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    HEALTH- u have not answered my question. which leads me to believe that u do not understand it. if u need help understanding it. i can only try but i think i did my best to explain it.

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    what i still dont understand is that. how can light be first here then there if its not bound to time?

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    i read about it. but nobody adrreses this problem in particular.

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    that i understand. i actually heard him (Dr. Gerald Schroeder) speak at a seminar. but what i dont understand is how can it take time for us?? like this- if theres no time then theres no now and later, before and after. if so how can the beam get to earth after it was set off even in our sight??

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    haha. that u understand. but the question that if at the speed of light u exceed the boundaries of time then how can it take time (which is within the boundary of time) to travel??

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    the question still goes unanswered…….

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    r u coming to answer my orriginal question??

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    there is no valid reason to say that one can not move at the speed of sound. however moving at the speed of light is imposible, for that is part of e=mc square. that at the speed of light there is no mass therefore it will turn into energy.

    and about particles that move faster than light- as alan guth- theoretical physicist at MIT, explains that “C in speacial relativity is not just the speed of a certain object thats called light, C is the limiting velocity of any motion..” meaning to say that it is not possible to move faster than the speed of light, according to speacil relativity.

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    there r many theories and parts of physics and quantum physics that r complex and i dont understand. its the theory of relativity however that everybody seems to understand (as stated by #2) and this question has been bothering me. so i thought id ask, but it seems that nobody has an answer…..

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    i dunno does it??

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    FOR THE PARENT- make boundaries!!!!! of course u have to love…… affection……that forshure. but if there r no boundaries then there r no limits! tell them that it is wrong!!! but dont tell them that shooting pool is wrong for even if it was he wouldnt be able to understand and give up. (not just pool). however if he eats non-kosher or breaks the laws of the shabbat- tell him its wrong!!! tell him that drugs r wrong! if its within the boundaries that u made then good if not then OUT!! (but of course theres the first set of rules and boundaries then the second then a third……) but the main point is to show that there r limits!!!!!!!!

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    no health. the theory was said at the speed of light. for if not then e=mc square, wouldnt be true. for ur using the exact speed of light to find the amount of energy. however the question that i asked remains. if light is beyond time then how can it be measured?????

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    and volvie correct me if im wrong- but hasnt it been proven that its actually the earth that revolvs around the sun as it spins on the axes of the universe. and its just realative as to how fast it moves. it could be im wrong but thats what i thought scientists proved.

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    i understand that. but the theory runs deeper than that. thats the theory of general realativity. but then theres the deeper theory of speacial realativity. where time evolves on matter and where theres no matter there is no time. and at the speed of light there is no matter (only energy) thats y if u were to move at the speed of light u would simply dissolve into energy. therefore at the speed of light there shouldn’t be the concept of time. my question is then how can light take time to travel? as fast as it is if it were not bound to time then it would be immesurable??

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    a reason to be in the CR- in house arrest and really bored!!

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    just to get some yedios. u should look at the gemara on daf samech heh. theres a r’ chaim and a r’ aahron there. ( theres also a r’ chaim on the mishna which is very yesodosdik [ however u spell that in] ) and the gilyon hashaas on the mishnah that explains the dif. between someone that steals from a ganav and theres a problem of hagonev min haganev ( which the problem is is that theres a chisaron of birshuso ) and one who steals from a shomer and theres no problem.

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    it just puts u in that upbeat mood.

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    i honestly think its one of the best jewish cd’s out there. i happen to like the second track very much.

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    theres oxycodone, oxycontin, and oxycotton. u can check it up. oxycotton is the most abbused by drug addicts.

    There is no such drug as oxycotton. That is a mispronounced way of saying oxycontin

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    theres nothing u can do to make somrbody stop. if the person really wants to stop then he can stop. nothing else works.

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    i dont understand if i were to sing with some friends and one would beatbox while another would make backround bass sounds and there would be harmony. would u tell me to keep quiet cuz its sefirah??????????

    I wouldn’t

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    any drug thats either damadging to the body whether physical or mental should not be made legal. someone who’s caught dealing ‘e’ can be charged with manslaughter for is easy, which in many cases results in death. morphine should not be made accesable for the result would be devastating. i have a friend who died from oxy cotton. although it may seem to many that its nothing but a painkiller. many drugs that may seem tame, are anything but that.

    It’s oxycodone

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    just because a drug was once used for medical purposes that doesnt mean it should be legalized. even ‘mdma’ (extacy for those who dont know what that is) was used for mecical purposes.

    should oxys also become an over the counter drug? known as one of the most addictive drugs on the streets now.

    so a drug that was used for medical purpose although abbuse can kill u should be made legal- but less dangerous drugs that were not shouldnt? very smart.

    i have friends that died from drugs that r used for our own medication.

    i personaly needed rehab for over a year and still have withdrawls.

    if someone can say that they should legalize it-obviously they’ve never used.

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    there is nothing wrong with jewish music videoes. i dont however find them funny and very poorly done in my opinion.

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    does anybody even know what acapella means?

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