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    we once had a project to do, we had to write about 1 of our grandparents who went through the war.

    As a class, we decided someone should present as Avrohom Avinu who went through the war with the 4/5 kings. He was our grandfather!

    I was the one chosen to present to the class…

    My grandfather was born in 1948…. his name was Avrohom Terachson.

    Unfortunately, the teacher had caught wind that something “interesting” was going to happen in our class, and didn’t think it was all that funny. She didn’t want to let me present do my real report. (at the end she did…)

    We actually thought she was the type to for sure enjoy such a “prank”

    oh well.

    nice try.

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    Another thought:

    Are you using a gram scale to measure out the formula and water? Some kids are very sensitive to the concentration and the only way to make it exact is buy using a gram scale.

    99.8% of kids (at least US ones) who need an elemental will tolerate at least one, either neocate or Ellecare. The 2 in 1000 who don’t generally have more going on than “just” allergies, so if he’s truly not tolerating any formula, you need to get the doctors to look deeper…


    Alimentum Ready to Feed is different from the powdered version, I did hear of child handling the ready to feed better than the powdered version…

    There is also “Nutramigen AA” I don’t know much about it, but I did hear of a kid that did better on this than either elemental formulas..

    Also: going back to the hypoallergenic formula: kids can handle it better/worse PO (by mouth) vs. tube ((n)g or j)

    Hope I didn’t overload you with too much info…

    in reply to: Hypo-allergenic baby formula #849425

    I’ve had a lot of experience and know many others with hypoallergenic formula experiences…

    The most hypoallergenic formulas as far as I know are Neocate and Ellecare. (EO28 ranks pretty hypoallergenic as well, that’s flavored and for kids ages 1-10)

    Against what many doctors claim, there are definitely kids that for some odd reason tolerate one better than the other Ellecare vs. Neocate. I don’t think anyone has figured out a rhyme, reason or explanation. But take it from someone who’s been down the GI/Allergy line, it’s just a fact.

    Another very interesting note: there have been cases, few and far between but it does exist, kids that cannot tolerate the Ellecare or Neocate but do better on the Alimentum (which has the pig shaila). Go figure!

    Feel free to ask more questions, I’d be happy to help in any way I can.

    in reply to: Things Kids Said/Did #1185285

    I asked my 3 year old if I should tell him a secret.

    He said (of course) Yes.

    I whispered into his ear “I love you SO SO SO much”

    His response: That’s not a secret!!!!

    My now 7 year old was at a specialist’s office when she was 3. She loved the nurse. She turns to me as we were leaving. “Isn’t Kerry a girl?” I’m wondering what she’s getting at… I respond “yes”

    She responds: “so why is she wearing pants?!?!” I was somewhat mortified because Kerry was right next to us (she’s a goy). She turned around and smiled “my, she’s so perceptive!” (that was nice of her!!)

    I was so surprised because we don’t make a big deal about pants. Personally, I like girls once they’re walking in dress/squirt/jumper. There’s no “ok, now we’re not wearing pants anymore” as we do with socks switch to tights…)

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