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    Is it menchlach or not necessary for a man to wish Good Shabbos to women he passes in the street. I think older women one should definitely say good shabbos, my question is to the same age women or younger?

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    Definitely not harmless, probably evil

    in reply to: Ban the CR-No Mechitza! #1095498

    I vote for some form of mechitza.

    in reply to: Showers in the 9 days #1093963

    I have not found anybody giving a heter, in order to save your neighbor the discomfort of your unpleasant odour. Does anybody know why not?

    in reply to: Daas of the stars #1088772

    “Smeichim b’tzeisom v’sosim b’voam osim b’eimah ritzon konum” I believe mobico is correct about the spiritual equivalent of the stars

    in reply to: Washing baby's hands negel vasser #1090503

    Steipler supposedly said if one washes babies hands negel vasser properly every single day, then Bris will be on time. (I have had nurses in delivery room help me wash when it was getting close to shkiah)

    in reply to: Chabad minhagim #1088490

    re #1: the Zohar seems to indicate that it is not worth skipping Pesukei Dzimra, but the Chacham Tzvi explains the Zohar is not talking about when one is late but rather is emphasizing importance of pesukei dzimra.

    in reply to: Wearing an Apple Watch on Shabbos #1063530

    If you are wearing it you shouldn’t have to take it off but the battery lasts about 18 hours, you would have to charge it Friday just to wear it on Shabbos…

    in reply to: Into Nothingness, which is to say, Everything #1021502

    “tohu vo’vohu”, vohu, means nothingness, but also bo hu everything is in it

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)