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    smile, ur pics are stunning! q for u: it looks like you were in israel when u took these pix. were you? (i’m assuming u are a girl-hope i’m right:) were they taken in sem?

    if i’m wrong-sorry, hope ur mochel me!

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    wolfish, ur pics are stunning!!! keep ’em coming!!!

    if ur not a prof. photographer, you should totally become one- you have such potential!

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    how in the world did i leave out dovid gabay from my favorites? he’s tied with boruch levine

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    I would hope that if parents are planning on letting their child get a cell phone, first of all, they should take into consideration how much they can trust their child, second of all, set up rules for the child to obide by (obviously, if the rules cannot be adhered to, consequences must be set up) number three, (in my opinion) they should make sure it is a NEED rather than a desire. if it is just a desire (to be considered with it…)that may be a red flag.but you gotta know ur child (i’m sure that some children are good at keeping secrets, and their parents don’t know (yet) not to trust them, so that can be a problem, too)

    personally, i got my cell phone right b4 HS because i was doing a lot that summer and my parents wanted to be able to keep in touch with me to make sure i was always ok. and my parents knew they could trust me (B”H!)

    obviously, this is not good for some children

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    1 shwekey

    2 boruch levine

    3 Yehuda and Pruz tie

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    Thanks all! i am definitely thinking of all this, and i have not yet started taking the courses (i haven’t even signed up for them yet) so i can still change my mind. so i’ll see. but thanks again!

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    misterhock, i really thank you very much, but apparently, not enuf ppl will be saying tehillim in a way that we would be able to finish many times by the time yom kippur comes around, so right now, just say some tehillim. if more ppl sign up that’s great, i’ll try to get some of my friends to do it. if anything changes, i’ll let you know.

    thanks again so so much!

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    thanx misterhock! guys, i’m bringing this back up to the top, it’s really important to me!

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    i persnally don’t like sfardi style music, but the bo’i b’shalom on this new cd is really really nice! i luv it!

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    thanx everyone!!!!

    in reply to: What's the Pasuk? #691934

    Thanx littleeeema!

    in reply to: Whats Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor? #1194406

    cookie dough is my favorite by far (and i just had it yesterday for the first time in three yrs, cuz i can’t get it cholov yisroel (i took on cy in 10th grade)so someone who knows my father was catering some kind of event and cookie dough was ordered (parve) and he ended up having extra, so he gave some to my father special for me!!!!!!! i am so thankful! (of course, i just sit there pickin out the dough!) blinky, don’t chicken out! it’s soooooooooo good, just like reg cookie dough. just in ice cream.

    mint choco chip comes next. then coffee mocha chip.

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    c’mon everyone. maybe we can have a whole diff thread for swimming, the way this looks, i’ll be a long disscussion. let’s keep to the subject, k?

    not trying to be annoying or anything, just that any time i see this on top of the list, i assume it’s about the girls, only to find it’s a thread about swimming with one’s wife.

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    just last nite i was very disturbed by this obvious breach in tznius. i was at a wedding of a schoolmate, and i was disgusted to see how some guests were dressed. these girls, some still in high school, others married with their own kids, all come from fine, FRUM families, and their skirts were tight and above their knees, their blouses/shirts were very flashy…

    g2g but it was very disturbing

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    that’s mean! but i guess it got the message across.

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    congregating in the street is not tzanua, i said that, and it should not be done. but if girls wanna sit on the porch or in the front yard, out of harms way, to watch little sibs or just to get some fresh air and CHAT (NOT “hang out with”) with a few friends, in my eyes would be acceptable. i would feel suffocated if i had to stay indoors 24/7.

    hanging out is not tzanua, but how can you compare girls having a conversation, in a tznius way, to eating pig? please clarify, cuz i’m not sure i understood that part.

    and helpful, i do not follow hashkafos haTV, i do not watch tv, and i bezras HaShem will never own one. i realize u were just giving ur opinion, as that is what the cr is for, and i’m not hurt by what u said, but be careful with what you say please, as someone else might take it the wrong way.

    and, lets face it, these days in shmutz la’aretz, although ideally the girls should remain off the streets, it’s not happening these days. today is diff than the days of old. sad, maybe, but reality.

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    me’ein and menucha v’simcha from menucha are totally stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just listened to me’ein and now i’m listening to menucha v’simcha and i just listened to shwekeys sameach and im eshkachaich like ten times this morning already, and plan on listening a few more times:)

    also yehuda’s hallelu es H-Shem is really nice, has a good soft tune

    in reply to: Girls Congregating the Streets on Shabbos #691681

    sorry, but does any of this have to do with girls congregating on the streets? i’d like to stick to the topic, so heres my opinion:

    i don’t see any reason why girls should not be able to get together outside of their houses. the street is just as much theirs as it is the bochurims. granted, they should not be wild and noisy and have such an animated conversation where they would be quick to draw attention to themselves. and they should at least stay off the actual sidewalk when they know men and boys will be on their way to and from shul. but other than that, like i said, the street is just as much theirs as it is anyone else’s.

    as for the boys, if they know there is a specific street where girls are congregating in a non tznius way, maybe speak to someone and try to stop them (for their own good), for we can’t tell the boys to walk down a different street, because the street is just as much theirs as it is the girls.

    this goes both ways, and everyone must be considerate of everyone else. girls of boys, and boys of girls. (men and women too!)

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    definitely shwekeys “forever” “mama rochel” “sameach” “im eshkachaich”

    shea rubinsteins “window in heaven”

    pruz “Youre watching me”

    ??? come with me little neshamale

    tunz of hebrew songs too: a lot of yehuda’s songs are really nice, like al tirah, mi ban siach, im eshkachaich………

    so many singers,too many great songs to list to list (also tunz of great songs on yosis orchestra (especially chuppa track, and third track. shloime dachs dance all nite is totally amazing!!!!!)

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    i am totally shwekey’s biggest fan in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!! no one beats shwekey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! his songs all have stunning tunes, and even if they wouldn’t, his songs would still be as stunning because you could tell he sings straight out of his heart. just my type of music!!!!!!

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    thanks, helpful! don’t worry, i won’t be!!!!!!! i’ve got lots to say:)

    in reply to: Screen Names #1176037

    because i know He does.

    yes, i’m new around here. i mean, i’ve been reading everyone’s posts for the longest time, and i finally decided to take part in them cuz there are so many topics that i love on here!

    ywn is the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!

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