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    The NY Instiute of photography


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    The heimish stores in Boro Park (which have gotten less tznius also, although they are still better than the stores in Flatbush) are exactly that- Heimish and Boro parky. and most girls in Flatbush dont like to dress like that. Of course there are exceptions, but most girls want to dress stylish and tzniusdik and theres nothing wrong with that. (Not to say that Boro Parkers are not stylish- they just have a different style than most litvish people)

    And besides- it costs A LOT more.

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    Try going to higher class (not brand name) goyish stores like Banana Republic and Ann Taylor as they usually have tznius clothing and will still be cheaper than the frum stores who lately have been selling outlandish and completely prust clothing.

    I’ve seen frum stores in Flatbush selling strapless and backless dresses and I think its disgusting. Wearing a shell underneath something gross doesnt make it kosher.

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    Its alot easier to keep up with the mess instead of letting it pile up. Thats what I do. For example- I try to do dishes from one meal before i pile up more from the next meal because if you see a few dishes in the sink its no big deal to spend 5 minutes washing them but if there is a huge towering pile of dishes I would definitely be too lazy to do it.

    Also, I set aside certain days for certain chores so that I dont feel like Im constantly doing them.

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    I wore flats the whole year too, and I really walked e/w- I was in Har Nof and hated buses. But i brought 4 pairs of flats and they lasted me thru the year but I pretty much wore them all to death by the time I got home.

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    Take deoderant, lens solution and mouthwash. Those are pretty much the only pharmacy things that you cant get here at a normal price.

    Also, you probably dont need a heavy winter coat. Last winter was very mild. I used a wool short jacket thru the whole winter.

    And there are places to order blankets and pillows here beforehand – they even deliver to your seminary. I think one is Blanketexpress.com

    Dont bring seforim- You can buy e/t here probably for much cheaper.

    Some people are finnicky that their paper should have three holes and not the Israeli two but then you also have to bring looseleafs and every time you run out of paper you’ll need s/o to send from America, cuz they dont sell it here

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    You obviously thought that people would click on it, since your first post is “too bad there is no view counter”

    You were waiting very eagerly to see how many people would be nichshal.

    And besides, a couple of people did admit that they thought there would be LH. And what about all the people that clicked on it and didnt post or want to admit their shortcomings.

    Stop excusing yourself and do teshuva. You can start by apologizing.

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    Well its not funny. Not in Elul when we are supposed to be trying to show the Bais Din Shel Maaleh how good Klal Yisroel is. Instead you are helping the prosecuter by tallying up the numbers of people who willingly want to hear LH.

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    I figured that our trusted moderaters wouldnt post a thread that was LH

    But out of curiosity, just what are you trying to accomplish? To see how bad we are in the area of LH?

    And then what? Will you give us mussar shmuessin?

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    The benefit of taking them yourself is that you can sell them as stock photos.

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    The picture above the clouds and the one of the rainbow are both unreal!

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    Thanks for the compliments and critique. I actually know all about the rule of thirds- I took a comprehensive course from New York Institute of Photography. And I can find room for improvement in most of those photos that I posted. (Hey, at least I know my weaknesses!) The pictures of the sunsets, though, were all taken before I had any interest in photography. And like I told you I focus on portraiture. (I dont know if you saw the other album in my gallery)

    As for the tripod, some of those night pictures have exposures of 1 second, and I didnt use a tripod there either- I took a couple of those from a shaky boat. I know they wouldve been much better with a tripod, I just have too much busha to shlepp it around. Its also pretty heavy- I have the Manfrotto-Bogen 190XB with the 488RC2 ballhead.

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    Hey Wolf-

    I have that same shot of the cars zooming down the brooklyn bridge! Did you have a tripod when you took that picture? Because I think my shot can be greatly improved if I used my professional equipment. I took that picture with my 5 year old half broken point and shoot because I never feel like shlepping my Canon 40d and tripod when I go out. (I mainly use it in my studio or in my outdoor portrait location)

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    Great shot Wolf! I am also a photographer and I’ve taken courses on the subject, although I specialize in childrens portraits. (I actually have a studio in my house and do photgraphy for a living)

    My humble opinion on the shot is that it would look better if it was closer up. I dont know if it was possible for you to get closer to it, but just imagine the bee taking up a much bigger portion of the frame. Maybe try a longer lens or zoom in more or crop after you take the shot.

    I disagree with noitall that you should center it more, though. I think its perfectly off center the way it should be.

    Again, excellent shot!

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    What is wrong with a chosson and kallah feeling a little pampered on the night of their chasunah? “Chosson Domeh L’Melech”- and there is no reason why he cant be treated as such and spend the first night with his kallah somewhere a little more kingly. And besides maybe they want a little extra privacy (or at least to feel like theyre in an isolated place with more privacy) on this first night that they spend together.

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