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    I read Yiddish quite fluently and whoever wrote this doesn’t know Yiddish all that well. It’s full of huge errors. I got a headache reading this and trying to understand it.

    Just an example –



    is really written with ??? and not ???……

    Goes to show you the level of whoever wrote this.

    in reply to: Chemistry/Biology/Physics/Biochemistry/Math #841627

    @ thecuriousone –

    Guyton’s “Textbook of Medical Physiology”. That’s physiology, not anatomy, but I think it will give you a much better headstart. Physiology (on the cellular level) gives you a really good insight into life.

    in reply to: Moving to Israel Because it's Safer There? #869600

    Statistically, EY is the most dangerous place in the world for Jews to be. However on the other hand, it is definitely true that in most frum areas, life can be much more pleasant than in chu”l. Here in Gateshead you have to be very careful with the goyim – just on Thursday evening a violent robbery was committed (goyim on goyim) right in the middle of the Jewish area of town. (That being said, I also remember an even more violent robbery of a money-changer in his own home in my former frum neighborhood in Yerusholayim.)

    It is certainly true that one can walk around most areas in EY and generally feel safe, even with an outwardly Jewish (chareidi) appearance, whereas in EY the risk of physical attacks is much bigger. In the last couple of weeks there have been several attacks by chilonim against chareidim, but it pales in comparison to the number of attacks chareidim face in Europe. In fact, because of that reason, I always go ‘undercover’ when I go anywhere outside of the frum area of town. I never felt I needed to hide my Jewishness anywhere in Israel (except for Arab areas which I wouldn’t enter anyway).

    So while statistically, EY may be more dangerous, the type of danger is different. In chu”l the danger comes from drunk goyim attacking you with baseball bats. In EY the danger comes from missiles – maybe some day nerve gas or nukes. All we can do is ask Hashem to keep us safe.

    in reply to: Does Neturei Karta have a point? #843572

    I’m quoting shmoolik 1:

    “the three oaths are dependent on the nation of the world who will not destroy Yirael if they try there is no obligation on us to comply

    the UN in 1947 allowed the state to become so there is no revolt only after did they oppose

    NK and their like will be like Korach and his eida when the Moshiach comes”

    1) The oaths were between us and Hashem, and between the nations and Hashem. The fact that the goyim broke theirs does not mean we can break ours as well. To compare – if your neighbor is mechallel shabbos, does that mean you can be mechallel shabbos as well?

    2) The “umos” has nothing to do with the UN, but with the people that live(d) in the land (before us – ie, the Arabs). The UN doesn’t have any status in halacha. What counts is what the people who live in the land think about it – and they obviously did not agree to it.

    3) I’d rather say that about the Kahana followers, but fact is that they already are exactly that right now.

    in reply to: Rav Elyashev Bans Nachal Chareidi #848343

    About Nachal ‘Chareidi’, by the way:

    1) It’s not ‘Chareidi’. Maybe in the first one or two years it was, but nowadays it’s 80% knitted kippot – ‘chardalim’.

    2) Joining the Army or anything similar is completely out of the question in any case because doing so would be under Yehareg Ve’al Yaavor – this is such a violation of the sholosh shevuos I cannot even begin to describe it…

    in reply to: Rav Elyashev Bans Nachal Chareidi #848342

    Precisely as WIY says.

    This was also one of my primary reasons for leaving EY. I can’t deal with the Israeli chareidi attitude to the outside world any more.

    Here in Gateshead, we have plenty of professionals. One respected person is a world-famous professor in mathematics at a university; one of the teachers in the mechina (boys’ high school) is by training a pharmacologist, and the parnes (rosh hakohol) is a realtor.

    In EY also, there are certainly circles where working is not regarded as a mortal sin – particularly the chassidishe world. I personally know chassidim who run a makolet or work as plumbers. And I’m not talking ‘weird’ people, but real, serious, Yerushalmi chassidim in Meah Shearim.

    Even more – my Rov in E”Y (one of the dayonim of the Badatz of the Edah) and Rebbe both knew I worked in IT, with the internet and with goyim, and NEVER did either of them tell me not to do so.

    While having 100% of people in Kollel forever would be amazing, unfortunately people need to earn a living. Or would Rav Eliashiv also be able to provide all chareidi families who consider getting a proper education and job to get out of the poverty with an INCOME to be in kollel?

    in reply to: Gross Anatomy #844266

    It’s Purkinje. Not Purjinke and not Purkunje or Purjunke.

    I lived in the hometown of Dr Purkinje in the Czech Republic for a year while studying there.

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