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    Wow. That was so so so amazing. Ur very talented.

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    I want to just tell u guys to stay strong, even if it’s hard. Hashem is there, I promise.

    Ive watched so many people I love have eating disorders and it’s a serious thing. Just know that there are so many people out there that love you and wanna support you. Check out its a website for Jewish girls I created abt this kinda thing. Hatzlacha!

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    I am an introvert, but I am still friendly. I keep things to myself unless I know and trust the person very well.

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    I am one of those people that thinks everyone is capable of being a good person. We are all capable of recognizing Hashem and loving Him, but it takes some girls longer than others. You never know the challenges which can be occurring in someone’s life. Its scary. So don’t judge.

    I used to feel so far away from Hashem. But B”H I was able to grow and connect to Him. It’s so hard to just recognize somethig, because schools make you feel dumb if you have a sight question. It pushes some of us away.

    That is why it is SO important to have supportive and understanding friends. So that you can help eachother and learn together and ultimately achieve what you were sent here for.

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    Ohhhhhh I think ur friend actually asked me once to see what my answer wud be 🙂

    After u asked her.

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    What’s the answer Dancinggirl?!

    Is it that the sister stole her guy?

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