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    University of Wyoming charges instate tuition for distance students and University of Phoenix tuition for non-degree seeking students is $166/credit for most classes including the ones that I took.

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    shkoyach, sberger:

    I (or a friend) have taken classes at all the colleges I mentioned, and that is about what they cost per class. I just got an email that U of Phoenix is rasing their prices effective July, but if you prepay for a class you can get the old rate.

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    University of Wyoming-about $300, University of Phoenix-about $500, and Utah State University-about $600, for 3 credits.

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    Although audiology and speech-language pathology are related fields and are certified by the same organization (ASHA), in order to practice in either one, you need to have a separate degree. You can not get a masters in speech, and then practice as an audiologist. You are correct about requiring a doctorate to practice as an audiologist, but if that is what you are interested in, it is certainly worth looking into further.

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    I would like to add one point. People have this idea that they will daven for someone else who needs the same thing and thereby get it themselves. I believe this is a misinterpretation of the chazal.

    If despite one’s own needs, one is able to care even more about the problems of the other, and so davens for him, this shows a deep concern and high level of chesed and rachamim- the purpose of creation. It easily follows that such a person deserves an extra level of rachamim from Hashem.

    If however, a person davens for someone else BECAUSE he thinks it will help himself, this only reflects on his concern for himself. He is merely using the other as a tool to fulfill his own needs. (Perhaps he is even happy to find someone with the same problem so that he can daven for him and be answered first.) The oft quoted statement of chazal does not really apply to this person.

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    “being single is not a good situation to be in”

    If that is the situation that you are in, then not only is it a good situation to be in, but it is the BEST situation to be in! I am not negating hishtadlus, just your apparent belief that everything that He does for you is not the best thing for you.

    “because why not use everything Hashem gave you to serve Hashem? “

    Precisely the point, you said that beautifully! You should be using everything He gave you to serve Him. And if he didn’t give you a husband yet, you still need to be serving Him with everything you do have.

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