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    we lived in ramat eshkol – def best place for young famalies. arzei habira, machal, maalot dafna, sanhedria, and sanhedria murchevet are also great depending on budget. Ramat eshkol more expensive but there are loads of young american families. French hill has in the last few months been in a “mini crisis” as very close to arab village and many undesirables making life particularly difficult there….

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    Chevra – your ignorance about Africa is sad

    As an “African” I can tell you that there are indeed many children in Africa who are indeed starving. There are unfortunately many children who die not only of hunger, but of thirst too. Fresh water, believe it or not to many of you Americans, in some parts of rural Africa, simply doesn’t exist.

    As one poster noted – the main causes in the majority of the cases of hunger and starvation is as correctly noted – due to war.

    However not all of Africa is like this, so many of you can come down from your “Ivory Towers” and experience Africa for yourselves. Not such a crazy thing

    And when you do, let me know – ill be happy to give you a ride on my elephant and will be more than happy to share my Shabbos pigeon chullent with you

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    Oh please “whats the evidence”?!?!

    He is guilty. I jury convicted him. She testified and since then at least one other victim has come forward. What a busha, a real chillul HaShem. He should sit for a very long time

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    Hi write or wrong

    Ive read alot of the posts and PG Hashem should give you and your family the koach to get through this. There is an unbelievable programme in EY . i would highly recommend it. My other recommendation is to send your son on a holiday. even go with him. frum communities in EY and even USA are very intense and extremely polarised. Either your part of a community or you’re not. Im from South Africa and would highly recommend spending time on holiday here. The communities are not polarised and there are varying levels of yiddishkeit, from totally irreligious (but proudly Jewish) to chareidi and yeshivish. Maybe something that your son could relate to? There is a real emisdikke approach to yiddishkeit here and a real ba’al teshuva movement – with people who are searching for the emis. if youre interested i could help

    Besuros tovos

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