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    NYIP will tell you first that their course costs about $1000. But if you dont apply right away, they will send you discounts. I signed up for $600. It was definitely worth it- it was a great course

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    Go out with friends and take your mind off it for a little. Youll feel refreshed and able to tackle it later

    And enjoy those years when your biggest stress is homework and school plays!

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    I always get his videos emailed to me thru adorama. If you sign up to adoramas mailing list they always have great photography tips and lots of times they have videos and tips from Bryan Peterson

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    Here is a link to the video I was talking about


    He’s a little interesting looking…but he’s a GREAT photographer

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    Have you ever watched any of Bryan Petersons videos on photography tips? He’s great. Anyways, he had one recently where he attached his camera to a rake with a bogen superclamp and then went on raking colorful leaves and shooting at the same time. It was a stunning picture and quite interesting video to watch.

    I would love to try that but I’m afraid I’ll get some strange looks if I go outside my building in Ramat Eshkol and do that. Its just not something you would see a kollel wife doing… ; )

    But the truth is I would go out and shoot more if I had a car and I could go to interesting and private places. I dont hve ways of getting around here especially with equipment. I guess I’ll put it on the “things to do when we move back to america” list

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    Gorgeous shot Wolf. I always loved that effect.

    I wish I had the guts to stand around in a park taking pictures. Thats the disadvantage of frum female photographers- I always feel stupid going out and shooting. Like its not a girl thing to do or something. Its such a shame because I would love to get out and do more shooting.

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    Yes they are motivated (both to keep their husbands happy and to keep themselves happy)

    But why are men under the impression that their wives must be wonderwoman???

    Maybe you should try working, cleaning, cooking, caring for kids, having kids….and still make time for dieting, preparing healthy meals and excersizing.

    Then you can come back and make a complaint

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    im listening right now. its great!

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    blueberry muffin-

    yes but smoking is taking away his life while driving is not.

    (then again with Israeli drivers…you never know…)

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    Read R’Shimshon Pincus’ book. Its called Nefesh Shimshon Shabbos Kodesh. Its in English and it shows you the beauty of shabbos and makes you feel that way. Maybe learn it on Shabbos (to connect to what WIY said)

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    mitoch sheloh lishma bah lishma

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    Moshe rose-

    How do you explain the nashim tzidkaniyos in Mitzrayim who are credited with the geulah because they put on makeup to look pretty for their husbands?

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    real brisker-

    I was wondering the same thing! lol

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    blueberry muffin-

    Im assuming that you also like blueberry muffins? ; )

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    “I’m glad to get back to the desk, where I can get some rest.”

    I sometimes wonder where everyone works that they can post on YWN all day

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    Yum kettle cooked potato chips are so good! I just saw the Herrs mesquite BBQ flavor in the american makolets in EY! its not often that we can find such good american nosh here…

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    Thanks for the idea! thats so nice

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    hey what makes twerps a “boy nosh”?!

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    tangy taffys and twerps!

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    Mother in Israel and Anonymiss-

    Thank you!

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    BYA and Nachlas I think are pretty much the same type. BYA might have more of a good name (in shidduchim) being that its around for ages. Tiferes is more yeshivish or so they say.

    I went to BYA- I wouldnt say that it was easy on the workload but I guess compared to BJJ it was. But let me tell you there was still plenty of work. And they have great hashkafah classes there with excellent teachers.

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    BY meidel-

    I didnt mean that thats why you want to learn it. Sorry if thats how it came out. I just couldnt understand why a girl in 12th grade wants to or should learn about halachos that only pertain to married women.

    If you are saying that the girls are hearing about it anyways but from unkosher sources than maybe you have a point.

    And of course you should be taught about tzniyus, yichud and negiah- I alwasy thought all BYs stress that. Mine certainly did

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    Are you talking about the DVD Yankel Am Haaretz thats based on the song by Abie Rotenberg?

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    whats the difference?

    shes still making supper every nite- even if its an easier supper. theres a difference btwn that and only making supper when shes in the mood. ANd besides I thought we were talking about newlyweds. So shes still cooking her grand suppers. And the reason they start to make more “convenient” supper is because usually there is a baby to take care of after a year

    Shes still doing her job perfectly fine even if it isnt an outstanding job. So therefore she feels that he should be doing his job perfectly fine

    My point was that I can understand why a girl would feel like she has to tell her husband to go learn or daven. Im not saying that she should. There are ways of encouragemnt that will get the guy to daven and learn more, without the wife having to spell it out and getting her husband annoyed

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    Some haikus are nice

    some just don’t make any sense


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    A part of the problem is that girls have to take their responsibilities much more seriously than boys.

    For example, if a young married wife is working, and she has to be at her job at 9:00 than usually she is there at 8:55. But if a guy starts seder at 9:00, than its perfectly normal for him to show up at 9:15. Shmiras sedarim allowances give the money if you show up within the first 10 minutes and then reduce (not take away) the amount if you show up within the first 25)

    For a girl there is no such thing as saying im not in the mood of doing laundery or cooking supper- tough! its gotta get done and theres no one else to do it. But her husband can easily say on a shabbos afternoon “im not in the mood of learning now”

    so its understandable that when she sees this she is thinking why can he slack off and i cant? yes he just got married and its hard to stick to his sedarim. but so did i just get married and im still doing everything I did before (work, college) plus all my new obligations (cooking, cleaning etc)

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    One isnt a stirrah to another- They can know that birth control exists and not know that it can be assur at times without a Ravs consultation

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    I’m not sure I understand- What exactly do you want to learn? hilchos niddah? Why would you want to learn that in 12th grade? Why should all the girls in your class know what a niddah is or when a woman goes to the mikvah? So they can look out for it in their parents relationships??? And take away their privacy?

    And if youre in a BY HS dont tell me you never heard that you cant read or watch dirty things!

    Well Informed Yid- Why do you “find it rather depressing that girls in 12th grade dont know about Nidah.”????

    Theres a reason why it isnt taught untill later on…

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    A guy doesnt have to look at a girl, talk to a girl or think of a girl to figure out what qualities he is looking for in a wife. And if he desperately needs to see an example he can look at the qualities that he likes in his mother!

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    i have a few ideas if you are looking to do something locally in bklyn for a couple of hours at nite

    1-drive to the Brooklyn Bridge and walk accross- the view at nite is magnificent. and it doesnt take longto drive there just might take long to find parking 😉

    2-Pick up ice cream and take a walk with it to your local park. Sit on the bench or the swings and shmooze

    3-Go to the brooklyn marriott and watch the other dates

    4-Go to target or toys r us and pick up a board game. Take it to the park

    5-just take a drive


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    sof davar hakol nishma wrote-

    “WIY such girls who don’t work on themselves in high school also don’t work on themselves in sem.”

    That is a completely false blanket statement. And I am living proof that that its not true. Girls in high school dont have the oportunity to grow. You are there because you have to get thru it not because you want to grow. You dont feel an atmosphere of everyone around you growing, there is too much peer pressure and high school girls are for the most part, too immature and too busy with their plays to think about growing.

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    First of all, I dont think many people here know what they are talking about becasue some of these opinions are just completely not true.

    About the money issue- Its not 20k because you dont have to go home for pesach (I didnt and neither did about 35 other girls in my seminary) and you can get plenty of scholarships (I did even though my father makes over 200,000) and most girls contribute some of their own money for seminary(I did and so did my roommate who paid for everything that the scholarships didnt cover).

    But if you will argue and say you know people who did spend 20k let me tell you that had my parents spent 50k it still wouldve been worth it. Of course this isnt true for everyone, but each parent should know their own daughter and while some girls belong in EY others really dont and just get worse.

    I definitely dont think that it should be a given that everyone goes. But let me tell you about my experience.

    Firstly, the learning was on a totally different level than high school. I can say without a doubt that what I learned in four years of high school doesnt even come close to what I learned in a month of seminary.

    There is also the advantage that you are away from family and friends who know you well and can start life anew and grow without them bothering you and without wondering what will they think if I start doing this and this to improve myself.

    WIY- You started another post about how this generation is lacking emunah. I can honestly say that while I never heard a class on emunah and bitachon in high school, in seminary we had a subject devoted to Chovos Halevavos where everyones hashkafos drastically changed for the better. I would not be the person I am today, married to the ben torah that I’m married to today and be able to face the challenges that I have, had I not gained such a strong foundation of emunah and bitachon in seminary.

    No question about it- Seminary in EY is necessary for those who will benefit.

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    I guess wherever you were when you posted this thread is a good place…

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    I agree 100% with misterhock. This is not only the womens problem- why do you think they dress the way they do? Because they want to impress their husbands so he wont be impressed by every other lady on the street. Its a huge problem but it has to be addressed to both the men and women. Maybe if each man would make sure his wife and daughters are dressing properly it would work. Like WellInformedYid said- we have to enforce it within the home. And its the same problem with those long showy shaitels that everyone prances around in.

    And BTW- artchill and popa- it definitely does help when you get rebuke from an outside person. Years ago, I had more than one occasion that I tried to make something pass for tznius and someone came over to me and told me I’m sorry for saying this and I hope you are moichel me but this and this is not so tznius. And let me tell I was so embarrassed that I never wore that thing again

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    No I didnt sign up in the end. If I would take a graphics course than I would have used DA but that could be because I’m in Israel and there are only a couple of other options available. Also, I liked the convenience that they offer.

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    I found out some info about it because I was thinking of signing up. If you check their website they have student testimonials. And if you call them, they can also give you references- names and phone numbers of people who took their courses. I think the prices were about average for graphics courses. It seemed pretty interesting that teach people from different time zones all together. But its nice that you can choose the time of day you want to learn.

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    Its absolutely dispicable the way girls prance around in the same things the goyim wear (tank tops, strapless dresses, mini dresses, backless dresses…) and think that since they put a skimpy tight shell underneath (or a pencil skirt under the mini dresses) it makes it kosher. HELLO- wake up- it looks sickening! where is your jewish pride???

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    I agree with Mod 80- you definitely need a photographers eye and be creative enough to get stunning shots. But untill you learn the basics of aperture, shutter speeds, focal length, depth of field etc… you’re no different than the next guy

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    All Israeli drivers are known to be safety hazards, so I dont think that automated fare systems will really help…

    Although I do think its extremely scary when the driver is barrelling down a curvy street at 50 mph and not even looking where he’s going because he’s busy punching my card.

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    Vezakaini Legadel Banim by Baruch Levine is definitely top on my list right now.

    Also love Hashleich al Hashem Yihavichah by Yosef Chaim Shwekey- it helps me get thru life

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    Nachman Seltzers books- The Link and The Network

    in reply to: Which Singers Are Your Top 3 Favorites, (list by order) #1109048

    Maydad Tasa, Baruch Levine, Shwekey, LIPA, Shloime Gertner

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    NYIP is a correspondence course. Its not online but you dont actually have to go to school somewhere.

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    BP Totty-

    I didnt mean that there is what to be afraid of when bochurim are at my shabbos table. I meant that at my shabbos table I hear what they do the rest of time.

    in reply to: Yeshivos and Seminaries in Eretz Yisroel #693485

    Its interesting that so many people are against EY for girls but for boys its a given that they will go. Having gone to seminary, and now living in EY as a married kollel wife(and hosting many bochurim for meals), Ive seen plenty of seminary girls and plenty of bochurim here. I can honestly say that there seems to be so many more girls that grow from the experience than boys. Yes the serious boys will feel a difference in the learning in EY but the rest are sort of on vacation. The girls that come are mostly comitted to reaching higher goals and they really do. There are for sure those girls that come for a good time but they are few and far between (especially now with the recession). Bottom line- EY is not for everyone but for some people it does wonders, no matter if you are a girl or boy.

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    I think its only used for Lots of Love in England. Thats a very English expression

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    Really depends what you feel comfortable doing. But my opinion is that in public you should still dress tzniyus and in private its fine to be untzniyus. The music should still be jewish unless its classical, but I have some friends who once took a gym class in a frum place and danced to this horribly disgusting music that made them move in sick ways. As far as the video you choose, I think it depends how sensitive you are but I would only watch an untzniyus lady if I knew no boys would mistakenly walk in. Otherwise I wouldnt care how shes dressed.

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    Also, if you request a course catalog and then dont sign up right away, they will keep sending you tuition discounts.

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