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    What do you think is the most heartfelt jewish song ever made, produced, etc..

    The one that makes you cry listening to it???

    lease try to stay on topic with replies.




    By all means Ani Maamin (the version from the churban).

    Very distant second place would be a special version of “Yiddele” recorded by Lipa for Zichron Shloime Refuah Fund. If someone has a copy or can tell me where to download it I’d very much appreciate it. The song is free of charge to download and I lost my copy.

    Also “Moishele” by Isaac Honig which was circulated at the time of Mumbai would share that distant second place.

    thinking jew

    Mama Rochel. (Aby Rottenberg, i think) the tune but especially the words are absolutely gorgeous. (I’m not sure this is the most heartfelt etc song ever produced but on the spot its the first one i can think of)


    Yoboneh Hamikdosh (MBD) – Bursting with optimism.

    Hamaloch Hagoel (Abie Rottenberg) – What every parent davens for.

    Sholom Aleichem (Shlomo Carlebach) – I just like the way he sings it.

    Hinei Yomim Ba’im (Don’t know the singer) – We are in golus, and this is what we miss.

    (A non-music-appreciating person’s list. I hear these when others play them.)

    Feif Un

    The original D’veykus version of In a Vinkeleh


    The Place Where I Belong – Abie Rotenberg – Journeys


    I used to think my mother was the Shabbos Queen


    I’m with thinking jew. That was the first song that came to mind, and no matter when I hear it, it brings tears to my eyes.

    I guess because it brings on the reality of how deep of a galus we’re in and the belief that there is going to be a geulah soon, produces tears of mixed feelings.

    The music/tune is something special and with Shwekey’s instrument-like voice, it hits you straight in the heart.

    I have a few others that come in close: Ana Hashem-Shlomo Carlebach, Forever One-Avraham Fried, English Shema Yisroel-Shwekey


    A couple – The Deaf Man at the Shteeble ALWAYS makes me cry,

    but whenever I hear Yerushalayim Shel Zahav or Ani Mavtiach Lach, though both are Israeli, as opposed to tefila-type origins, I get goose bumps. From Tehillim or davening there are just so many I could never choose one. They all make me emotional. Kol b’rama Nishma is a good example, and Im Eshkochaich,

    Be Happy

    A Yiddishe Mamma by Yossele Rosenblatt.


    Oomis, I’m with you. Gunther’s moves me for personal reasons, but Yerushalayim Shel Zahav puts me over the top, especially with the memory of newsreel I saw of soldiers running to the Kosel after the Six Day War, then dancing and singing this song. Got to tell you, I’m crying just typing this. (And Yehoram Gaon… hasn’t “made” teshuva yet as far as I know but about ten years ago I read a transcription in Yated of a monologue in his show. At least at that point, you could see that Sephardi purity and inner connection to authenticity; one can cry over his songs in complete good conscience IMO.)


    The Place Where I Belong – Abie Rotenberg – Journeys

    NY Mom

    Definitely Mama Rochel sung by Yaakov Shwekey. First thing that came to my mind.

    Also, Avraham Fried – Father Don’t Cry. I believe that is the name, about our Father (Hashem) crying , always moves me.

    I also love Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh. Those words are so meaningful and powerful, I chose it at my wedding to walk down the aisle.


    For me its definately Yoneson Shwartz song of the Chasson that lost his father just days before he got married- I forgot the name. Its so hartzig and such a nice mashal and nimshal


    Gunther great choice, I’ve actually been trying to find it recently(I believe the title is Yanky and the shabbos candles). Does anyone know where to find it?

    I can think of 2 Hinei yomim boim one is dveykus the other is Carlebach.

    The yiddish part of mama rochel does it for me.

    A lot of it depends on mood but there are tens of heartzig songs that are uplifting at the right time for me.


    No question. It has to be “Mama Rochel.” In second place would be “My Zaidy.” And I admit it – I cry when I hear “The Ninth Man.” But then again, I cry at everything anyway. 🙂


    I cry at the “Reach out and touch someone” and Folger’s Coffee commercials.


    daven for me and i will daven for you…. i think its an unbeleivable song!

    and anovim anovim


    Shloima Carelbach’s Shvartze Volf. Makes even a tough BPer like me sniffle


    “Neshomele” off of Journeys. I listened to it after a misscarriage and I cry everytime I hear it. Also, another vote for the “Place where I belong” from Journeys


    Shloima Carelbach’s Shvartze Volf. I listen to that song /story, and I can picture the darkness falling, like a personal ne’eilah. And at the last minute, salvation!


    golus mitzrayim MBD, and i think yerushalayim is a very uplifting song also MBD


    One more, but I’m not sure if it counts as a “Jewish” song, although the performer is definitely Jewish – the Theme from Schindler’s List.


    i know shuls that use that for unesaneh tokef…


    In A Song YBC3

    Because there is nothing worse than brother vs. brother.

    It makes me sad.

    Otherwise I agree with Kilo’s first response.


    Also from Journeys, “Father Please Tell Me (It’s What I Believe)” is a beautiful and haunting niggun.


    Ad Moseiy- Shloime Daskal

    Tatenyu- Avram Fried (he’s crying as he sings)

    Miracles- MBD

    Hashiveinu- Lipa

    as working mentioned- the moshol/nimshal of chosson’s father niftar right before wedding- by Yonosson Schvartz (heart wrenching)


    I agree with Gavra – YBC’s “In a Song”.

    I also just watched the music video for Shloime Daskal’s “Still My Child”. Heart-wrenching.


    One really sad song is “In a one room apartment, a story of magic unfolds..” It’s quite an old song, but I think it is so so sad. And the Hebrew song “Av Harachamim, Shochein Miromim…” I guess all Holocaust songs really triger very strong emotion especially that their generation is getting less and less…


    RACHEIM; Schweky all the way^-^


    I like “Ani Mamin” by Moshe Goldman. I actually know a few pple that walked down to their chupas with this song…


    Forever One-Avraham Fried

    Daddy Dear- MBD


    There are so many songs, Yedid Nefesh, IDK who sings it it’s an older one,

    though the other two are also very hartzig,

    Machnisei Rachamim,

    A Fried, Aleh katan Sheli,

    MBD, Neshomoleh.


    i remember on Rosh Hashana the chazzan singing yedid nefesh for hayom haras olam, that was the most beutiful thing i ever hard


    the mushiest tune &words combined is ‘is this the little boy i carried ‘in the musical fiddler on the roof. the most victorious tune is the music from Exodus.The most musically superior heartrenching niggun is the modzitzer Ezkiroh.The most popular piece of chazzanus is Sheyibone bais personal golden olddie favorite is the old rachem bichasdecho.


    Does anyone know the words of “Anavim”?

    I absolutely love the song, but I want to know the exact words.

    Also, where is it from, meaning, where are these words written?


    i found this transliteration online

    beshaa shemelech hamashiach ba omed al gag Bet Hamikdash mashmia leIsrael veomer: anavim anavim higia zeman guelatjem veim ein atem maaminim reu beori shezarach.



    And it is written in the Medrash Yalkut Shimoni.


    tour of yerushalayim is a very beautiful song by boruch levine




    mama rochel wins of course

    but second best is av harachamim from dovid gabays first album

    ilon from shwekeys newest album is also touching

    eternity which shwekey sang on the oorah cd a few years ago is buetiful

    moishele that lipa sang for the mambai kedoshim is moving too


    Here is a newer song by Shea Rubenstien, called “Window In Heaven” about a boy (himself, Shea) who grows up with a father that passes away at a young age. Also dedicated to Moishele Holtzberg.

    You can find a beautiful music video of it on under his name.

    Please tell me what you think of it if you look.


    I’m going to vote again – Moishele by Lipa is amazing. Also Ani Maamin on Jep 3 – the one where the man tells the story of how his father was R”L killed by the Nazis YM”Sh.


    Halelujah- I’m crying from that music video.

    When you hear the song alone the words aren’t clear so you don’t get the impact of the story. This brought new meaning & understanding- thanks for pointing me there



    Also Beshetzef Ketzef by Avrumi Flam and the old Ani Maamin on JEP are very heartfelt. Probably because they are in English and I therefore don’t listen as closely, they don’t affect me the way the Yiddish songs I mentioned do.

    Also, the Yiddish words added to the R Azriel Fastag HYD – Modzhitz Ani Maamin on Lipa’s Gam Zi LeToiva are very special.


    RaisedEyebrow: Thanks for the warm response to Window In Heaven!


    nachem-yacov young


    I’m no different then you-journeys, i have bro that’s autistic and this song makes me cry


    halelujah-how do you get to the music video? I went onto mostly and i couldnt seem to find the video. I love that song and it makes me cry almost every time i hear it.

    Basically all of Abie Rotenbergs songs -both hebrew and English, are really soul-stirring.

    NY Mom

    chasid-of-Hashem: Do a search on the site for Shea Rubinstein. It will show his CD “Ohavati”. Click on the word “Ohavti” next to the picture of the CD. That will bring you to a page which plays parts of his songs. Scroll down and you will see the video.

    It was very moving.

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