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    Moshe Neiman told me where to send the money. Thanks everyone for your input – I appreciate everyone in helping me bring this to a successful end.

    A gut yor.

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    Are you sure about that? How would I verify that? Can I just call up KRM and ask them?

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    Thank you everyone for your opinions. It seems that the CR paskens that I must return the money. Of course I had never doubted returning the money, but was waiting 30 days to see if the charge would be reversed. It now seems that the store has not realized the error, so it is now my responsibility to return the money.

    Does anyone know how to contact Mountain Food?

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    There is a wonderful service that keeps up to date on all kosher issues relating to starbucks. Sign up to their emails which come only about once a quarter.

    Kosher Starbucks

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    I was in Dallas in the beginning of the winter. Their school is wonderful, it is a fully functioning school just as you’d expect a yeshiva or bais yakov in Lakewood to be, but without the fighting and politics. Never mind that it is easier to get your kids into school there than in Lkwd!

    The principal is Rabbi & Mrs. Udman, they are a great couple and are extremely devoted to their school, as is everyone in the community.

    It is a very inspiring community, if you are looking for an interesting vacation this winter don’t go to Florida, head over to warm and sunny Dallas instead.

    Rabbi Shimshon Scherer visited Dallas with 50 members of his shul, they were very impressed with what they saw!

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    Lipa has produced a fine, hartzige album, with the exception of the following:

    • #14 The entire song “Hentelech”
    • #13 Carry On “Pick Yourself Up And Go On….And On”
    • #9 Wake Up “Wake Up…Wake Up…Wake Up..”
    • image of torn Kol Koreh against Lipa’s concert
    • back cover: March 9 ’08

    Otherwise, it is a great album, and I love listening!! Keep it up, Lipa.

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