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    Facebook could be a bad thing but I have to keep up with friends from elmentry school to high school & other things and to publicy the best camp which is govoah

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    Congratulation to BYHS of lkwd on graduating 12 grade good luck in sem

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    First for all its mbc not ybc 2nd its a very nice song!!!

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    my opinion is go for a dell they are better computers then hp

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    Its a awesome music video if u don’t like it then dont watch it GO Orel we will miss u in the choir we hope to see u in camp

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    EvanAl Orchestra For Bookings and Additional Information:

    Office: 347-733-2034

    Email: [email protected]

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    what do u call a group of bais Yaakov girls on a scary roller coaster? A tehillim group

    why do chinese hate football? Because they spend 16 hours a day making them

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    I like shwekey, ybc/ avraham fried & alot of others singers

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    i basically like all his songs but the song i really like now is “cry no more” its just an awesome song and why bec they are just very good songs

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    i think u should speak to rabbi shmuel gluck from areivim in monsey he helps a lot of teens in that situation or even worse, you could check out the website they have a lot of programs that could help the office # is 845-371-2760 his cell # is 914-490-8129 I’m sure he would help u helped thousands of kids i hope this helped

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    yup he is very talented guy all the music is him beat boxing or other stuff & composed most of the song on this album i heard that he has a few songs for a solo album of himself which i don’t know wen its gonna come out maybe a year or two he’s busy doing other projects like the chevra is coming out lag b’omer i also agree the choir doesn’t sound that too good, but overall its a good cd for sefira & the three weeks, i also personally know a kid that was in the choir (he just left pesach)

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    Blue Jays Win Opener

    J.P Arencibia hit a 3 run home run in the top of the 16th inning as the Blue Jays beat the Cleveland Indians 7-4. Ricky Romero went 5 innings allowing 4 earn runs on 3 hits while striking out 4. also it was the longest game on Opening Day in Major League history. GO JAYS!!

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    NO he is not related to yerachmiel begun also its an awesome song

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    I am ready for the bluejays to win the world series!!!! GO JAYS!!!!!

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