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    Get her a debit card. Credit cards usually have fees for withdrawing cash from an atm (and they may also have international fees). If you send a check made out to american dollars SOME money changers MAY cash the checks for her but they will always take a nice fee (and may drive her nuts for her contact info, ID, and israeli relatives contact info.

    Many banks allow minors to get a debit card linked to their checking/savings account. If not you can open your own bank account for her and give her your new debit card, no one checks at an atm (and at most stores in both america and e”y) if you are the person whose name is on the card.

    TD bank used to have a debit card with no fees for withdrawals in e”y (including from the atm that you are withdrawing from). I believe that they have since changed their policy and now have a $5 fee per transaction. I think currently most people use capital one. As of a year ago they charged a $1.50 fee for using their debit card internationally. I know many people that have successfully used it without a problem, although I dont know if the rate has changed since then.

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    ” How do we know who is learning because he’s supposed to be, or who is just taking the easy way out? Who would choose to go to the army? What incentive exists to fight on the front lines? The Kollel is less risk and more reward!”

    If kollel is less risk and more reward and you suspect so many fakers learning in it to take the easy way out, then why are there so many more people in the army than in kollel? Shouldn’t all those in the army that feel there is an easy way out just take it? There are those in the army that have a shitta that it’s a mitzva to defend the land, but what about everyone else? Why are they yelling that people should leave kollel and join the army, why don’t they just join a kollel and take the easy way out themselves? Wouldn’t that make life simpler? Furthermore, why don’t you ask that it’s better to be an arab, they don’t need to fight or learn in kollel?

    opendns has the option.

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    gmail wins hands down because no picture ads while logged in and no pictures before you log in or after you log out ( has pictures on their main site). Gmail and hotmail both offer free cloud drives that are linked to their emails. Hotmail has some very annoying and very pritzusdik adds on the side of the page (and hey move around a lot). Hotmail also targets the adds for clothing and singles websites purposes. They are customizable, but a little hard to set up. One feature that hotmail has is that if you have more than one account you can link them so that you can switch between accounts with 2 clicks and don’t need a password. For yahoo and hotmail you can block pictures with adblock plus, bit will only block on computers that you install it on.

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    I hate all of the jewish phone solicitations with a passion and do not generally donate to the ones that “nudge” me more than once. One thing to note is that the do not call list does not make it illegal for surveys and nonprofits to continue calling. Most of the jewish telemarketers would fall under the nonprofit category. I still think that we should arrange a massive boycott of all the jewish telemarketers.

    in reply to: I have a problem with internet filters.(And I'm frum) #878387

    if that is your problem then why don’t you use a nonjewish filter? Many nonjewish filters allow you to block sites based on the type of content (which you can choose) and don’t work based off of keywords or pictures.

    in reply to: Major Jewish Music Labels Delaying mp3 Releases #873911

    Sameach may not make the music available for download, but sometimes the artist do. YBC Amein is available via YBC’s website:

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    Rebbitzin Bulka and Rabbi Wallerstein both have programs. TTI has a program with Excelsior.

    in reply to: Learning during Chazoras Hashatz #1089015

    I agree with sbeph, If most people aren’t paying attention anyways, so why do you care if their way of not paying attention is by learning.

    Also, I give you all a bracha that relying on a heter to learn during chazoras hashatz should be the worst kulah you rely on.

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    Its better than those that text, check their email, or surf the internet on their phones during chazoras hashatz. And there is no ???? ?????? that talks about not doing any of those things during chazoras hashatz.

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    smartstar, do you have a specific question about them (selling, buying, etc.) or are you just looking for hock?

    If you are interested in buying, I had some good experience with amazon refunds and reimbursement for fraud. Books are easier to find at

    If you are interested in selling, I have found it very easy to sell on ebay and

    If you are just looking for hock then you are better off starting a thread “coke or pepsi” or “beer mayim or mayim chaim”.

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    So you’re the one who stole my chair. I’m going to have a word with you tomorrow. Don’t rationalize on my cheshbon!

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    Please define bochurim.

    Unmarried young men – Much less out of hand then unmarried women, married woman, and married men. Pick on everyone else before you pick on them.

    Bnei Torah – Doesn’t appear out of hand at all.

    Please enlighten us as to which category you are referring to.

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