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  • in reply to: Getting Bituach Leumi Coverage #930750

    Here’s a really crazy idea.

    How about finding a job and not needing to live off the state money? How about letting the state keep that money so it can be spent on building new hospitals, on supporting elderly survivors of death camps?

    What makes you feel entitled to this money?

    As for me, the only time I took bituach leumi funds was when I had lost my job (when me and my entire department of ~80 people were made redundant). Aside from that, I never got anything from the state (except for ‘sal klita’ and a little bit of housing benefits as an oleh chadash).

    I found a job less than 4 weeks after I came to EY. If I could do so, as a young immigrant without any real job experience, then surely you can do so as well. And if you can’t, then maybe you shouldn’t go there. What gives you the right to move to E”Y and live off other people’s tax money if you’re not even planning to go to work?

    in reply to: Making Sunday an official day off in Israel #927080


    That is an exception then. Sure, there are places that are open. But in the field I’m in (high-level IT), Friday is simply the weekend and the only things that are open/manned are the things that must work 24/7.

    in reply to: Saving A Pets Life – How Much Should I Spend? #926936

    I have 3 cats, saved from the streets of Yerushalayim as sick, little kittens (one was really almost dead).

    Now, they’re here in the UK, 3 and 4 years old, and completely healthy – and the best, nicest, friendliest cats anyone has ever seen.

    If they would be sick or injured, I would spend anything I have to save them. I’d take out loans – I’d do anything possible.

    When I took them into the house, I adopted them, I took responsibility for them. I take that seriously. I do not believe that animals exist solely to be used, and just to be disposed of when they are having problems, as some seem to think.

    If anyone wants to tell me I’m a heretic, so be it…

    in reply to: Making Sunday an official day off in Israel #927074

    Where do people get this idea from that Israel has a six-day work week?

    Friday in Israel is like Saturday in Europe or the USA. Everything is closed, except for shops. All offices are closed. If you would say Israel has a six-day work week, the same would apply to the UK, USA, Holland, France, etc.

    Now, on topic: I think it would be a great idea. Working Sunday to Thursday is so annoying. I never have a day *off* – a day on which I can do whatever I want. Most of all, it’s very annoying to never be able to go on any day trips except if you take a day off (holiday). There are so many beautiful places around here, but I can never go there unless I would take a holiday day (meaning I would have less days for real holidays).

    in reply to: Engagement #952349

    That sounds like a very long time to me. I think for me it was more like 6 weeks – don’t remember exactly.

    In any case, it depends on how many dates you had of course. Did you meet 3x per week, or 2x per month?

    We met, I *think* (not sure), something like 12 times before we decided.

    in reply to: Blaming the Same Gender Unions: A Personal Rant #927566

    I wrote a topic about exactly the same issue a few months ago. I fully agree.

    This whole idea of “xxxx is caused by xxxx” is not befitting us. It is the way of the Muslims (“The Jews/Zionists caused the earthquake in Iran / the tsunami in Indonesia”) or the Christians (“AIDS is a punishment for using contraception”).

    Our faith should be a little bit above such ridiculous nonsense. We do not know why things happen. All we need to do is believe in Hashem and do our jobs and live our lives.

    Also this whole type of reasoning bothers me because it’s just so negative. Why does everything have to be negative? Why do some people have to base their yiddishkeit on OPPOSING everything and everyone they don’t like? Just live your life and let others live theirs.

    in reply to: Israeli Elections 2013 – Let's Talk Politics #927929

    I would vote Amsalem, probably. He represents my opinions best. I do not agree with everything he says (such as the giur issues), but overall I think he’s OK. At least he has real opinions on things, and he looks ahead towards the future.

    in reply to: Mice vs. Large Bugs, a question for the girls #920793

    @Toi – I keep noticing the same about haifagirl’s name. 🙂

    As for K300 – that stuff makes me SO sick. I really just cannot stand the smell of it. As soon as I use it, I literally start vomiting uncontrollably.

    Maybe that means I am actually vermin myself…. 🙂

    in reply to: Mice vs. Large Bugs, a question for the girls #920792

    haifagirl’s solution is the best.

    All bugs instantly die from water with a little bit of soap. Roaches can be a bit more problematic though (they can survive being drowned for hours, being put in an oven, or a nuclear bomb).

    But with ants and the like, a tiny little bit of soap in a lot of water instantly kills them all. And the best part is soap isn’t nearly as toxic to children and pets as real pest control stuff is.

    in reply to: Mice vs. Large Bugs, a question for the girls #920779

    As a proud man who has often jumped on top of a table, chair or couch while screaming and shaking like a little girl upon seeing a roach, only to have my 75-year old neighbor or 11-year old daughter of other neighbors come to rescue me, I vote “bugs”.

    Lifelong insect phobia, here.

    in reply to: Would you tour Chevron with a private tour or only by bullet proof bus? #919716

    I thought the Gush Etzion buses are armoured, but the Beitar Illit buses are not (except for a few older ones).

    Now, as for Chevron: my rov in Yerushalayim told me not to go there, so I didn’t go. I must admit my hashkafa is a bit different now, but still, I would not go there in an unprotected vehicle. Plain common sense dictates that one should take all possible precautions and avoid all danger.

    in reply to: Moderators for Yeshiva World in Israel #919099

    I’m 2 time zones closer to the US than those in Israel are, but I agree as well. Having mods in Europe / Israel would be great.

    in reply to: young couples and shalom bayis #918596

    I second this. What me and my wife do is to go out for a walk once in a while – often on shabbos, for at least an hour or so. When we go for a walk together we talk a lot more than we usually do in the house – where we’re usually just doing our own things.

    in reply to: Some notes about what it means to be truly poor… #1001096

    David – thank you.

    Unfortunately at the moment it looks like I will be finishing the month with 0 left (and the usual overdraft)…. so I am not in a position to be able to help you, right now. 🙁

    But I hope others are and I myself will bookmark this topic and will not forget about it. I’m just trying to think of a way to help you from here (without having to pay a huge amount of transfer costs).

    in reply to: What did the dirty diaper-throwing individuals hope to accomplish? #917383

    Everything EY Mom said.

    in reply to: Non-Jewish Music #917286

    For me, I say that if the words are ok and the artist is a decent, neat person, it’s fine.

    One example is Mark Knopfler. He worked as a journalist and graduated univerity with a degree in the English language before becoming an artist. Many of his songs are of a type you wouldn’t really find anywhere else. Look up “Sailing to Philadelphia”, “Piper to the End”, or “So far from the Clyde”.

    Tell me which modern-day singer can take something from history of 250 years ago (the Mason-Dixon line, the background of Jeremiah Mason and Charles Mason) and turn it into a song?

    There is a big line between real, serious artists and the other type.

    in reply to: Unfriendly dogs #1014853

    I am a bit afraid of dogs – I don’t really like them. I don’t really trust them.

    I do have 3 cats, and they are great.

    in reply to: Sherut Leumi… I don't know what to do #926054

    I’m afraid I don’t really have any useful advice. However, let me assure you you’re not the only one stuck in this difficult position of not being quite chareidi and not quite MO.

    As for me, my wife is strictly chareidi and I myself am more MOish. When we got married I was more of the chassidishe BT type – but it’s just not my thing. I’m more comfortable/stable like this. But it does put me also in this impossible situation, which is very difficult in Gateshead in particular.

    in reply to: Some notes about what it means to be truly poor… #1001058

    I nearly got into such a situation as well. Luckily I never reached the bottom the way you did, but to be honest, that is only thanks to my mother in law who was always willing to help me out. (And should the need have arisen, both my mother in law and my parents would have offered us to move in with them if needed.)

    Two years ago now, we made the difficult decision to leave Israel and start a new life abroad. I found a job in the UK and we moved there. We were only able to move thanks to huge amounts of financial and material support from my mother in law, my parents, and a friend of me. Now, we are financially independent and paying off our loans. This past summer, we even went on a holiday for the first time in years. We are still paying hundreds of pounds per month (perhaps $500) on debts.

    Indeed, others sometimes also seem bewildered by us living in a cheap, small apartment on a street of non-Jews (while most people live in big expensive houses). They don’t understand how that could be, when I have a decent salary. Also there is, I think, a prevailing attitude that anyone who works fulltime must be much better off than those in kollel. Well, in Gateshead, tons of kollel families live in big houses and have cars and go on holidays – I do not have the first and second, and the third is extremely rare.

    That said, we are seriously improving. A huge setback was that my wife’s employer has reduced her hours from 20 to 8 per week. We just about finished paying off a loan of $300 monthly, and now we’re getting a setback of $300, so we’re basically stuck at the same level as before instead of having $300 more to spend.

    Still, I cannot imagine what would have happened had we stayed in Israel. We did the right thing by moving. It’s not easy – especially for my wife, who really misses her family and cannot go to see them regularly (getting to E”Y from here costs about the same as from NY). For me it’s a lot easier, since my family live in the Netherlands, just across the North Sea – it costs 1/5th of the cost of going to Israel.

    As for setbacks, consider my wife had severe trouble with her ankle and had 5 surgeries over the past 4 years, which left her unable to work for long times. Only recently has this been resolved, hopefully permanently.

    Anyway, why did I share all this? To show you that there is a way out. I don’t know whether your or her parents can help you, but if it’s possible, I’d suggest moving in with them for a while. Even if you have to fit all of you in a little room and you won’t be able to keep most of your belongings, it’s worth it. You can use the money you save on rent to pay off your debts and improve your situation. That would have been our plan if we had not managed otherwise.

    in reply to: Chillul Hashem on the school bus #915415

    And troll time has come. Tell me, mods, how did the above post by “MashaChava” get through? Seems to me like this Chava sure has a (s)mashed head, by the way it talks.

    Now, ontopic: those who say “a bus monitor would prevent this” are not getting the point. When I was 10 years old, I already travelled all alone to school 100 miles from home (200 miles per day) using 2 buses and 3/4 trains. I never yelled anything at anyone.

    The problem is not the “lack of supervision”, it is that these ‘kids’ behave the way they do. Frum kids – nor non-frum, nor non-Jewish kids – should not behave like this, regardless of any supervision. There are no excuses for such behavior.

    If I were principal of a school, one such incident would be reason for suspension and multiple would be reason for expulsion. I would not want such ‘kids’ around the others. They belong in jail…

    in reply to: Marriage #915555

    I don’t like this thread either. But the maybe-his-wife and maybe-her-husband talk above was good for a nice laugh here. 🙂

    in reply to: Chief Rabbi #916383

    aurora77 – he means that he doesn’t like the idea of such things. I personally agree with what you say, though there is a limit, of course. There is nothing wrong with showing peaceful respect and some cooperation when needed.

    As for the new Chief Rabbi: honestly, the chareidi world really couldn’t care less. In Gateshead, many people don’t even know who the previous one was, or that such a thing exists at all. It’s an MO thing from the United Synagogue, it doesn’t have any impact at all on the frum world.

    in reply to: Rabbi Shmuel Elchonon Brog Shlita needs our tefillos! #912804

    Thank you for letting everyone know.

    in reply to: Chanukah lights and pets! #913041

    My cats are 3-4 years old (we have three) and quite active. When the candles are on, we keep them out of the room. The place where we light is their favorite place to sit all day, in front of the window. Motzash, when we lit, one of them came racing in and almost jumped right on top of the candles. Now keeping in mind there’s a big curtain hanging right above…. bad idea.

    Now, we make sure to keep both doors closed and physically blocked with a large closet on one side and a chair against the door on the other side. (Our cats are very good at opening doors…)

    in reply to: Taking vacation holidays between Dec 25 and Jan 1 #913095

    I’m going to visit my family abroad from 24-30 Dec. Why? Because on 25-26 Dec, the company lets everyone work remotely since there is no public transportation in the UK. Then I take the 27th (Thursday) and 30th (Sunday) off, and am back at work on 31 Dec.

    (I work Sunday-Thursday since I work for Israel.)

    in reply to: tznius question #912719

    As a man, I assure you that long skirts are less tzanua than ankle-length skirts. Ankle-length is absolutely the best, and that is the only type my wife (and most really frum women/girls) would ever wear.

    in reply to: Gerim needs a place to learn #911053

    If abcd12345 still wants to be megayer (convert) after reading through all of this, he’s definitely kosher.

    abcd12345: Yep, this is how we Jews usually behave. We can never agree on ANYTHING. 2 Jews, 3 opinions, you know?

    Anyway, regarding the topic: it really depends on who you are, what type of frum person you want to become, how much you know…. a lot of factors.

    I personally know several people who were megayer and I know one chareidi (Litvishe) rav in Yerushalayim who is involved in these issues a lot. If the mods agree, they could put you in touch with me if you ask them and I could give you his details if relevant.

    in reply to: The Green Prince – fascinating! #908569

    Haaretz wrote quite a lot about him, you should be able to find it via google.

    in reply to: The Green Prince – fascinating! #908570

    Haaretz wrote quite a lot about him, you should be able to find it via google.

    in reply to: Weird but tasty foods #908642

    Eggs with pasta sauce. Did this just yesterday, it’s pretty good.

    in reply to: we need government paid tuition- let our voice be heard #908371

    In every European country, the government subsidizes education in public and religious schools.

    And yes, schools have to comply with certain government rules. But in fact, those schools that do not comply not only get no money – they also lose their right to exist.

    Which is fine with me, as long as they don’t go too far with their demands.

    in reply to: Seminaries in israel evacuating.. #907098

    KLM is following, I just hear from a Dutch-Israeli friend.

    Just checked the Amsterdam Schiphol airport departures for Friday and while the KLM website doesn’t mention anything, these flights (scheduled in 21 hours from now) already show as ‘delayed’:

    09:15 Tel Aviv LY 338 El Al Israel Airlines Expected Details

    20:50 Tel Aviv DL 9575 Delta Air Lines Delayed Details

    20:50 Tel Aviv KL 0461 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Delayed Details

    in reply to: Seminaries in israel evacuating.. #907097

    “01:55 Air France announces there may be disruption of its flights to and from Israel (Haaretz)”

    I knew that was going to happen any moment. With rockets falling around Cholon, Bat Yam, Rashlatz and Tel Aviv, what else would you expect? One will start, the rest will follow. By tomorrow morning, we might very well wake up and find that only El Al is still flying to Israel.

    in reply to: YWN iPhone App Stinks #906994

    I object to your choice of words. Our choice of words should be a bit more civilized, in my opinion.

    Now, as for the issue you mention: I wonder why there is still no Android app. Not that I would really use it a lot (I use my phone for business mostly – not for nonsense, which YWN really is), but I really don’t understand why they would make an iOS app and forget about Android…

    in reply to: Seminary for french girl in uk ? #908529

    There are tons of French girls in Gateshead, especially in the new sem I think (Beis Chaya Rochel). That one is also a bit more ‘modern’ than the old sem, so it might be a bit more pleasant if you’re not from a very frum family.

    Sometimes walking around on shabbos I think I’m in France, here in Gateshead. 🙂

    in reply to: Frum English #900222


    “Mr. Chassidishe Gatesheader,

    Please practice what you preach….. The following is part of a comment posted by you a few months ago, in the “confiscating shoe” issue

    “After being reminded the first couple fo weeks of every school year, anyone who forgot tgeir sneakers”

    MY eyes hurt reading this…..”

    I didn’t write that. Can you give a link? I don’t remember any topic like that and don’t remember writing anything like that quote…

    Anyway, I know this is mostly an American issue. It just amazes me that I, who never learned English anywhere, don’t make such horrible mistakes (though my grammar may sometimes be less than optimal). If that is how write in your mother tongue, then how do you write in the other languages you know?

    Oh, right, Americans don’t know any other languages.

    Seriously, why don’t frum schools teach any languages like Spanish, French, or German? Or maybe Russian or Chinese? I think learning at least two foreign languages for a couple of years should be required of each child. That’s the law in Europe. Why should the US be any different?

    (I know I’ll probably get keelhauled for writing this.)

    in reply to: Are sons more desirable than daughters? #984212

    Pele Yoetz is an amazing sefer. I just recommended it in another thread, for “which sefer to learn together for couples”.

    in reply to: Sefer for a Couple to Learn? #900285

    Nothing beats Pele Yoetz! Best sefer I know for this purpose.

    Another candidate could be Derech Hashem, but my first choice for this is Pele Yoetz. Short, very interesting pieces about all kinds of subjects.

    in reply to: Should there be any heters for iPhones #899972


    Get your GPS coordinates.

    Q: What can you with Android that you cannot do with an iPhone?

    A: Get your GPS coordinates without a network connection. iPhone doesn’t have offline GPS. Android does. Priceless if you go hiking in areas without cellular coverage.

    Adopting a couple of cats would probably put a very quick stop to the issue. (Though it might be dangerous to the cats, since modern urban mice carry tons of diseases…)

    in reply to: Ah Gutten Vinter #899489

    Wot iz a vinter? Ken yu eat dat?

    Seriously – if in Yiddish/German it’s winter and in English it’s winter – why are you writing ‘vinter’? If you ask me, it just looks crum.

    in reply to: Moving Violations,Brooklyn NY #898605

    Recently, I was on a bus in Gateshead. An old man wanted to get on a bus at a bus stop, but a car was parked just a little bit on the bus stop – about half of the car was on the bus stop. Nevertheless, this was enough to prevent the bus from being able to get close enough to the kerb. The old man (80+) thus had to go on the street and then climb up into the bus from the street, instead of from the sidewalk.

    He fell face-forward on the floor and hit his head against a metal bar.

    Why? Because some car driver had to park his car half on a bus stop.

    Do you want to be responsible for such things?

    in reply to: Seeing Stars #946300

    I agree with Sam2, Wolfish and PBA – shein, your comments don’t make sense.

    Indeed I can quote Wolfish and I am also quite sure of this: “You know, I loved my wife before we married and I love her today.”

    in reply to: Overweight Guys #898425

    I am overweight, and my wife is quite bothered by this. Though I myself think it’s not that bad – in America I’d be considered average, probably….

    I’m 180 cm and 85 kg, or, 5’11” and 187 lbs or 13 stone and 5.39 lbs.

    in reply to: Storing (wholewheat) challah for freshness #898127

    I just keep it in a closed plastic bag.

    Who? Didn’t hear anything about this…

    in reply to: Eating on Erev YK #898702

    One can use tea biscuits – just put a piece of biscuit in your mouth and leave it there. That’s what I’m doing right now at work. 🙂

    Anyway, on erev Y”K, I always have a weird issue of being unable to eat a lot. I eat the same as any other day. I might drink a glass more than usual, but aside from that, I do not eat/drink different from any other day. (And I never collapsed on Y”K).

    in reply to: Which American community it right for us? #897678

    If you have 4 little kids, I assume you could manage with an apartment with 3 bedrooms. You can get those in Gateshead for ~500 GBP (about $800 or 3200 NIS).

    We live in a 2-bedroom apartment (flat), not too big but *way* bigger than the little 2-room chosson-and-kallah apartment we had in Yerushalayim (which cost us 2300 NIS). Here, we pay NIS 2500 for an apartment that is at least two and a half times bigger.

    Anyway, if you were planning to go to the US without any finances at all, and with your husband only being a *British* accountant, I really, really doubt your plan.

    Do we have any American accountants here who can tell us what job prospects a British accountant might have in the US? (Keeping in mind he didn’t work for 12 years, but does have 7 years of experience prior to that.) As far as I know, you *need* a CPA certification to be an accountant in the US – however, I’m not an accountant and not even American, so I’m not sure.

    in reply to: Which American community it right for us? #897675

    Also, can a UK accountant find work so easily in the US?

    Doesn’t someone who wants to work as an accountant in the US need to have a CPA certification? (If I remember correctly…)


    I fully agree with golfer, and zahavasdad.

    These things are completely wrong, totally out of place. Very inappropriate.

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