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  • in reply to: Which CD/tape did someone just rave about? #782623

    Was it the new miami CD? Mi LHashem Eilai?

    in reply to: what Should i Do?? #782597

    “b) Except the fact that in real life you don’t always get everything you want, make the best out of it and have a blast”

    I usually dont correct grammar mistakes…but this is grating on my nerves. Its “ACCEPT the fact…”

    in reply to: Ladies would you consider homebirth? #782475

    “Easy for you to say, isn’t it? I have often said that if it were the men who bore the children each family would have one child. There would be no risk of overpopulation anywhere in the world. Countries like China would never have to pass a “one child” law. Men are wooses – as a former ER nurse, I could provide you with countless stories to back up my “woos” statement. “

    lol. Couldnt agree more. Men wouldnt do anything that involves pain more than once.

    in reply to: Does popa_bar_abba have a… #967457

    “Do you have hemorrhoids?”

    Lol- that really made me laugh

    You have the same sense of humor as someone I know very well. But its impossible for you to be him. You probably know each other.

    in reply to: yossi and yummy #781999


    Gefen is your mother?

    in reply to: Girls are from Venus #781759

    “Oh, and lest you think I forgot professional shadchanim, I did not. The omission was intentional.”

    I also have something against professional shadchanim. I had a very very bad experience with a famous one….

    “I could not imagine what life would be like were I alone”

    Aww- I hope you showed Mrs BPT what you wrote

    in reply to: Whats your favorite Chalav Yisroel ice cream? #782058

    “Max and Minas (do they still have CY? I haven’t been there for years).”

    Yup they always have a few flavors that are CY. I have a soft spot for max and minas…I got engaged there. Sort of

    But Ben and Jerrys cholov yisroel flavors are just as good as max and minas. I love Dublin Mudslide

    There are much better choices for CY ice cream in EY than there is in the US

    in reply to: New Miami Boys choir #782087

    I like yovoh better. But this album was also pretty good.

    Realistic guy-

    “its good thing this is anonymous(it is right?) otherwise I may never get another shidduch.”

    How tall are you? I may have a shidduch for u

    “I wonder why the R”Y won’t consider being mevatel the takanah of Rabbeniu Gershom”

    Because which girl do you know that would want to be married to a guy who loves two women??? Theres a reason the other one is called a “tzarah”

    Besides isnt that illegal in the US? (not that it cant change at the rate we’re going…)

    in reply to: Good News! #805406

    Mazel Tov!

    May you and your chosson be zoche to build a bayis neeman biyisroel!

    (After all the sad threads about single girls, this one really made me smile)

    “Ein somchin al hanes.”

    “To me, the phrase “Hashem is mizaveg zivugim. Period. End of discussion.” is denying the imperative to do hidhtadlus to alleviate the problem. This is what I was addressing. “

    I did not say that we shouldnt do hishtadlus and everything in our power to help these girls. All I said was that you can not make a blanket statement like that and say its impossible for these girls to get married.

    We are mechuyav to have emunah that Hashem is all powerful and can do anything

    “There is NO SOLUTION possible to get all the current girls married. Period. End of discussion.”

    Joseph- Do you or do you not agree that Hashem can do the impossible?

    Hashem is mizaveg zivugim. Period. End of discussion.


    I agree with you 100%. I dont see what this thread is supposed to accomplish besides for sucking out every last bit of hope from girls who are still single

    Yummy cupcake and Miss Frizzle- Couldnt have said it better myself!

    To everyone else- Shame on you for putting fear and dread into these girls already broken hearts

    in reply to: Is this muttar? #780815

    First of all, isnt it pure stealing to cheat from the government like that?

    Second, why cant you just civilly marry anyone for tax purposes? Why does it have to be another male?

    Third, it would be a huge chillul Hashem to have jews legally marrying the same gender.

    I think any Rav would cry if he heard this shailah

    in reply to: Single parents. #781013


    I dont know what you ate today that made you come up with all these ideas…

    All I have to say is poor kid. At some point in its life, it will find out either that it has a goyish father or that it can’t marry for fear that it might marry its sibling. And thats besides from the issues it may have from growing up without a father.

    I would think that a woman in her mid to late thirties would rather settle on marrying a guy who was not her ideal, than to do that to her child.

    Theres gotta be a different solution to the shidduch crises. For some reason I dont think this is it

    in reply to: Pony sheitels #778321

    If anything, I think they are very tznius.

    It covers the front of your hair unlike a fall and it isnt loose and wild like a full shaitel thats worn down.

    in reply to: The Good Wifeís Guide #1108372

    “his topics of conversation are more important than yours”

    is that so?

    and that sounds to me like someone is putting someone else down…

    in reply to: Why do people lie? #777158

    There was a really good article in the Binah magazine a month or so back about a compulsive liar and how she overcame it.

    in reply to: things to do in Israel #779272

    haifa girl

    I agree with u- Haifa is seriously stunning. I spent a Shabbos there once


    you can also try the number 99 egged bus that gives u a tour around yerushalayim on a big double decker.

    Or go camel back riding in midbar yehuda

    ganei yehoshua is a beautiful park in tel aviv with lots to do

    and once you’re there u can check out the azrieli towers

    I think theres also a safari in tel aviv but you’ll need to rent a car for that

    there’s also jeeping near bet shemesh

    There is yad vashem in bayit vegan

    Gan Hachayot is also there

    Kad Vachomer is an adorable pottery painting place in the german colony- on emek refaim street

    Gan havradim (near tachana mercazit) should be gorgeous this time of year

    The machane yehuda shuk is always a sight to see (on yaffo)

    There are plenty of gedolim around to get brachos from

    Mini israel is cute but only if you’ve toured most of the country already

    Yam Hamelech

    Make sure you get to kever rochel


    in reply to: Shmiras Einayim Help #776922

    Learn a lot of Torah

    in reply to: Tznius Crisis in Cars #777472

    He’s right that girls and women sit in their cars that way…I just never knew anyone can see.

    Guess it doesn’t hurt to be more careful

    in reply to: Are you in Israel? #776602

    18) whatrutalkingabt

    Glad to be here : )

    in reply to: confusions! #769330

    Alot of people know that theyre doing something wrong but still dont want to stop because its hard. Like cucumber said- we all have a yetzer hara

    in reply to: better to be ignored or hated? #771855

    I dont think anyone means to ignore you. People just get so wrapped up in the thread and in the point they are trying to make. Also not necessarily does the person you ask something always see your post.

    in reply to: wedding dresses and walking down the aisle #770276

    A kallah walks down to the chuppah with a veil covering her whole face. So I dont see how that is a breach of tznius. If you’re talking about the mothers of the chosson and kallah then maybe you have a point

    And about the gowns…the nature of a gown is to be form fitting but most frum people dont wear it so tight that its untznius

    in reply to: men banned from girls graduations #769120

    “I just don’t understand. What’s the big deal?

    Its not like a guy who is being bored out of his mind with nothing but high school girls to look at will be a problem of tznius.”

    I dont think the schools have a problem with fathers being there but once they open up a mens section then it turns into brothers and uncles etc….

    in reply to: settle? #767926

    If the only thing thats bothering you, is that you dont feel butterflies than you shouldnt feel like you are settling. There is nothing wrong with not feeling butterflies. Most married peoplel will tell you that the love comes after the marriage

    in reply to: prices for apartments #767930

    I would guess between $1200 and $1400

    in reply to: Is makeup tznius? #768228

    “if that is true, why is it that many to most wowen would not be caught dead outside without a sheitel (which in many cases is anything but tzuisdig) and find no problem with putting on a snood (which we know is not as flattering) as soon as she comes home?! it would seem to me that the opposite should be the norm”

    I agree 100%. The issue of makeup is not as bad as the issue of shaitels. I think the men notice the hair way more than the makeup.

    I wish it would be the norm to wear shaitels in the house and snoods outside and where I live now (yerushalayim), I do just that. But when I move back to America…I dont know if I’ll be able to because people in america think of snoods as undergarments or pajamas

    in reply to: shidduchim- a phase or a life? #766533

    This is a depressing conversation. You have to beleive that you will end up getting married, otherwise you’ll go insane. There’s definitely someone out there for everybody- A bas kol called it out 40 before you were conceived

    in reply to: Women's Clothes #766200

    Banana Republic, Loft and Macys are my stores. I also like Lord and Taylor but I dont go too often

    in reply to: Men and Makeup #766895


    I think that if men had to wax or tweeze, it would be in style to be hairy…

    Just appreciate all that women do to attract their husbands

    in reply to: Why the inequality?? #753938

    The “all men are created equal” is not really a frum concept.

    G-d created us different than other nations and he created men to be different than women. Men and women are not equal. Deal with it.

    in reply to: Life Insurance in Torah Hashkafah #754034

    I heard that R’ Moshe Feinstein held that everyone should have life insurance from the minute they stand under the chuppah.

    in reply to: what do you tell someone who is 120? #753547

    How many people do you know that are over 120, that you need to know what to tell them? ; )

    in reply to: Attention all CR LEFTYS!!!! #1028445

    “well when you write hebrew the pen doesn’t smudge on your hand”

    …And when the rest of us write English the pen doesnt smudge on our hands

    in reply to: Married Lakewood kids want a down payment now! #753606

    You hear that, all you kollel bashers??? Time to fight that yetzer hara of yours and absorb a true Torah Daas.

    Thanks Mod 80. Now I understand.

    in reply to: singles dont give up! #752496


    They should definitely be picky about the important things. Dont ever settle for someone who is on a lower frumkeit level than you wanted.

    I once had a screaming match with a man who told me that I’ll never get the guy I’m looking for and I should just marry anyone because nowadays the girls are frummer than the boys so someones gotta settle.

    And I said you dont know what youre talking about and I will never settle on that. Maybe on looks, height, family, etc. But not frumkeit and middos.

    Mind you, I got engaged to everything I wanted and more 3 months later.

    in reply to: Married Lakewood kids want a down payment now! #753603

    Quote from the original poster of this thread

    “(In my case- both are working at the present time, but despite having secular educations, arent doing well, because of the economy, like many others)”

    Aha. But immediately everyone goes straight to bashing the guys who are sitting and learning in kollel.

    Its as if you are all self hating jews…I dont get it.

    Are you jealous that you arent learning Torah all day that you have to take every opportunity to put down those who do?

    Can someone explain to me why they hate kollel guys?

    in reply to: DJ at wedding #752641

    that sounds like a great idea to me

    in reply to: Married Lakewood kids want a down payment now! #753600

    I never heard of married kids “demanding” a down payment from their parents. If they are demanding, than they were obviously brought up in a way that their parents spoiled them and always gave them what they “demanded”. Otherwise they’d never have the gall to ask.

    My siblings in Lakewood payed for their own down payments. And the ones that didnt have enough to put down took out a loan and are slowly paying it back by living with less. I would never ever ask my parents to pay for my down payment, let alone demand that they do. I was brought up not to “expect” things coming to me

    in reply to: Tatti, Abba, or Daddy #779803

    “i feel like a tatti only works with all girls. i just don’t see a boy calling tatti………..”

    Yeah which is why when my brothers got older they changed Mommy/Totty to Mom and Dad. Some of us still do Ma and Ta, though.

    in reply to: Who Would You Elect as Mayor of Coffeetown #1111024

    I agree with the Goq-

    Definitely BPT or Wolf. If WIY was still around I’d say he’d be in the running also

    in reply to: Is it Getting too expensive???? #752687

    I think the OP didnt mean to sound like it came out. I’m sure he didnt mean that since its too expensive to be frum he’s going off the D. I think he just meant to ask for other solutions to the problem

    in reply to: Birthday present for Husband #751560

    oomis- nah he doesnt need that. He has never ticked me off in almost 2 years

    I like the leather bound Haggadah idea, I just have o find one with nice meforshim

    in reply to: Kosher beach? #751299

    “So, why would you want to swim in front of guys, knowing exactly what is going on?”

    I dont. And neither do many other women. They will wear a long something to cover themselves up. Same way I wouldnt sing in front of men who are on the job.

    Not even necessarily because i know whats going on in the mans head, more so because I feel weird singing or swimming in front of a man.

    in reply to: Tznius- Not black and white (and red all over). #751427

    Sacrilege- lol

    Someone has to do the same for all mens heads. He’s no different than the rest, its just that he’s more verbal about it

    in reply to: Kosher beach? #751287

    I gotta admit- cshapiro is 100% right!

    Tel aviv beach is the most gorgeous ive seen…as long as you go on the private side. The mixed beach there is completely prust.

    in reply to: Kosher beach? #751286


    not that i agree with it…

    but its the same reason that frum male videographers are allowed to video a girls high school play where the girls are wearing pants and singing (live)

    or why ur allowed to go to a male dr when there are plenty of women drs available

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