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    And I’m sure that when printing just began, people who Davened Ba’al Peh were bothered by those who used a printed Siddur.

    There are so many down sides to technology, why do we need to nitpick and denegrate those who use technology for Divrei Kedusha.

    Halevai that all iPhones and iPads be used for Divrei Kedusha only.

    Why does it bother you? Because you don’t have one?

    in reply to: The Weberman Trial By 5TJT Staff (this brought tears to my eyes) #913508

    Don’t you all see the pattern?

    It seems we have such an outbreak every few years, there’s a big cry and Tumult about openness, protecting the accusers, etc., and then we go right back to “sweeping it under the rug.”

    It happened with the Kolko monster, and Yeshiva Torah Temimah covering it all up. Open instances of threats against students who were abused by this “rebbi”, threats of suspension, Cheirum, etc. Heavy-handedness and pressure brought to bear by Margolis and his henchmen. And when this piece of garbage was convicted there was a cryout, “Oy, how can we just ignore or poor Yidesha Neshamas? Why are we not protcting them better?”

    And then – silence, nothing is done, the Gedolim – for the most part – continue to insist on silence and “deal with it quietly, in-house”, or they simply refuse to believe it happens, siting Lashon Haroah Halachos…

    It’s a pattern that won’t end until the Gedolim and Rabbonim openly condemn and punish the monsters. Torah Temima should have been shut down.

    The real issue here is one of “The silence of the Gedolim and Rabbohim is deafening.”

    in reply to: kollel and welfare #866798

    Although the tone of the original thread is most certainly out of line and demeans those that are holding up Klal Yisroel worldwide, the larger question is – Is this what Hashem really wants?

    In times past, those that were learning were supported by Yidden, and most often lived lives of severe poverty, and showed enormous Mesiras Nefesh to continue learning. A far cry from the majority of those learning in Kollel today who get free rent from the government, free food from the government, free medical care from the government, etc.

    I’ve always been a believer that B’Zayas Apecha Tochal Lechem applied to ALL men – even those in learning. But lately my faith has been shaken after observing those that are learning living what seems to be much easier, less stressful lives, and actually living better than me. I, too, learned in Kollel, but when we had our third child and my familial support wasn’t enough to live on, I went out into the working world. I was not going to support my family on government programs.

    I work an average of 10 to 11 hours a day (as do most of the working people I know), I have to count my measly two weeks of vacation and use them up all on Yom Tov, (and work Chol Hamoed – like today!) – and then use up sick and personal time – and then I see the learners get off a whole month for Pesach, almost a month for Succos, a whole month in the summer… seems a bit leisurely. I just don’t see the B’Zayas Apecha..

    Maybe it’s just sour grapes. I’m venting.

    in reply to: Frustrated Mothers of Girls: Can we hear your ideas #845513

    AZ, no one is saying to stop the Hishtadlus. From the outset I have said that we have a Chiyuv to make our Hishtadlus.

    But you keep saying things like, “in the present reality it’s not going to happen,” and those are the statements that bother me most.

    There is no such thing as a “reality” that Hashem can’t deal with. Whether it be a handful of Chashmonaoim against a much larger group of enemies (Rabim BYad Me’atim), whether it be the fall of Haman, whether it be one night worth of Shemen burning for 8 days, or whether it be 100 boys for 150 girls…

    There is nothing “tevadik” about Shidduchim even when things go smoothly. But if you keep making statements like, “B’Drech Hateva…can’t get married,” then you are sadly, severely lacking in Bitachon.

    Again, most definately, make the Hishtadlus – just don’t lose Bitachon as you have.

    I wish you well.


    in reply to: Frustrated Mothers of Girls: Can we hear your ideas #845509

    AZ, you have proved my point. I quote you as saying, “older single girls facing the reality that many of them will never marry” is the biggest lack of Bitachon and Apikorsus.

    NEVER MARRY?! Every single Yid has a Bashert. Upon every single Yiddishe Neshama a Bas Kol goes out and says who they are going to marry.

    Hashem Himself is Yoshev U’Mezaveg Zivugim.

    The only response to you is “Hayad Hashem Tiktzar?” Are you saying Hashem can’t do it or make it right?

    This is the very point I’m making.

    in reply to: Frustrated Mothers of Girls: Can we hear your ideas #845501

    AZ, I apprciate your reply.

    However, I guess we can debate quite a few points…

    1. Poverty and sickness (including infertility)ARE indeed communal responsibilities. Since time immemorial there have been Frum Tzedakah organizations taking care of Anyim, and Bikur Cholim organizations taking care of the sick, and we are commanded to seek out a medical attention to enth degree to save lives. That’s not to say that we don’t have to have Bitachon also in these areas, but these communal issues have always been cummunally attended to, and this is our Mesorah.

    2. You quote me as saying “To suggest that we do nothing and “have bitachon” that is on fake bitachon on yenems chesbon and a chazar treif hashkafa,” is so far from what I said. I specifically said that we must do our Hishtadlus, we must seek out Shadchanim, and we must spread the word. We should keep on top of things and be aware.

    I only question, after that, how much more?

    And since when did Shidduchim become a “communal” endeavor. 50 years ago and 100 years ago there were plenty of Bikur Cholim organizations and Tzedaka organizations, but there were no Nasi projects and no communal Shidduch groups – at least none that I can find in any of the history books of Gedolim that I’ve read.

    It would therefore seem to imply that this issue is a modern day “crisis” and we have to ask ourselves, how did it come about?

    3. You write, “Please don’t blame HIM for our mess ups.” I Chas V’Shalom never ever implied such a thing. Quite the contrary, I speculate – and I stress speculate – that it may be OUR mess up by overstepping our Hishtadlus obligations.

    4. I would continue to disagree with you that we need a “communal” initiative. I AGREE that each of us must do, do, do, everything we can for each other, and to pass on every lead, and every possibility – I just speculate that perhaps we are putting too much stock in our own efforts in an area where clearly – from Chazal – and historically – we have to let Hashem do His part.


    in reply to: Frustrated Mothers of Girls: Can we hear your ideas #845498

    When our sons were going out we had 20 or 30 resumes in our inboxes.

    When our first daughter started dating we got nothin! It was like culture shock.

    So we did our Hishtadlus: We took our daughter to three or four different Shadchanim in different neighboring cities and states, and we spread the word amongst our friends that our daughter was in the Parsha.

    Six months, eight months – Nothin! One call, she goes out with a disaster, and comes home in tears asking why we put her through that. Oy!

    In desperation, I went to our Rov and asked him what we’re doing wrong. His answer – “You’re doing everything exactly right. You did your Hishtadlus, and now Daven with Kavonoh, say Tehillim. But now it’s time to have Bitachon and let the Yosheiv U’Mezaveig Zivuggim do His part. Don’t tread on Hashem’s job.”

    So my wife and I stopped fretting.

    Guess what – three weeks later we get a call from a friend about a nephew of theirs and our daughter is engaged. B”H.

    Without wanting to sound overly Frum or pompous, maybe the Shidduch crisis is being caused by a lack of Bitachon. Of course we have to make our Hishtadlus, but if we go overboard (Nasi?) and we enter the realm where it’s Hashem’s job, nothing is going to happen. Hashem will say, “Oh, you think you can do My job? Go ahead – but it’s harder than Kriyas Yam Suf, which you can’t do!”

    There IS a Zivug for everyone. Bas Kol Yotzai V’Omer Ploni L’Plonis…” It’s not just a saying – it’s a fact!

    But each of us must find the balance between Hishtadlus and Bitachon. If we correctly strike that balance, I really believe the Shidduch crisis will go away.

    in reply to: Schnoring at weddings #831246

    Many years ago at my own wedding in Williamsburg, my father had someone on the staff of the hall stand at the front door and hand each Ani $10 and asked them not to come in. If they insisted, they were let in, but I’m told that very few came in. They took the $10 and went elsewhere. It cost a total of about $300, and our wedding guests were able to enjoy.

    My only question is: Did we take away everyone’s Mitzvas Tzedaka for the night?

    in reply to: Funny Shidduch Questions Asked About a Boy/Girl/Family #914046

    This one is a booboo I made when checking on a girl for my son:

    I called the Rov of the Shul listed on the girl’s resume’ (which I’m not a big fan of).

    I spoke to him for a few minutes trying to understand him as he spoke with much Yiddish mixed in and a real European and Chassidisha accent.

    When I mentioned to him that the girl’s resume’ had a second Shul listed, he said, “Oh, no, day never Davin dear.” I said, “why, not?” He said, “Becuase dat Shul doesn’t haf a roof.” I said, “So what do they do when it rains?”

    I kid you not….

    I’m not the sharpest arrow of the bunch.

    Ah K’Siva V’Chasima Tova

    in reply to: ObamNation: And It Begins…. #634299

    Charlie, you are absolutely correct, Lev Melachim B’Yad Hashem. We must Daven that Hashem gives our president the Chochma and Bina to act in Klall Yisroel’s interest. But Daven we must.


    I’ll learn Kedushin, BL”N.

    in reply to: Obama Win is Good! #642538


    If that’s your highly intellectual reply, “idiot” and “blot on the Neshama of Klall Yisroel,” all I can say is, “Kol Haposel, B’Mumo Posel.” Take a long hard look in the mirror.

    in reply to: Georgia Congressman Warns of Obama Dictatorship #642483

    To all who would deny the scary truth in this story… you’re making the exact same mistake some Yidden made in the past, R”L, “It can never happen here,” “This is a democracy, and we have rights,” “Anyone who says this is a nutcase,”

    I hope you’re right, (and the comparison to Y”SH is a bit harsh), but I, for one, will not be lulled into liberal complacency.

    It can’t hurt to take simple prepatory steps, i.e., make sure your family’s travel documents are up to date and valid, and keep a keen eye out for the very subtle nationwide mood shifts that may signal dangerous times ahead.

    in reply to: Obama Win is Good! #642506

    Sammyjoe, I like your post. Very positive.

    I’ll share with you the positive that my family will get out of Hussein’s win…

    I’m going to make sure all our passports and other documentation are up-to-date, and that our relatives in EY know that we may “drop” in without notice!!

    I guess that’s a good thing, right?

    in reply to: Obama Says he Didn’t Know About Aunt #624253


    I couldn’t agree more.

    Well said.

    in reply to: Obama Says he Didn’t Know About Aunt #624251

    jewishfeminist02, then all I can say is that not only is your feminism a severe spiritual disablity, but you also, sadly, must be blind and deaf.

    If anything, you are the narrow-minded one.

    I really feel badly for you.

    I have followed Hussein’s (why shouldn’t we call him by his name?? do you think the name Hussein has some negative connotations??), journy, and have watched him hoodwink and smile his way to where he is today, all the while being a lying arab.

    He’s a nobody with no history and no experience…a terrorist-loving, Jew hating arab, who has you so fooled it’s laughable. Remember, “Eisav Sonei L’Yaakov Din Hu.” There’s no getting around his hatred for Yidden – no matter how much he smiles and kisses up to the Jewish liberals.

    He’s the ultimate posterboy for “Boy, if you’re halfway goodlooking, can speak clearly, and have a lot of money, you can run for president.”

    Video’s and stories of his past shenanigans have been mostly covered up by the media who endorsed him.

    He’s so fake that sometimes I can’t tell if he’s a mannequin or a real person. He says exactly what should be said, at exactly the right moment, to exactly the right audience – and will change his tune, to fit exactly a different audience.

    You’ve been duped.

    in reply to: Obama Says he Didn’t Know About Aunt #624246

    anon for this, CH”V, absolutely not.

    My biggest hope is that this arab does not get elected, and is therefore never given a chance to put together his “civilian army.”

    But if it does happen, CH”V, then those liberals who voted him in should get their just rewards before those who called it…

    Don’t you think that’s only fair?

    in reply to: Obama Says he Didn’t Know About Aunt #624243


    Why do you waste your time and energy debating these narrow-minded, self-hating Jewish liberals?

    They are so blinded, that nothing you say or do will alter their goal of electing a lying, cheating, arab as president.

    I just hope that when Hussein’s (yes, that’s his name) “Civilian Army” aka the SS, comes for the Jews, they go for the self-hating liberals first.

    Maybe, just maybe, then they will realize that all they had to do was open their eyes.

    in reply to: Sowell: Obama Win Would Be Historic Tragedy #623434

    Well said.

    The self-hating Jewish liberals will find all kinds of fault with this one too.

    in reply to: Barack Hussein Obama, Will he Drop “Hussein” or Not? #623417


    Are you really truely that naive?

    It’s not that he “forgot” to put his hand over his heart, but it’s that he “B’Davka” purposely, did not.

    He was making a point.

    I get his point, you don’t.

    One more question:

    Is Give Me a Break, Illini07’s wife?


    in reply to: Barack Hussein Obama, Will he Drop “Hussein” or Not? #623396


    I’m just curious what your intellectual take is on the photo of Obama not holding his hand over his heart during the saying of the Pledge of Allegiance? This photo has been authenticated, and the story behind it can be found at the link I provided earlier.

    As you say to Pashuteh, without resorting to fear-mongering, what is your “well-reasoned” explanation for his refusal to do the most basica American thing, hold your hand over your heart during the Pledge of Allegiance”?

    What is your explanantion for his refusal to wear an American Flag pin, which every single other Senator does at certain occassions, EXCEPT FOR OBAMA?

    What is your explanation for his “American” wife, Michelle, stating just a few months ago, “for the first time I’m proud of America.” I guess until then, until her Muslim husband had risen to power, she was proud of which country – Syria? Iran? You can be sure it wasn’t England she was proud of.

    Don’t any of these things scare you just a little bit?

    Don’t they point to a serious, very basic flaw in the Obama family’s patriotism?

    I think it does.

    in reply to: Barack Hussein Obama, Will he Drop “Hussein” or Not? #623391

    “Hussein vs. McCanin” Who would you rather have for president?

    “John McCain the right stuff – Barak Hussein Obama the Wright stuff”

    “You have to be insane to vote for Hussein?

    “Obamanation’s got all the Wright friends”

    “Nobama ’08”

    See this photo – http://www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/o/obama-salute.htm

    “Obama – Wrapping Socialism in a smile”

    I bet all the self-hating liberal Jews will vote for this Arab anyway.

    I wish Rabbi Meir Kahana were alive.

    in reply to: Bein Hazmanim #623144

    The Right Way,

    When my sons were in high school, a very intense Yeshiva, I approached the Menahel with this exact question – should I ask my sons, or pressure my sons to learn during Bein Hazmanim? His answer was a very quick and emphatic, “No.”

    He termed it as a Yeridah Shehi L’Tzorech Aliya, and told me not to pressure them at all. Whatever they do on their own is great, but I should not pressure them, and C”V, never display any outward displeasure if they don’t learn what I, personally, would have liked to see from them.

    They rarely cracked a Sefer during Bein Hazmanim in High School!!

    Now they are all in upper Beis Medrash, and when they’re home for Bein Hazmanim they all learn pretty intensely every day – without a word from Tatti.

    in reply to: Stop Being a Kanoi on Simchas Torah #623298

    In my Shul, I buy all the whisky in advance, and I’m in charge of giving it out. If I see that someone looks like he may have had “one too many” I will not give them any more, and, of course, no minors are permitted to have anything.

    In fact, even 21 somethings can’t get anything out of me without their parent’s permission.

    Everyone who wants just gets a bit “happier”, but it is a way of controlling the situation, without going stone dry.

    I stop giving out drinks as soon as Leining and Aliyos start, so that by the time Mussaf comes around, everyone is fine.

    In my five years of doing this, no one has ever gotten out of hand, and we’ve had no incidents of anyone getting sick or hurt, C”V.

    I receive emails every year thanking me for the responsible way our Shul handles the drinking situation.

    The Gabboim stop anyone else who brings in bottles.

    It’s a system that really works, and our Shul’s Simchas Torah is wonderful.

    in reply to: Out Of The Mailbag: (Bungalow Colony Binge Drinking) #619606

    glatta-kup: All I can say is, “Al Titzdak Harbei.” Everyone has their own way to be Mekadeish HaShabbos, and unless all YOU do on Shabbos is learn and daven, and eat just a bit more than bread and water L’Kavod Shabbos, then how are YOU being MeKadeish Shabbos? Do you nap? What a waste of this holy day? You should be learning at least 24 of the 26 or so hours that we have Shabbos Kodesh!!

    Do you mean to tell me that because I drink a bit more than I usually do for a few minutes that I’m not at all being MeKadeish Shabbos?!

    “Holier than thou” people are usually covering up their own guilty shortcomings.

    I very carefully stated that I don’t ever approve of real Shikrus, but a bit more than usual, in my mind, is a healthy outlet. Remember, I only said, “a bit more than usual.” Losing control, and staggering around on unsteady legs means a person drank more than they should have. If they don’t know their own limits and can’t control themselves, then I agree they shouldn’t start.

    in reply to: Out Of The Mailbag: (Bungalow Colony Binge Drinking) #619595

    I’m not one for all out uncontrolled Shikrus (everyone knows their limits – and if they don’t they shouldn’t even sip a drink), but if for one hour a week, on Shabbos, the men want to let loose and have a roaring good time, I see nothing wrong with it.

    It’s the perfect time to drink a bit more than usual…think about it… we can’t drive, we will likely be eating right afterwards and then nap, and three hours later we’re back to being our responsible selves.

    I join a Shabbos morning kiddush sometimes in my town and me and my friends drink much more than we normally would… but it’s safe, and it’s the right time…and if this is the “bad” in us, then it’s all good.

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