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    Now, now, homer, resorting to asking me if I’m Communist is less accurate than if I asked you whether you’re a fascist for your support of the Neo-Nazi leaders of the Ukrainian coup de’tat that have advocated and implemented violence against Ukrainian Jews. These anti-Semitic parties, such as Svoboda, are now members of the new government that overthrew the democratically elected government using Jewish-beating gangsters such as Right Sector to initiate violence in Maiden.

    Let’s play nice. And let’s not forget that it was the Ukrainian population that worked hand-in-hand with the systematic Nazi murder of the Ukrainian Jews during the holocaust.

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    I’m not so sure that there are, percentage-wise of worldwide Jewry, less people in Kollel today than in pre-haskala Europe. There was less non-religious Jews pre-haskala. The non-religious today represent an overwhelming majority of Jewry and when you take them into account along with religious Jewry that are not in Kollel, kollel people are a small percentage of Jewry. So to call the tiny percentage of Jews in kollel as “mass Kollel” is inaccurate.

    Besides, who is anyone here to say that whatever the percentage of kollel people are of Jews, that it is “too many” today???

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    akuperma: I sincerely doubt the U.S. and NATO will be interested in setting themselves up to be treaty-bound in the future for an armed conflict with a nuclear Russia. Throughout the Cold War, even in the midst of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the first priority of both the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. was to avoid a war with each other.

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    OddAnon: Thank you for that information.

    So the secular Minister of Defense will be picking out the lomdim? How will he choose if he does? And how will this “committee of the Roshei Yeshivos” be composed?

    Can a Chareidi yeshiva get the same terms as Merkaz (or hesder)? Will the IDF have Neteurei Karta soldiers?

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    homer: Putin indeed is a KGB thug. But the Neo-Nazis in Ukraine who seized power are far worse than him.

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    yitayningwut: That the gentile stories are fiction while ours are not. Much like the Torah is Emes while the Koran and NT is sheker.

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    akuperma: NATO will have no interest in accepting a member that is involved in a territorial dispute, or any dispute for that matter, with Russia. NATO isn’t looking to potentially set itself up to be involved in a military confrontation with a nuclear armed Russia.

    Additionally, if the Ukraine were to continue seeking NATO membership, there is a strong propensity to see that before such a membership became formalized Russia would invade the Ukraine’s eastern cities with large Russian populations, thus making NATO membership even more untenable.

    charliehall: In what way was it not democratic? The dispute was initiated when the then government signed an agreement with Russia rather than the EU. That decision was the elected Ukrainian government’s sovereign right to make even though it had both support and opposition among the populace. As far as the Maiden killings, there is a verified recording between EU foreign ministers discussing that the violence was initiated by radical factions in the Maiden opposition that was seeking an armed confrontation with the then government in order to win sympathy on the assumption many would make that the government initiated the violence.

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    akuperma: NATO doesn’t accept new members who are involved in a territorial dispute. So as long as Russia holds unto Crimea, with Ukraine claiming legal jurisdiction over Crimea, the Ukraine will be ineligible for NATO membership. Which of course is Putin’s goal as he initiated this entire scenario specifically to keep the Ukraine outside of NATO and the EU’s orbit.

    Putin accomplished the same result with his takeover of two areas in Georgia in 2006, thus immediately ending Georgia’s NATO ambitions which it had been pursuing until that point.

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    Freilichen PI Day!

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    Will Anti-Zionist Jews be drafted? Will we soon be witnessing armed Satmar, Brisk and Neteurei Karta IDF soldiers?

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