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    Spoiled brats – they return from the Catskills on 8/30! Parents need to babysit for a week. Come to Israel where the girls are HOME for 2 months with no camp, very little (max 4 nights) family vacation and no money.

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    A600kgBear – I had the same problem with K9 when I downloaded Internet Explorer 8. In the end I reverted to version 7 because my K9 is more important than the upgrade.

    BTW – important note about K9. If you forget your password you can have it sent to your email address. If you think anyone else may be logging in and having it sent to your address when you aren’t around, do what I did. I set up a new email account with hotmail. Put this down as my email address, got the initial emails then deleted the account. This means that no-one can get into it. HOWEVER, one draw back is that it does not recognise hebrew, which means that occasionally things can get past it.

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    Jax – May be he is taking AryehM seriously and packing his bags! Daniel – keep at it; in time the “flaming Baal Tshuvah” bit wears off; the despondency wears off, and you become “somayach b’chelko”

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    Daniel – I think that areivimzehlazeh is right. I am pretty much in the same boat as you – chareidi BT (but over 20 years now); use internet (with filters) and don’t think that secular studies is a big satan. Here in Israel it’s tougher than the States because everything is so black and white. In the end we chose a Rav who is FFB, Swiss, but who knows us, and can think out of the box. I don’t agree with everything he says – like when I told him how disgusted I was with the lack of empathy over Gush Katif, and he basically said there was nothing that we could do anyway! But, in general – he’s kind, thoughtful, understands our mentality etc – oh and he has a sense of humor which is important. If you have free time right now, why don’t you consider getting yourself over to the Aish HaTorah Beis Medrash – yes it’s not just for “beginners” and there, you will find many Rabbanim and serious avreichim just like you. Good luck!

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    thanks for reminding me!

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    I was just discussing this issue with my wife who laughed and said that 15 years ago, here in Israel, the issues were denim skirts and sneakers. As she said – she WISHES they were the issues today. I travel to work by bus from KIRYAT SEFER – a “hareidi stronghold”, and some of the women who get on the bus make even me – a fervent “anti-back door for women” supporter, wish that I didn’t have to notice them.

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    Jewishfeminist02, 30 years ago lycra wasn’t the vogue for a start. Now it’s hard to find any clothes that don’t literally stick to the figure.

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    Coke not Pespi – the look is horrible – kind of like someone is trying to not look frum so is doing a b’di eved. Seeing a sundress with spaghetti straps, with a flesh colored (yup seen this too) or other colored “shell” under it, is not the way a Bas Melech should be dressing. I’m all for women looking put together, and equally dislike the new Yerushalmi “style” of shapeless clothes and a “shol” on top – I don’t believe that’s a Bas Melech either. Why can’t Jewish girls look pleasing to the eye in regal clothing that covers what needs to be covered – oh and by the way – where does it say in halacha that women can walk around with skirts that barely (if that) skim the knees. Even if they are covered when she is standing; take a look at the same women sitting on a bench – not a pretty sight!

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    Folks – looks like it’s over – bli ayin hara! It’s 11:15am EST – and my gmail’s sending/receiving like normal. Thanks for all the interest. Let’s hope it will continue to run normally.

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    Thanks for all the interest. I have not changed any settings, and today, Sunday – it’s working like a dream! My guess is overload, as CrashOverRide suggests. It’s only been going on for a couple of weeks.

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    POP3. It doesn’t seem to be an Outlook problem – if it was, it would not download at all. It only stops once you guys are getting into the office in the States – kind of like an overload.

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    So nice to know people remember me – it’s a good feeling. I’ve been working 24/6 for a while now, and rarely get a chance to do more than glance at the headlines. I’ll try to be more communicative! Have a good Shabbos everyone – oh and if someone does have an eitzer . . .

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    Labochur, you should ask your Rebbi, or Rabbi, not us lot!

    in reply to: Porush (NOT) for Mayor #624414

    I don’t know why I read this – straight after Rosh HaShanah as well, and I am now reprimanding myself, by saying I refuse to believe it. And really – I do hope it’s not true, because if it is, it makes for huge chillul Hashem.

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    I don’t know where you guys were davening. We started at 6:30am; took a 15 minute break for kiddush and finished at 2pm – 7.5 hours. I agree that the drawn out davening could have been cut by an hour or so – but 3???

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    Shindy – my wife’s been making this recipe for over 15 years – delicious every time. She adds: if you want to freeze challah – wrap it in plastic wrap WHILE STILL WARM. Make sure that it’s totally covered, then slip into the freezer. Comes out tasting totally fresh.

    in reply to: Treatment of teens off the derech #1160062

    LKaufman and Shaindy – kol hakavod to both of you for the way you are dealing with this situation.

    As has been pointed out in this talkback, we are basically talking about kids who are dealing with inner turmoil. It’s important that the love you give them is stronger than the pull from the streets.

    Mishpacha has been dealing with this topic for some months – many accused them of hanging the dirty laundry in public. I say kudos to them. We need to see, to know, to learn.

    And for the rest of us – continual davening; there are no promises that any of our kids are going to become the next Rav Shach. We live in frightening times. Some of the biggest Tzadikim in almost every kehilah have at least one kid “off the derekh” We need a LOT of siyatta d’shmaya.

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    Think BIG – I agree with you 100%. I use email/internet (filtered) for parnasah. However, I am the first to admit that I end up “wasting” time reading news, etc., when I could be better employed (excuse the pun) elsewhere.

    It’s for this reason that I keep ALL my family right away from the computer, and especially the internet. However, Yoshi claims that kids in Israel are also surfing – I don’t know of any round here. I guess it depends on where you live; my boys don’t learn English or computer studies so b”H, it kind of “disables” them somewhat – and I prefer to keep it that way.

    in reply to: Kids surfing the Web #620321

    It seems that most of the Posters here don’t have a problem with the web per-se; just the content.

    Even those with filters on their computers against “dangerous content”, would have read, as an example, all the loshon hora a couple of months ago, regarding the Natan Levi case – (in loshon hora, I am referring to the family). I happen to have heard of a Lakewood kid who was the one who gave his parents all the “scoop” on what people were saying. Where did he get it from – YWN!

    However, my main point here is – don’t parents in the States realise how detrimental it is to allow their kids access to the Web – for any purpose whatsoever? Don’t they know that filters don’t block out everything that is wrong with the world.

    in reply to: The greatest financial supporter of Torah Jewry in the world #634039

    Unlike the other posters here, I do live in Israel. I am not going to whitewash everything and say that everything is wonderful, because it isn’t. The yeshivas are struggling; the kollels are struggling; families are struggling, there is definitely an anti-hareidi sentiment in the knesset, but you know what – even if the Israeli government gave us a fraction of what they give now – we would still be obligated to have hakaras hatov.

    We have to understand that the majority of people in Israel (and in government) are not Rashaim – they fall into the category of tinok sh’nishbar. They have no appreciation for authentic Torah – they fail to understand that Israel can’t survive only by physical power. It’s sad but facts.

    We have to also understand that H’ in his ultimate wisdom has deemed that the dire financial situation is what we deserve right now. Perhaps (and I don’t claim to be a “Nasi” here), if there was less sinas chinam, there would be less financial problems.

    As of right now I know of 5 good kids, from good families who don’t have yeshivas for next year – all of them Sephardim. How many tears can a Mother weep? How much begging of Roshei Yeshivas can a Father do? How many families are being forced to changed their names – Dagan becomes Fisher; Ben Lulu becomes Lobenstein; how much already? How much suffering do these good families have to bear?

    Ahh – perhaps the answer to our initial point of “What can the Country to for you” lies in our attitude to lack of hakaras hatov, and too much sinas chinam.

    in reply to: Acceptance Committees in Charedi communities in Eretz Yisrael #619910

    Living as I do in one of the afore-mentioned communities, I can see exactly what is going on here – both good and bad. Unfortunately, the acceptance committees are abusing their rights based on crazy things. If a person has a Sephardi-sounding family name (even if they happen to be Ashkenazi), forget it! Refused! (Unless you have a LOT of protekzia). If you are converts/Baalei Tshuva/working – forget it! (ditto about protekzia).

    Unfortunately, these communities are becoming to signify all that is bad with the Chareidi world. I am one of the first to accept that we do need some type of screening, but for goodness sake, let’s look at the family and where they are holding now, and not refuse them for shtuyot. What is happening that so many young people, especially Sephardim are getting turned off by all this craziness, as they just give up, knowing that they will never “fit the mold”.

    Is this what HaShem wants from klal Yisrael? I believe that some people are going to have to answer some mighty difficult questions after 120.

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