats going on inside

    Wen I think about the place

    The fun and challenges we faced

    Iv found the treasure where my heart resides


    Dear rebbi u hav taught me evrything I kno

    From amelus batorah and developing midos

    Ratzon and bitachon and my job in this world

    Rebi ul be always in my heart and soul

    The back and forth evryday

    Sugyas challenged in every way

    Developing our true Yiras hashem

    Hashkafa mussar how to live

    To learn to grow and mostly to give

    Connecting with emotions once again

    in reply to: Limericks! #1221296

    This has similar ideas but its not the song:

    Just can’t seem to figur things out

    Things aren’t rollin the way they shud

    Minds all clouded I duno wat its about

    Heads on fire I wud smile if I cud

    Ain Od Milvado He’s got it in control

    U just do his ratzon and then things roll

    Ur heating depression is His fleeting test

    Evry little thing that happens is the best

    UR best interest not anyone beside

    Give it some thot let ur heart decide

    It won’t take long

    To realize ur wrong

    And all thots are long gone

    Except for one song…

    Ain od milvado hashem is one and true

    And His entire world was created just for you

    All the mountains and the trees

    And that perfect cool breeze

    Its all from the One

    All for You- his precious son

    in reply to: My made up song #714537

    The Motzei shabos hack

    wher to go wher 2 rock

    Wat to do wat to see

    Dropin coin-flyin free

    From miami 2 LA

    2 dallas to ZA

    From milwakee to the Qween

    Wata scene kno wat I mean??

    Fleishix-pizza, playin ball?

    Indoor outdoor wats the call

    Ideas bouncin off the walls

    But in the end it all just falls

    Knokin down the list 1by1

    Wat not to do wat won’t be fun

    & the nite wastes into lines n rhymes

    But the hack itself creates good times

    in reply to: Limericks! #1221295

    Heres a song im working on, it has a tune but i cant exactly post that:

    Ur on a boat its on its way

    To paradise not far away

    To remain ther for eternity

    If u sit in the first class

    With pleasures no one can surpass

    Wen u arrive u will live simply

    But if u ride with nothing

    On the island u will be a king

    The choice is urs – where do u take ur seat?


    This world is one big hallway Wer only passing thru

    Nothing that u have here Comes with you

    U do ur hishtadlus Hashem covers the rest

    The only goal we have here Is to stand thru every test

    Motor cruise ships left and rite

    Seem to carry thru the nite

    But wen they fail – they sink in sea

    If u don’t give in to the urge

    Ur little boat will not submerge

    Just set ur sail – the wind comes naturally

    in reply to: Yaakov Shwekey – Libi Bamizrach Album – Rau Banim #725185

    thats a gr8 song i love it

    in reply to: Ever Win Anything BIG? In Chinese Auction Or Lottery? #714959

    I won a 10 pound chocolate bar (ended up being only 9.25lb)! cholov stam tho so i didnt eat any of it just brought it to school, we split it up wwith a hammer and nail and evryone else ate it.

    in reply to: Who Composed The Song Tatte Tatte & Who Sang It First? #714866

    Im pretty sure the original is written by abie rotenberg, its on one of the dveykus CDs.

    but the original is a all yiddish and with many different words.

    in reply to: My made up song #714528

    lol nah im dovv and only dovv and i made the songs… abbazaba and backinaction are my friends

    in reply to: My made up song #714520

    good shtik backinaction but clearly abbazaba knew i rote it

    “wow that is amazing did you think of that yourself dovv?”

    anywayz thank u all for coming ur support has really meant alot..

    and popabaraba thx for ur support;-)

    in reply to: My made up song #714513

    Ya ur shteigin in yeshiva day n nite

    But the yetzer hara’s puttin up a serious fite

    So u hav ur ups and u hav ur downs

    U got ur smiles n u got ur frowns

    The ikur is to realize this happens to all

    Don’t think that ur the only one to lose and fall

    Gota just keep pushin – get up off the floor

    Ha’olam hazeh domeh l’fruzdor

    Evry sigle actions gota be towards that goal

    Day after day gota be m’kabel the Ol-

    Malchus shomayim-try to pass evry test

    And realize hashem does evrything for the Best!

    in reply to: My made up song #714512

    i actually made this song up…sorry to those that hav problems with it.

    b”h im learning well in yesheva and dont have the problems i rhymed about.. but an outlet of mine is texting ‘rap’s out to my friends..this one was a joke just to make em laugh… hope u enjoy-i hav some beter ones

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