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    If it’s KBY then you have no problem – it’s chutznik programme is literally black as all the rebeim are black.

    There only real hashkafah is to not worry about the ‘fluf’ and focus on what’s important!!

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    Judaism is not rules and regulations. It’s a way of life.

    Who knows how to live life better than the One who created it?

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    oomis: You think that reading a book is “escaping”. Or going on holiday is “escaping”.

    Maybe we have different ideas of what escaping is.

    Escaping from life is not what Hashem wants.

    Hashem wants us to have some ‘time out’ but that is not escaping.

    That is living!

    That’s doing what Hashem wants.

    Because Hashem wants us to LIVE 🙂

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    Tell her to start listening to rabbi wallerstien in a round about way.

    She’ll stop on her own account after hearing ideas from him.

    The best way is for her to grow on her own with you pushing her in right direction

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    Taking family on vacation is NOT an escape!! That is where many people have gone wrong.

    Of course Hashem wants us to relax, listen to music, play sports etc

    BUT! Are we doing it Leshem Shomayim? That is the main thing.

    Therefore, as long as we do things in a way which Hashem would want us to do, such as:

    Music- Jewish Music

    Sports- so we are healthier. Why do we want to be healthier? To serve Hashem better!

    When we go on holiday, we are not escaping from the world. We are doing a mitzvah by seeing how special Hashem has made the world. We are creating stronger relationships with our family.

    The list can go on!

    But a vacation as long as it is done Leshem Shomayim in a kosher way then Hashem will be happy.

    Hashem just wants that everything we do is done in a way that we have a relationship with him.

    When we are at work- it is done honestly.

    When we tie our shoe laces!

    When we come out the bathroom- we say Asher Yatsar.

    So you might ask> Hashem is co cruel he made a world so we just thank him the whole time.

    Not true! It’s just the relationship he wants!

    He made us! He just wants a kesher, so we live properly and with fulfilment.

    So back to the movie question: Are you watching it because you want to escape or you need to relax a bit to serve Hashem with more strength?

    Is this the best way you could fulfil these objectives?

    Who understands/agrees?

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    Write out the positives and negatives.

    Why do you want to watch movies?

    Why do you not want to watch movies?

    Music and Movies are the pen of the neshama. What we look at affects the way we think. The way we act and therefore the way we live. Look at it long term!

    Before you watch make sure to ask yourself :

    Is this what Hashem wants from me? He created this whole world out of such kindness. Does he really want me to escape from it? Or does he want me to live properly!

    Movies and non-Jewish music are substances which try and fill voids. Really you want to get closer and connected to something real. However, this is a fake alternative.

    We have to live with direction and purpose!

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    Thank you!

    Anymore please?

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    You need to get REAL with your Judaism.

    That is the key.

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