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    MediumThinker: The caffeine for caffeine pills is extracted from coffee. How do you think we ended up with decaff? World without coffee would be a world without, or at least with many, many less caffeine pills!

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    “The Chosen” is surprisingly good. I’ve never seen Frumkeit prtrayed even closely in a film, except “The Chosen”.

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    yytz – You clearly have no first hand experience of Marijuana smokers. Very few actually get paranoid. The ones that do, don’t keep smoking. If they do they’re idiots. Most continuous users experience very few negative effects. Interestingly, Alcohol is legal. Many users clearly act in a way that shows that they feel anxious and paranoid, but only they’re aggressive and violent too. Many people don’t experience this from Alcohol, but because it’s legal and socially accepted, many people continue to drink regularly. They may be better off smoking pot, or just reading and exercising perhaps.

    No serious studies have come back with evidence to substantiate belief that using Marijuana causes any mental health problems. Obviously cannabinoids can have negative effects on people with mental health, but any chemical can. Also, many people with mental health issues, report that marijuana helps them.

    Funnily enough, Marijuana, like any other plant or synthesised substance containing chemicals, can effect different people differently. So as far as legalisation is concerned, people should have the choice.

    This is a controversial idea to amuse and I’m not sure how solid it is. I once heard that the Baal Shem Tov smoked a pipe before Davening every day. Did they have Tobacco in the Ukraine at that time? I also heard a story about a Yid that had been wrongfully prosecuted. The story goes, the BESHT smoked his pipe till everyone fell asleep and he freed the Yid.


    aries2756 ASPERGERS IS BY NO MEANS A DISEASE!!! It’s actually quite disgusting to hear people talk like this.

    Without reading the responses. I’ll jump straight in on this one. zeena.kasta I think some research could really help. Asperger’s Syndrome isn’t a mental disorder or metal health problem. I get very offended by the general consensus and the sheer lack of understanding of autism spectrum disorders. I have recently been diagnosed and can honestly say that if I had been diagnosed at a young age, as opposed to 22, I wouldn’t have faced any where near as many social problems as I did. It helps to know that your brain works differently than average and society can’t seem to bother with you, rather than just thinking you’re a piece of drek.

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    Fox – Like focks as in an animal called a Fox or 21st Century Fox.

    Outside – As in not inside.

    The – Used before singular or plural nouns and noun phrases that denote particular, specified persons or things.

    Box – A receptacle used to store or contain things.

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    Better still, go to shake, but then simply slap them, excruciatingly hard!

    Tough love!

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    Go to shake, then pull away, put your thumb against the tip of your schnoz, waving your fingers in a silly and random fashion, and make the sound one makes when breaking wind with your mouth! It can’t be worse than what most goyim think of Jews. At least they’ll just think you’re meshugah!

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    Somebody, earlier in the thread mentioned non-zionism. I like this terminology. I smoke. I have friends that don’t. They aren’t anti-smoking, they would just rather not smoke, buy into smoking or perhaps take a hand from it, because they have reasons to believe it will cause ‘nothing but harm’ and hey see no logic in it. They are non-smokers. On that basis, I am a non-zionist.

    P.S Smoking does suck. If you don’t already smoke, don’t smoke! I started at 12 and I am planning to give up when I resettle and start working again. My youth and adolescence was wasted in many ways and, if you’re interested I am only in very early stages of gerus. Non-the-less, my Hashkafa is basically taking leaps to the right at every point immediately. You may say, typical Giur!

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