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    You should set up a list of a few good steps, positive reinforcement steps, that leads to better and better prizes (extra play time, slush, story, etc.) as well as negative steps, that lead to them staying home. Make a big deal out of each step; be energetic before they are. If not you will just turn into a shmattah trying to keep their interest. Good Luck!

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    If I am thinking about staying put for around 5 years, and where I live (not ny) rent is 1500 and a mortgage is 1800 (all inclusive) and I can afford the 1800, should I do it?

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    How does that figure? He got a mortgage for 4, put down 5% (lets say 30G), and got a house that sold for over 6? Am I missing something?

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    This is worth 50 posts! Keep it coming!

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    “I mean maybe im at fault because i was dressed up sorta cutely (if i do say so myself) and i was like around his age.. but i wouldn’t expect a guy to talk to me in the 1st place.”

    Girls just can’t seem to put 2 and 2 together on this one. It’s over their heads. If you care about the future of the jewish people, don’t dress provocatively (read: cutely) around drunk boys your age! Or ever, but that’s too much for you to understand, obviously.

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    I read in Rav Ezriel Taubers book on marriage that a spouse becomes like a limb. When you would cut it off if it was a limb, you should get divorced.

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    It seems they are pushing you psychologically to things you are uncomfortable with. This is similar to controlling. The only thing you can do to get out of this is to be rude/strong with them. They will call you weird, but that is the leverage they are holding against you. They are counting on you not doing something ‘weird’.

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    Please call them and let us all know what they answer you. THAT is the point of this forum.

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