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    yitayningwut, cant understand how the people who come late to shul yell at the people who talk by davening. likewise how does a internet addict talk about bitul torah. ??? ??? ???? ?????

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    People excuse their bad behaviour because something out of their control happened to them. this gives them a right to be depressed or whatever.. Rabbi Belsky says that the gemara says that although someone was tripped by another person he is still responsible for the damages caused by whoever tripped on him because “??? ?? ????? ??? ???” “he should have gotten up and he didn’t” a person has to get up! even if he sunk into depression for a good reason he is responsible to get up!!

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    when a man asked Rabbi Meir’s wife “???? ??? ????” “which road to lod” she admonished him that he should of asked “???? ????” “which to Lod” so not to transgress “?? ???? ???? ?? ???” “do not talk a lot to a woman” make your own conclusions about the abovementioned workplace.

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    the reform instituted that instead of saying “??? ?? ?????? ??” the chasan should say “??? ????? ????? ??” when it came to giving a get they were stuck until they decided on “??? ????”

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    Health, i dont remember being so heimish with you or calling you by your nickname which i guess would be “healthy” so please try calling me “R’ Gimpel” and not “Gimpie” “??? ????? ????, ??? ????? ?? ??????, ???? ?? ????’ “

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    did you ever hear someone scolding another person by saying “don’t jumo off the cliff” and when the person answers so what about you? he says “i’m not the type to be into my health”

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    dear health, writing what you wrote is not good for ones health ????? ??? ???? ?? ???? ???’

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    seems like this turned into a daniel soloff forum mor than an unemployment in lakewood thing. daniel soloff and pcs is great but what about the subject.

    grumpy gimpy

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