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    Why do we need to ban anything? You’re a smart person! You don’t like it, don’t use it.

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    I second beitar, especially beis. Alef is mostly very frum, yeshivish people, with a nice amount of chassidim in the mix, but beis is apparently much more chassidish. It is a beautiful place to live and raise your children.

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    If DeSantis runs for president and is nominated, he will likely win the election. Especially vs. Joe Biden. A glass of water could probably beat Joe Biden!

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    The Democrats will turn to TikTok…

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    In E”Y most people use taf in conversational Hebrew and saf when using lashon kodesh- davening, laining etc. Does chabad use the saf in conversational Hebrew as well?

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    Always, it is so amazing that you started the daf, especially that nekuda of your kids’ chinuch. I apologize for jumping down your throat at the wording. It is really great that you are able to learn through a daf every day!
    Hatzlacha learning through shas!

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    Always, the gemara was not written for cursory reading. You don’t make gemaras “fit” your agenda.
    You could very well be right, that it is referring to all crimes of this nature, but I felt I had to respond to your word choice.

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    I think mods should make a new category for all your threads;)

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    After what happened in this case I would hesitate to publicize until the abuser is arrested. Publicizing before the abuser is secured in a place to await trial somewhere that they cannot harm others or themselves is counterproductive. (He may run away/commit suicide) However, once the abuser is in jail awaiting trial, the story SHOULD be publicized as much as possible, to encourage other victims to come forward.
    So in short- first go to the police and have him arrested, and THEN publicize.

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    Uh, IMNSHO the OP was opening the floor to suggestions and ideas about how to prevent this tragedy from recurring. So yes, my post was a response. I’m not sure what led you to think otherwise. I simply listed several things that I believe need fixing, and explained them.

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    Sheesh. I didn’t realize that my (intelligent) suggestions and commentary were THAT controversial! I thought that the point of the CR was to facilitate discussions of pertinent issues… Oh well.
    I’m actually pretty annoyed, because I think that some of the points which were censored (one specifically) is extremely important and underrecognized, and I was trying to raise awareness. I guess this is not the forum for that.
    Mods-if you didn’t like the suggestions (with explanations) that I wrote in response to the OP, why didn’t you just delete the OP’s thread before anybody saw/responded to it? It was bound to be controversial!

    You may need to rethink why posts get deleted (see https://www.theyeshivaworld.com/coffeeroom/topic/dystopian-future-of-the-cr ) You are also asking why I didn’t delete an OP instead of asking if your post was actually a response to it.

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    ujm-many times couples in counseling may have separate sessions with the therapist in conjunction with their couples sessions. So yes, individual. Sorry I did not make that more clear.

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    Legitimizing the concern in order to deal with it has to come first. Many many people are still in total denial that such things can EVER happen. This happened by the Weberman case, by the Meisels case, here, and will keep happening until we as a global community stop trying to sweep the elephant under the rug. People are saying, it’s not possible that a frum upstanding man could do such things, and why should we believe the accusers anyway? (half the time they are OTD) Well you brainiacs, why do you THINK they went OTD to begin with??
    Secondly, I believe that the media was way too hyped up.


    Third, it seems that many people (rabbanim) were aware of the abuse for a long time already. If this is true (I am not sure it is) then we need a whole new type of LH workshop. If you are aware that someone is or was abused and nothing has been done to the abuser, you must report it to the authorities. Full stop. Therapists, doctors and the like are mandated reporters. I believe that rabbanim ought to be made into mandated reporters as well.


    This type of abuse can warrant the death penalty (in civil court), just to underscore the severity of it. Unfortunately, we are in golus now, and our beis din does not even have the power to give malkos or imprison someone, never mind kill. If someone murdered another, would you call your rabbi to deal with it? No, you would call the police and do your utmost to make sure that this menace to humanity is locked away for a long time, or eliminated! AND, if a rav is approached with such a story, he must IMMEDIATELY turn it over to the police and not think he can deal with it on his own.

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    ujm said “Jewish male therapists should only take male clients, if individual privacy is required for sessions, and Jewish female therapists should only accept female clients.”

    Ever heard of COUPLES COUNSELING??? By default, half the couple is male, the other half is female, and they are seeing ONE THERAPIST… So who should be the therapist? Or should they have two together (husband and wife OBVIOUSLY!)

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